Me and My Cousin Fell Love At First Sight!!


It all started when i went to visit my auntie and uncle in canada from england, i have got 3 cousins, 2 are girls who i remember when i was younger, but i have also got a male cousin, who i dont remember at all when i was little because they moved to canada when i was 11yrs old and when my cousin was 6yrs old, so we never got to know eachother.

It all started a few days after i had got there and me and my cousin hit it off straight away we had sooo....much in common and he was just like me when i was his age 19yrs old.

We loved the same music we played alot of badminton, and i have a daughter who is 20 months, im not with the father no more long story!! And he got on with her so well and took her to see the horses etc.

Me and his friends went to a nightclub one night whilst my auntie was babysitting my daughter, we became very touchy feely, and at the club i instantly knew i was into him soo...much, when we left one of the clubs he grabbed my hand, my smile beamed from ear to ear, i was falling for my cousin big time.

On the way home in the car we were sat behind his sister who was driving and we were holding hands, it just felt so good and right!!

A few days later nothing had happened apart from the odd touching and stroking eachothers arm or holding hands.

I said to him one day why is it you cant always get the guy you want, and he looked at me and agreed, i was confused as to whether he knew what i meant.

That night whilst in his room we were watching Jackass alone, and we held hands and we looked at eachother and i told him how i felt he told me he felt exactly the same, we then kissed and it was as though our lips were meant for eachother, after we pulled away it was the most amazing feeling in the world, and we both turned and said how right it felt. We thought there might of been weirdness or a boundarie and wrongness because we were related, we are cousins..but to me and to him it just felt like the rightest thing in the world.

As few more things had happened since then, which you can probably imagine, that felt right too.

We spent a lot of alone time at night, even the night before i went back to was amazing spending every minute with him.

The day we were going we held eachother so tight and he whispered he loved me i said it back.

Since the day i left we have been emailing, talking on messenger, texting and calling eachother. We are so in love...and we are planning on spending our lives with eachother, and i am going to see him in 2 weeks for a weeks holiday and he is coming to england in august for 6 months.

Our families dont know, and if they did they would definitely stop us from seeing eachother as well as being dissapointed so we are not planning on telling anyone. They think were just close cousins.

We dont like the fact that we cant tell them because our family is very important to us, but we know if we love eachother then its the only way to stay together if it has been a few years then we will consider it. But until then we are just going to enjoy the time we do have together.

If there is anyone in the same boat please contact me because im feeling alone right now, some of our friends know but we cant tell them all.


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I met a cousin for the first time in 12 years. We hit it off too. Lots of drinking and we took long walks together at night . I was really attracted to her and we so much in common. We are two cancers atrolgique signs. When I went back home. We texted each other, I felt a real connection. She said good night cousin. And since I don't even know her I said sadly " yeah I'm your cousin eh " then she replied very curiously and I said its nothing, then she said if you say so hahah. And I laughed and said ahhhh noo :). She then said anyway good night. I feel bad I don't know if I should say srry for the confusion

Hello, you posted thus 8 years ago , according to the date at the bottom of the page. Are you still in the same situation? Would you like to hear my story?

How do you confess to your cousin without being scared they wont feel the same way back..

Dear Midnightrunners
make sure that he loves you like holding your hands
and wanting to talk to you

Iam in the same boat as you:3

I know how you feel my cousin an I are in love with each outher she has a young daughter I have grown children But we still make time for each outher

im in the.same boat. i met my cousin at.age eight. ive always.thought he was gorgeous. when i was 18 he confessed his love to me. but he was engaged and had a child. i was also engaged. but as wrong as it is we started fooling around was so right we couldnt stay away from eachother. we are in love and infatuated with eachother. now im 21 hes 23 and we left our fiances and have been together for a little over a year now. our family knows everything and still love us because they know what we are feeling is so real and they want to see us happy. that makes me happy. im so scared because.i have a 16 year old gorgeous sister who i am jealous of big butt big boobs she.has it all and looks like shes 20. i shouldnt be jealous because im not ugly at all i just am so insecure because hes my cousin and i dont want to lose him but i keep thinking paranoid thoughts like he loves me im his cousin why wouldnt he love her the same way. but then i think again hes never hurt me we are with eachother everyday we have the same friends. we switch sell phones daily so we no we are trusting. he gets so aroused by me and we cant keep our hands off eachother. i guess i just keep getting thses thoughts because im so scared of losing him. i dont think he would ever hurt me i know hes inlove with me. i just got to learn to not think so negative about myself. any advice if ur feeling same?

