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Me and My Cousin Fell Love At First Sight!!


It all started when i went to visit my auntie and uncle in canada from england, i have got 3 cousins, 2 are girls who i remember when i was younger, but i have also got a male cousin, who i dont remember at all when i was little because they moved to canada when i was 11yrs old and when my cousin was 6yrs old, so we never got to know eachother.

It all started a few days after i had got there and me and my cousin hit it off straight away we had sooo....much in common and he was just like me when i was his age 19yrs old.

We loved the same music we played alot of badminton, and i have a daughter who is 20 months, im not with the father no more long story!! And he got on with her so well and took her to see the horses etc.

Me and his friends went to a nightclub one night whilst my auntie was babysitting my daughter, we became very touchy feely, and at the club i instantly knew i was into him soo...much, when we left one of the clubs he grabbed my hand, my smile beamed from ear to ear, i was falling for my cousin big time.

On the way home in the car we were sat behind his sister who was driving and we were holding hands, it just felt so good and right!!

A few days later nothing had happened apart from the odd touching and stroking eachothers arm or holding hands.

I said to him one day why is it you cant always get the guy you want, and he looked at me and agreed, i was confused as to whether he knew what i meant.

That night whilst in his room we were watching Jackass alone, and we held hands and we looked at eachother and i told him how i felt he told me he felt exactly the same, we then kissed and it was as though our lips were meant for eachother, after we pulled away it was the most amazing feeling in the world, and we both turned and said how right it felt. We thought there might of been weirdness or a boundarie and wrongness because we were related, we are cousins..but to me and to him it just felt like the rightest thing in the world.

As few more things had happened since then, which you can probably imagine, that felt right too.

We spent a lot of alone time at night, even the night before i went back to was amazing spending every minute with him.

The day we were going we held eachother so tight and he whispered he loved me i said it back.

Since the day i left we have been emailing, talking on messenger, texting and calling eachother. We are so in love...and we are planning on spending our lives with eachother, and i am going to see him in 2 weeks for a weeks holiday and he is coming to england in august for 6 months.

Our families dont know, and if they did they would definitely stop us from seeing eachother as well as being dissapointed so we are not planning on telling anyone. They think were just close cousins.

We dont like the fact that we cant tell them because our family is very important to us, but we know if we love eachother then its the only way to stay together if it has been a few years then we will consider it. But until then we are just going to enjoy the time we do have together.

If there is anyone in the same boat please contact me because im feeling alone right now, some of our friends know but we cant tell them all.


juiliet juiliet 18-21, F 185 Responses May 14, 2007

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Hello, you posted thus 8 years ago , according to the date at the bottom of the page. Are you still in the same situation? Would you like to hear my story?

How do you confess to your cousin without being scared they wont feel the same way back..

Iam in the same boat as you:3

I know how you feel my cousin an I are in love with each outher she has a young daughter I have grown children But we still make time for each outher

im in the.same boat. i met my cousin at.age eight. ive always.thought he was gorgeous. when i was 18 he confessed his love to me. but he was engaged and had a child. i was also engaged. but as wrong as it is we started fooling around was so right we couldnt stay away from eachother. we are in love and infatuated with eachother. now im 21 hes 23 and we left our fiances and have been together for a little over a year now. our family knows everything and still love us because they know what we are feeling is so real and they want to see us happy. that makes me happy. im so scared because.i have a 16 year old gorgeous sister who i am jealous of big butt big boobs she.has it all and looks like shes 20. i shouldnt be jealous because im not ugly at all i just am so insecure because hes my cousin and i dont want to lose him but i keep thinking paranoid thoughts like he loves me im his cousin why wouldnt he love her the same way. but then i think again hes never hurt me we are with eachother everyday we have the same friends. we switch sell phones daily so we no we are trusting. he gets so aroused by me and we cant keep our hands off eachother. i guess i just keep getting thses thoughts because im so scared of losing him. i dont think he would ever hurt me i know hes inlove with me. i just got to learn to not think so negative about myself. any advice if ur feeling same?

I'm kinda freaked out to say anything... But I can relate... I started a relationship with mine this summer. So deeply in love with him.

