2nd Chance

When we were young we were 8 and I always had a special bond with her we would always see each other at our grandparents house every weekend and by the time we were 12-13 well we would always find a way to hold hands with each other then dummy me writes her a love letter telling her how much I loved her and didn't care that we were first cousins but the letter never made it to her my mom found it and shared it with the family so of course me being 2 years older than her I was made out to be the pervert and nothing was farther from the truth however she never new about it and just thought I didn't like her because I became distant. Well this summer I'm 39 now and she's 37 married 3 kids well we spent the summer together with other cousins and family at my parents campground and one night everyone was together and as everyone left my trailer she hugged me then kissed me on the cheek??? This wasn't normal and really made me wonder so next day she says maybe next time it will be a better goodnight kiss then says just joking don't want to gross you out. Well she had no idea how much iv always loved her so I told her how could that gross me out iv loved you since we were young and I told her about the letter so after that we would find moments to kiss and then one night her husband had to go home and her kids were sleeping so i snuck into her camper and we held and kissed all night and made love I have never been so consumed and my heart has never felt so safe we are so much alike in so many ways our attitudes our joys ahhh so awesome but yet so complicated i work far away from her and can't see here for another 2 months but we text and talk every day and I just don't know what to do there's so many people that if they knew it would hurt them but I can picture her holding me and it makes the hair on my neck stand up iv thought of every reason why this might just be a thing but it's to strong I love her with all my heart and not sure about the furture but am so thankful I'm not alone thank you for letting me get this off my chest cause I really can't tell to many people
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it's good that you finely got the chance to tell her how you feel. the cheatting is bad but i'm not the juge of this. but i think it's so cool that you got the chance mybe there mit be light at the end of the tunnel.

Yeah I don't see it yet but just been a month so were trying to figure stuff out and just enjoying what we have and she kinda feels justified in a way seeing as he cheated in her years ago but yeah it's fuked up lol I just know what my heart feels and it's the most powerful thing iv ever felt thanks Steve for the comment this forum thing is great seein as ya just can't tell everyone ya know about this lol