I Love My Cousin. =-)

I also have a first cousin who's a year older than me whom I love unconditionally.  I've always loved her and felt great being around her or even thinking about her.  Recently we've cuddled and I recognized her love for me.  The whole night of cuddling was pure heaven; nothing sexual, just holding her in my arms, kissing her on the cheek a few times, then falling into a blissful sleep.

Ever since this i've been super happy.  My pupils are dialated and I feel waves of relaxing, patient love flowing through me.  I've hung out with her quite often since and we still haven't discussed it, which is fine with me, I just want her to be happy and comfortable.  I don't know how long i'll be feeling this great but I hope it continues, I feel I love her so much that I can feel this way just by thinking of her presence.
<3 <3

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3 Responses May 4, 2007

same here she was playing with my feet on the whole plane ride and sleeping on my shoulder it feels o so nice :)

soooo nice and romantic

I read your story its very intarsting.