I can relate to your story.... Nd u should no there Is nothing wrong with it by law nd religion (certain ones) most ppl are sleeping with there cousins and Dont even no it

I had to respond my cousin and I loved each other since we were 12 and 13 years old he is my 1st cousin as children he was my protector he always made sure I was safe as the years went on we just couldn't stay away from each other now we are 27 and 28 and our family is just finding out the truth about us and they are basically turning their backs on us but at the end of the day we can only live for ourselves and we are not ashamed of who we are we have our own family I love him and he loves me and that's tht

awesome story experience. awesome as in thats cool for sharing. i can relate

Thanks for telling your story. I have family in another country who I hadn't seen since I was only 6 months so I didn't remember anything, and when I went back when I was 10 I walked into my grandmothers house spotting the most handsomest guy ever. I got really shy and wanted to know him more. It's been almost 5 years later and I'm soon to be 16, but my feelings have grown it might just be dumb hormones but I get the butterflies, my heart beats faster, and I miss him a ton. I only see him once a year, and when I do it's the best we get along well and he messes with me a lot. (By the way he's 3 years older) I alway hoped that maybe just maybe he'd have the same feelings back, but i don't know. I'm hoping this summer to just figure out if I should tell him, or just wait it out see if I get signals back. But the way he looks at me makes my heart skip a beat. I just miss him, I'll see him in just 2 weeks. But thanks, for sharing your story. I thought I was alone about this, and only told my best friend about it because I think people will think I'm a freak.

I'm like 11 and I'm really into my 17 year old boy cousin! I'm now pregnant with his baby;)))

As far as my situation goes, I felt my cousin was attracted to me ever since we were kids ... I just never said anything. It wasn't until a year in a half from now that he threw some hints my way about how he felt.... I don't he loves me it's just more sexual attraction. The hint he threw was "we have some good looking ppl in our family". Resently he came to visit and I went over my grandmothers house to say hello, I was in a room on the phone when he came in to lay down to cach some sleep before his departure, he ask me to sit closer to him so I did. He the puts his hand under my shirt and rubs my back and stomach. He asked me to leave with him and said he would bring me back but then said no if you go we will get in a lot of trouble. Then some how we kissed. ... And kissed again before he left. I'm not in live with him but sexually just the thought of him makes my melt.

I just feel the same way i just live my hole life in Germany and i came on the August this year the first time in the USA and i live in Tennessee but when i was the first time in Louisiana i just see that on girl and she see me the first time she fall in love with me and i to and find out she is my cousin that was a shock for me and here but i can not live with out here and she to now i gonna move with here to Louisiana and she is so happy about that i never love somebody like here she is my life for ever and i now sometimes when we have to be together with the family so we can not kiss ore hold hands but that's alright she no that i love here and she loves me and she makes me so happy i don't wanna live with out here never

Also.. I searched it up and found out that there's only like a 3-7% chance of any birth defers due to having a kid with ur cousin so there's almost no REAL issue! All that could possibly be a downer about cousin lovin' is the lack of respect for in in our society. So if u love them more than u care about what other people think, then it's all good! Leave the fear of social humiliation out of the picture completely and let your heart be a heart and love the way it was meant to. Just be incredibly thankful for the fact that he loves you back and that you guys had guts enought to tell each other... Sorry for the long post.. Again -.-

Reading this made me feel so much better about my feeling! First of all, thank you for sharing your story! Secondly, I really think I'm in love with MY cousin. I haven't told ANYONE and everyone just thinks we're really good cousins. He's never said he liked me that way but whenever I can I joke around about how he's perfect and that (when ever I haven't talked to him, we text everyday) I miss him. I don't think he gets my hints and it sucks. The other part is that me and my other cousin liked each other for a little and now.. Nothing /: I thought it'd be awkward talking again but it's completely normal! I'm so happy about that :) anyways when I told the cousin I love about what happened I also wanted to get his take on cousin lovin' so I said (kinda lied) that its gross that we liked each other. He hardly disagreed so I don't think he'd ever fall for me -.- it really sucks..

