Proof Lovin Your Cousin Is Ok

Ok the us government when first started want to populated without problem and yes first cousins kids have a big 4% chance of defects(Internet research) but its not biblical   Forbidden Marriages scripture  
Between parents and children Leviticus 18:7-8
  Between stepparents and stepchildren Leviticus 18:8, 17  
  With your paternal or maternal aunt Leviticus 18:12-13  
  With your uncle or aunt Leviticus 18:14  
  Between brother and sister and half-brother and half-sister Leviticus 18:9  
  Between stepbrothers and stepsisters Leviticus 18:11  
  With your daughter-in-law Leviticus 18:15  
  With your sister-in-law Leviticus 18:16  
  With your granddaughter Leviticus 18:10  
  With your step-granddaughter Leviticus 18:17
And if ya think we're alone and noone else in history has ever loved there cousin well check this out

Here are some famous people who married their cousins:

-Mary and Joseph in the Bible were first cousins (Matt. 1:16; Luke 3:23; Deuteronomy 25:5-6).
-Prophet Muhammad and Zaynab bint Jahsh
-Thomas Jefferson
-Albert Einstein his cousin Elsa Einstein (double cousin)
-H.G. Wells Isabel Mary Wells (1st Cousin)
-Charles Darwin and 1st Cousin Emma Wedgwood
-Governor Rudy Giuliani Regina Peruggi (2nd cousin, "It was 14 years of bliss....I miss my Rudy-Patootee," she says.)
-Franklin D. Roosevelt married Eleanor Roosevelt (2nd cousin)
-Edgar Allen Poe at age 25 married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia Clemm.
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-Queen Victoria
-Aemilia Lanyer married Alfonso Lanyer
-Jessie James and 1st Cousin Zerelda Mims
-Jerry Lee Lewis at age 22 married his 13 year old 2nd Cousin Myra Gale Brown.
-Issaac married Rebekah (Genesis 24:12-14)
-Jacob married both Rachel and Leah (Genesis 28-29)
-The Torah does not forbid cousin marriages (Leviticus 18:6-18)
-Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
-First Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald and 1st Cousin Isabella Clark
-Werner von Braun and 1st Cousin Maria von Quirstorp
So hope that helps cause its true natural love and such a beautiful thing. I'm in love with my first cousin and iv never felt a love like this before and I'm 39 and have been in love 3 times but she was my first and is my soul mate.
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dude i'm so glad you found all this i've been try to spread this info out for manys years good job keep up the good work.

Thanks man

what can you do when the media controls what we are fed.

have faith and pray and keep spreding the word one person at time just keep going.