I Feel Terrified

i love my cousin so much, but i constantly have fears about him suddenly having a change of heart, and leaving me after all we've been through.  I havent told him yet, and i don't know if i should. i know he loves me though. i may sound conceited, but i can just feel it. so why am i having this fears? i cant even sleep at night sometimes. i trust him completely, don't get me wrong. but i guess, what i'm thinking is: what if our family poisons him against our relationship?
redryanluvr redryanluvr
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 11, 2007

Hi,the feeling ur having is pretty normal to be fear.luvin ur cousin is nutin wrng in the eyes of god cuz der is no wer dat says dnt date ur cousin,its only society of today dats poisoning pples mind those scientist.anyway plz dnt let da filing if fear get to u.bt help him in praying togeda n no mata his fly will say eont wrk nor on him nor u.be strong dear ive been der i knw da feeling..

hang in there i'm scared of the same thing!

follow your heart and dont look back and who cares u only live once and that will be your biggest what if do it now while u still can and dont let it pass u by and be happy

aww girl my story is same m 18 n hes 19 we met 2 years bak for the first time n we started loving eachother we were togethr for 1 month only buh after going bak to his country he told me to forget him coz m his family buh i still feel he loves me