I'm kinda freaked out to say anything... But I can relate... I started a relationship with mine this summer. So deeply in love with him.

I can relate to your story.... Nd u should no there Is nothing wrong with it by law nd religion (certain ones) most ppl are sleeping with there cousins and Dont even no it

I had to respond my cousin and I loved each other since we were 12 and 13 years old he is my 1st cousin as children he was my protector he always made sure I was safe as the years went on we just couldn't stay away from each other now we are 27 and 28 and our family is just finding out the truth about us and they are basically turning their backs on us but at the end of the day we can only live for ourselves and we are not ashamed of who we are we have our own family I love him and he loves me and that's tht

awesome story experience. awesome as in thats cool for sharing. i can relate

Thanks for telling your story. I have family in another country who I hadn't seen since I was only 6 months so I didn't remember anything, and when I went back when I was 10 I walked into my grandmothers house spotting the most handsomest guy ever. I got really shy and wanted to know him more. It's been almost 5 years later and I'm soon to be 16, but my feelings have grown it might just be dumb hormones but I get the butterflies, my heart beats faster, and I miss him a ton. I only see him once a year, and when I do it's the best we get along well and he messes with me a lot. (By the way he's 3 years older) I alway hoped that maybe just maybe he'd have the same feelings back, but i don't know. I'm hoping this summer to just figure out if I should tell him, or just wait it out see if I get signals back. But the way he looks at me makes my heart skip a beat. I just miss him, I'll see him in just 2 weeks. But thanks, for sharing your story. I thought I was alone about this, and only told my best friend about it because I think people will think I'm a freak.

I'm like 11 and I'm really into my 17 year old boy cousin! I'm now pregnant with his baby;)))

As far as my situation goes, I felt my cousin was attracted to me ever since we were kids ... I just never said anything. It wasn't until a year in a half from now that he threw some hints my way about how he felt.... I don't he loves me it's just more sexual attraction. The hint he threw was "we have some good looking ppl in our family". Resently he came to visit and I went over my grandmothers house to say hello, I was in a room on the phone when he came in to lay down to cach some sleep before his departure, he ask me to sit closer to him so I did. He the puts his hand under my shirt and rubs my back and stomach. He asked me to leave with him and said he would bring me back but then said no if you go we will get in a lot of trouble. Then some how we kissed. ... And kissed again before he left. I'm not in live with him but sexually just the thought of him makes my melt.

I just feel the same way i just live my hole life in Germany and i came on the August this year the first time in the USA and i live in Tennessee but when i was the first time in Louisiana i just see that on girl and she see me the first time she fall in love with me and i to and find out she is my cousin that was a shock for me and here but i can not live with out here and she to now i gonna move with here to Louisiana and she is so happy about that i never love somebody like here she is my life for ever and i now sometimes when we have to be together with the family so we can not kiss ore hold hands but that's alright she no that i love here and she loves me and she makes me so happy i don't wanna live with out here never

Also.. I searched it up and found out that there's only like a 3-7% chance of any birth defers due to having a kid with ur cousin so there's almost no REAL issue! All that could possibly be a downer about cousin lovin' is the lack of respect for in in our society. So if u love them more than u care about what other people think, then it's all good! Leave the fear of social humiliation out of the picture completely and let your heart be a heart and love the way it was meant to. Just be incredibly thankful for the fact that he loves you back and that you guys had guts enought to tell each other... Sorry for the long post.. Again -.-

Reading this made me feel so much better about my feeling! First of all, thank you for sharing your story! Secondly, I really think I'm in love with MY cousin. I haven't told ANYONE and everyone just thinks we're really good cousins. He's never said he liked me that way but whenever I can I joke around about how he's perfect and that (when ever I haven't talked to him, we text everyday) I miss him. I don't think he gets my hints and it sucks. The other part is that me and my other cousin liked each other for a little and now.. Nothing /: I thought it'd be awkward talking again but it's completely normal! I'm so happy about that :) anyways when I told the cousin I love about what happened I also wanted to get his take on cousin lovin' so I said (kinda lied) that its gross that we liked each other. He hardly disagreed so I don't think he'd ever fall for me -.- it really sucks..

