I Don't Think I Will Ever Get Over Him...

You all know my story that my cousin does not talk with me and it's been pretty hard but this time I just wanted to say that I've never ever experienced something so powerful and intense like cousin love... I wonder will I ever get over him completely?!
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Probably not. I'm desperately in love with my cousin. It's the most powerful emotion I've ever dealth with. And we can't be together, it would destroy us both. We've talked about throwing everything away for a few days of completing each other, but neither of us is willing to watch the life of the other go down the drain. So sad. So wrong. We compliment each other perfectly. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. We were born to be together and cannot be. You have my deepest sympathy and utmost support.

Thank you for the kind words. You said it right, it is really the most powerful emotion. I guess the family bound makes this cousin love stronger and more special. You also have my support and i understand how you feel.

I've the same feelings formy cousin
i wish you a lot of strenght

You will get over him , just find new interests new hobbies make urself busy with something new something u love , then try to see other men . wish u all the best.

i hope so for both of you. i myself is still trying to get over of my cousin so good luck to both of us.

Thank you for your support. And I am sorry to hear you are also going through this... Yes surely we need luck but hope someday we will get over our cousin. Actually there was one period when I thought I really got over him as I did not see him for longer period but as soon as I saw him all the feelings came back even stronger than before :-(

i understand your feelings but i know we'll get through this someday.

Yes I hope so :-)