I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one with this situation. my cousin is a bit older than me but i have always had feelings for him. It feels wrong but then it feels so right. As a religious person, i tried so hard to get him out of my mind. I really really like him because hes the only one who totally understands me and has been there through my ups and downs. there are times where i catch him starring and looking at me, then my heart starts to skip a beat (: I DAY DREAM about him all the time.
I'm too ashamed to even tell my best friend. But i have always had feelings for him but it has increased since back then. I cant get him out of my mind. <3

you know what julietn love is always there we have the same situation and i feel very awkward all the time but you must let go of him for the sake of you and your family relation ship

I belive you are the only person that knows for sure what is the correct thing to do, if you feel you must back off, do so... you need to listen to yourself to know what is the correct thing to do. Most people regret what they do becouse they dont pay atention to what they feel. When something is truely met for you... i believe it just happens with no guiltiness with no regrets, maybe sadness becouse of the family but you can always get over it if you feel its all worth it, if you cant get over your familys pointing at you, i would not recommend you to proceed.

Wow great so what is next , do you think it's the right thing to do I once felt that way but I had to back off

Juliet my husband and i are first cousins we just moved together a month ago, cant lie, it has gone way out of the hands with our family, we have 5 uncles in common and my family is very male chauvinist, so they all think i am a piece of **** and are very disappointed of my husband for what i have read it got to do a lot with how your family thinks, you know better than anyone who they are there ways and the reaccion they got for you two. i can also asure that even thow we got some dificult road ahead we love eachother very much and still want to make each others live happy and healthy and as far as i k now no body else, not anyone in the family will always be there for you when you need them, no one who critizise you will ever care either, no one but that person you know is met for you.

yes my cousin and i fell in love .....and we had sex like a hundred time 60 but we made love and it even hurts to say i love her .....but we seperated...we both left each other cause we could not expose our love for eachother......years later i seperate with my wife .she had a husband at work.i had not seen her in years..i went over to help move and pack boxe's she aske me if i still or ever thought about her i said of course...and than we made love but it sucked because we opened a door that we were closingand wished we didnt hurt eachother like yes i do love her very much and would marry her..


Wow I though I was alone same problem but I told my parents and now we are just keeping everything discreetly cause they dnt want us together but now I am leaving my fam behind to start a life with him I am just scared of Wat may happen :(

I wanna say to everyone here... Don't be ashamed of your feelings. and so what if your cousins? whether your muslim or not. its not sick and its not gross.

thank u. brother and sister.ewwww but first cousins are not gross in anyway. :) i love my cousin he loves me our family still loves us. we are engaged live together and our family wedding and dont treat us any difgerent at all.

wow juliet it feels good knowing that other people fell in love with their own cousin because i feel the same way. i love my cousin so much i just wish we werent cousins to be togother forever but this is how life is so dont feel alone there are more people with the same feelings.

i envy you, at least both of you talked about it.

hi (: i get the way you fell. i fell the same so dont fell alone its hard i know

Feel the same way but in my case i am 10 yrs older than him but I love him so much he is an awesome man his goals in life and the way he wants to be somebody in life. So I feel u. What r we going to do with this?

( CONT.) ...........only increase to about a 3% than those due to marrying a non-cousin. sweetheart if you were born only a hundered years ago your family and the society would have loved and respected your decision because marrying a cousin at that time was preffered to marrying a non cousin. a hundered years ago if a white man would fall in love with a black woman the society was just as disgusted as they are now disgusted by hearing of a cousin marriage. its the trends of society and their thinking, sometimes it is favourable to your love life, sometimes it is not. in around half the world including the country i live in people still prefer cousin marriages. there is no natural or religious or genetic boundary when it comes to marrying a cousin, only an idea that has settled in people's minds. <br />
<br />
<br />
PS. I also wanted to inform as a general knowledge point that the laws against cousin marriages that have been passed in so many states of US were passed long before the advent of modern genetics and biological statistics. now we have more data supporting the thesis of cousin marriage being completely safe.

your so right. also back then it was considered absolutly right to be marryed and have children by your first cousin because it keeps your families bloodline pure.

i never understand why people have started to frown on cousin marriages these days, the truth is that this is just absolutely ba<x>seless idea that has gone into the minds of people, it is allowed in bible , Qur'an, and most of the other religions in the world. about genetics, Charles Darwin was afraid that marrying a cousin might bring genetic defects into his family, but all of us know that he was definitely not at all educated on the topic, he never read Medel's paper his entire life !!!!!!!!! and in the end married his own cousin too ....... today modern genetics tell us that the chances of any birth defects due to a cousin marriage