My Hot Cousin

Hi. I feel like this is sort of a rehab for me. I love my cousin. I admit it. I used to just deny it, but now I am being completely open and honest. She's 15 and I'm 13. My cousin is GORGEOUS. Oh, man. She has brown hair down to her shoulders, but do to a hair-dye incident, her hair is now blonde. Believe me, she now looks like one of those teens that no matter what they do they look absolutely lovely. She has incredible breasts, and she always wears skin tight shirts and ones that reveal cleavage. She wears extremely short-shorts that reveal her awesome legs. I kind of weaned off of loving my cousin last summer, but WHOA!! I can't help myself! Anyway, last night, I was mast*rebating and suddenly she came into my mind I stopped, but it was too late. I had came, forming this big stain on my sheets (it came out, though). I just, I don't know.......I LIKED it :P. I don't know, I feel weird. Like, was that okay?!

ZippyFan ZippyFan
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4 Responses Jun 23, 2008

Any updates? This is from 2008. You were 13 and she was 15. Now she must be 22 and you 20. How is it going now?

dude its perfectly fine!

man i wish i had a cousin so gorgeous like that!

yes it's ok do u know if she has the same feelings for u?? becuase when i admited i like my cousin she didn't and i just chaged to become whoshe was and now we've had almost 5 wonderful months together

i told my cousin and he feels the same way. we want each other so badly ;-;