I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one with this situation. my cousin is a bit older than me but i have always had feelings for him. It feels wrong but then it feels so right. As a religious person, i tried so hard to get him out of my mind. I really really like him because hes the only one who totally understands me and has been there through my ups and downs. there are times where i catch him starring and looking at me, then my heart starts to skip a beat (: I DAY DREAM about him all the time.
I'm too ashamed to even tell my best friend. But i have always had feelings for him but it has increased since back then. I cant get him out of my mind. <3

you know what julietn love is always there we have the same situation and i feel very awkward all the time but you must let go of him for the sake of you and your family relation ship

I belive you are the only person that knows for sure what is the correct thing to do, if you feel you must back off, do so... you need to listen to yourself to know what is the correct thing to do. Most people regret what they do becouse they dont pay atention to what they feel. When something is truely met for you... i believe it just happens with no guiltiness with no regrets, maybe sadness becouse of the family but you can always get over it if you feel its all worth it, if you cant get over your familys pointing at you, i would not recommend you to proceed.

Wow great so what is next , do you think it's the right thing to do I once felt that way but I had to back off

Juliet my husband and i are first cousins we just moved together a month ago, cant lie, it has gone way out of the hands with our family, we have 5 uncles in common and my family is very male chauvinist, so they all think i am a piece of **** and are very disappointed of my husband for what i have read it got to do a lot with how your family thinks, you know better than anyone who they are there ways and the reaccion they got for you two. i can also asure that even thow we got some dificult road ahead we love eachother very much and still want to make each others live happy and healthy and as far as i k now no body else, not anyone in the family will always be there for you when you need them, no one who critizise you will ever care either, no one but that person you know is met for you.

yes my cousin and i fell in love .....and we had sex like a hundred time 60 but we made love and it even hurts to say i love her .....but we seperated...we both left each other cause we could not expose our love for eachother......years later i seperate with my wife .she had a husband at work.i had not seen her in years..i went over to help move and pack boxe's she aske me if i still or ever thought about her i said of course...and than we made love but it sucked because we opened a door that we were closingand wished we didnt hurt eachother like yes i do love her very much and would marry her..


Wow I though I was alone same problem but I told my parents and now we are just keeping everything discreetly cause they dnt want us together but now I am leaving my fam behind to start a life with him I am just scared of Wat may happen :(

I wanna say to everyone here... Don't be ashamed of your feelings. and so what if your cousins? whether your muslim or not. its not sick and its not gross.

thank u. brother and sister.ewwww but first cousins are not gross in anyway. :) i love my cousin he loves me our family still loves us. we are engaged live together and our family wedding and dont treat us any difgerent at all.

wow juliet it feels good knowing that other people fell in love with their own cousin because i feel the same way. i love my cousin so much i just wish we werent cousins to be togother forever but this is how life is so dont feel alone there are more people with the same feelings.

i envy you, at least both of you talked about it.

hi (: i get the way you fell. i fell the same so dont fell alone its hard i know

Feel the same way but in my case i am 10 yrs older than him but I love him so much he is an awesome man his goals in life and the way he wants to be somebody in life. So I feel u. What r we going to do with this?

( CONT.) ...........only increase to about a 3% than those due to marrying a non-cousin. sweetheart if you were born only a hundered years ago your family and the society would have loved and respected your decision because marrying a cousin at that time was preffered to marrying a non cousin. a hundered years ago if a white man would fall in love with a black woman the society was just as disgusted as they are now disgusted by hearing of a cousin marriage. its the trends of society and their thinking, sometimes it is favourable to your love life, sometimes it is not. in around half the world including the country i live in people still prefer cousin marriages. there is no natural or religious or genetic boundary when it comes to marrying a cousin, only an idea that has settled in people's minds. <br />
<br />
<br />
PS. I also wanted to inform as a general knowledge point that the laws against cousin marriages that have been passed in so many states of US were passed long before the advent of modern genetics and biological statistics. now we have more data supporting the thesis of cousin marriage being completely safe.

