My sister and I were arriving to the lake when I noticed a handsome guy, when I saw my cousin approching him I am like oh it is his friend. When we were introduced i found out that he was my cousin that just arrived from Mexico because he just got a girl pregnant over there.

Then weeks later he stayed over for the weekend I got to know him but I could not stand him I would always take the contrary side of him. Then he left back to his sisters. When one day he called the house and I gave him my cellphone number thats when little by little I started falling for him. He was a friend that I could tell him everything and he the same. When one day we were talking on the phone and he confessed he had feeling for me and he hung up on me so I called him back and told him why he hunged up and I pretended that I did not listen. Later that night i told him that I felt the same for him thats when we started to see each other.

Things went so good when I talked to him I felt like if i was flouting in the clouds. but at the sametime i taught to myself that it was not right what would my parents think of it they would never approve of it.
Theh one day when me and my parents were planing my quinceanera I found out that the girl he got pregnant was one of our cousins. I was shocked but it was to late because i had great feeling for him that to me it did not matter. We kept seeing each other. Knowing that i was gona meet her when I went to Mexico i would get jealous of her.

When I came back the relationship took another step we had intimacy together. That same year he left back to Mexico to meet his daughter and he ended up living with her. When I found out i was really torn up aabout it i tried to move on but i could not move on i loved him. Couple of months later i find out on FB that she is pregnant again with his child. Thats when i decided to move on with my life. But it was reallt hard for me to move one he was there for me when i mostly needed him he was my best friend.

A year ago he called me to ask me if I wanted to be his daughters god mother and i accepted. So last year after 4 years without seeing him i was about to see him again. When i got there i was so nervous to see him i did not know how i was gona react. He came home and i greeted me i could not see him face to face. Then it got easier because i had to see him for the planning of the ceremony. But i told myself after i become his daughter god mother I told myself that it was over and we should respect each other and i was not gona do this to my cousin his partner.

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i'm sorry that this happened to you. at least it is for the best that it ended that way, good luck on your moving on process.