your so right. also back then it was considered absolutly right to be marryed and have children by your first cousin because it keeps your families bloodline pure.

i never understand why people have started to frown on cousin marriages these days, the truth is that this is just absolutely ba<x>seless idea that has gone into the minds of people, it is allowed in bible , Qur'an, and most of the other religions in the world. about genetics, Charles Darwin was afraid that marrying a cousin might bring genetic defects into his family, but all of us know that he was definitely not at all educated on the topic, he never read Medel's paper his entire life !!!!!!!!! and in the end married his own cousin too ....... today modern genetics tell us that the chances of any birth defects due to a cousin marriage

Love knows no boundaries. Everyone is related to each other anyway, just blood is spread thinly throughout the ages, and according to studies you wont find anyone further than like the 50th cousin. I simply cannot see how it is 'disgusting', to love someone. You can't help who you fall for, and if it just happens to be your cousin, then so be it. Keeping in mind pregnancy will be as dangerous as a woman over 40 (incidentally, they don't get discriminated against), i'd say go for it. Charles Darwin married his cousin. Albert Einstein's parents were cousins. There's accounts of cousins marrying in the Bible. What reason is there to oppose? None, but prejudices and narrow, simple mindsets that can't comprehend anything outside of what they perceive as 'fact'.

Seriously.... Are you people crazy? That is beyond sick! All of your families would be ashamed and mortified. <br />
And I also would like to point out that everyone commenting is 15 or younger. Sorry girls, you don't know what love is and in a few years when you realize that you had crushes on your cousins you're going to be disgusted with yourselves.

Don't be so quick to judge. The heart, the mind, can't be wrong... No matter what age. Sure it is complicated and hard, but sick? Who are you to be judging and giving bad vibes? You either have done something you deeply regret or just plain narrow minded to be on here giving a "lecture". let me give you some advice... Spread some positive energy, because it almost seems that your love could turn to hate.


im 21 and am with my first cousin. engaged actually o and guess what our family still loves us hangs with us has sleepovers and more. i met him when i was eight officially when i was 12 hormonal stage. we fell inlove u really cant help who u fall in love with. so back off. just because u dont love your.cousin doesnt give u the right to put other people down. everybody is equal and everyone has there own rights. so back off and get off the site if your here to.put.people down like the saying says you cant help who u fall in love with.

Going through the EXACT same thing!! This was 5 years ago for you, I hope everything worked out.

I am 12 and just met my cousin for the first time...we are third cousins but I still think about it and it is wrong....I like him so much though and we have so much in common! I just want to be with him! I don't want to tell him because he will think im strange but this is how I feel! Ive never felt like this before.

My cousins really hot and I like him. He's got a six pack, tanned skin and he's just really good looking. He's also lovely and funny. Whenever I'm around him with my family I feel really awkward and I love it when we're out with our other cousin and girls from his school get jealous because they think we're dating. Once he even pretended to his ex girlfriend that we were dating because she was trying to make him jealous and I loved it. I know nothing will ever happen though because I'm 15 and he's 17 and our families are super close and would be disgusted if they ever knew. I just get to enjoy our family vacations when he's topless by the pool;), and he's just like my big brother really x

He's like your big brother but you think he's hot? Were your parents into ****** too? That's gross.

in cest*

look it up 1st cousins by lawwww are legallll.......and its everywhere today so stop judging. brother and sister are one thing but cousins are completly different. seriously back off.

finally!! I'm so happy there is a place where you don't get judged.basically like all you guys i have fallen for my cousin dunno how though we liked each other since childhood but have never admitted it(since then a unknown attraction and bond has been there and we both know it). then because of some circumstances he moved away to a different part of uk. i was gutted knowing i was not going to see him often. <br />
<br />
when i was 12 and he was 13 our families met up for our aunties wedding we saw each other and smiled. i was quite happy knowing i saw him again anyway the next morning we went park he was either with my mum and my sisters while i was with his brother(younger than me). i felt that he was avoiding me so i ignored him. anyways i came back home with a heavy heart knowing that it would be another year till i meet him again .<br />
<br />
when his brother and his mum came here(i was 13 and him 14) went in contact with him(we would always text till late and we told each other everything). we were really awkward at the beginning but then we became really good mates, i talked to my mate about this and she said to try jealousy it may work because we had not confessed our feelings, i hoped it would and it did as soon as i said a guys name he said boyfriend i said yes and he was like "ooh" then after a few minutes said I'm tired. when i confronted him and told him about the guy being a fake and i asked him whether he was jealous and he accepted i realized our feelings then and there.<br />
<br />
that night we talked and asked random questions like who asked you out 1st who's your 1st crush and we found out we were quite similar.he found out that he was my 1st crush and vice versa i was really happy we also found out that currently we like each other.we have started to hit off from there. we talk about every single thing and we don't hesitate to share.<br />
soon we started to talk send x's hugs kisses and all sorts.we send loads of flirty stuff but we stay in our limits.soon he asked me out and i accepted.<br />
<br />
however its eid (Islamic festival) soon and he is coming here<br />
and we both don't know how to talk in front of our families so i really need some advice he will obviously hug me as he does every time but we don't know how to react like before because his mum always says "my daughter in law" as a joke but i think she may be serious. <br />

Well I guess in ur culture its ok to marry cousins that's a good thing sometimes .my friend she is Muslim but she ran away frum home becz she didn't want to marry her cousin.

Well I too love my cousin and I'm also Muslim :P twins! Haha but anyways I don't think it's weird or anything and I'm pretty sure in Islam we're allowed to but idk for sure.. I'm sure ur aunt is joking with that little twist of also being serious. I think she'd be down for u two to be together or else she wouldn't even joke about it. When telling ur family, start with a sister or brother if ur close with them, then ur parents and only after he tells his, would I think it's ok to let the whole family know.. Just my opinion :) hope it helps u out!

Ok so i really like my cousin. like a lot! and i honestly think a part of me always has. whenever we hangout we just flirt back and forth but i didn't know if he felt the same way as me. oh and by the way he is 27 and i'm 16. he came to visit my family this summer and when i saw him my stomach flipped. we started talking more and more and i spent more time with him than with anyone else. i started telling him about some problems i'm going through and he told me some of his. he started saying how he wanted me to go to this university near him when i graduate and how if i wanted we could share a place together so that i don't have to dorm. throughout the entire visit there was this bond between us and i knew we both could feel it. so when he had to leave i started to cry but i did my best to hide my tears. he gave everyone in my family a hug goodbye but i was shocked that when he hugged me he started to cry as well. he whispered in my ear that he loved me and i said that i loved him too. but i didn't know if he meant actual love or family love. but right after he got in the car to leave he texted me and we talked for 3 days straight. he then told me he wanted to talk to me about something important. he continued to tell me that he was attracted to someone he wasn't allowed to be and throughout the entire conversation my heart was racing. he finally said it was me he was attracted to and i told him i felt the same. he says he is in love with me and that he tried to not feel this way but he cant help it. we talk every single day and we talk like were dating. he was supposed to come back this Christmas so that we could see each other, but he said he doesn't know if he can control himself enough when hes around me. i miss him so much but i just don't know what to do. help please...?

tell the family if they dont understand f them lol. but i have.a question for reassurance please me and my cousin are going very strong im 21 hes 23 but i have a 16 year old gorgeous sister should i b concerned about him being into her. he shows no attraction to her whats so ever but im jealous of her badly. but he always reassures me that nothing to him and is like a sister to him and no one could ever take my place. im just scared because we r cousins and thats his cousin too :-/

Yes I'm sorta in the same boat. I'm 14 and my cousin is 15, we have fancied each other for years but haven't been able to tell each other as we were scared that the feelings weren't mutual. About a week ago I told him that I had facied him for years and that I think I'm in love with with him. He replyed saying the same and that he wanted to be with me. I was so happy I couldn't believe it. We dated over text for a day ( as I don't see him very much because he lives in reading and I live in stourbridge.). Then he said to me that we should brake up as our relationship wouldn't work because we hardly see each other, we are cousins and what the family would think. We have gone back to just being close cousins but I still love him sooo much and he has told me that he still loves me too and wants to be with me, but wont cuz he thinks it won't last. Idk what to do :,(

hi...i was amazed by your i was busy looking for this kind of now, we have the same situation..i felt inlove with my cousin..but i think were 4th or 3rd cousins..not that so near..i am 5 years older than you, we are so inlove in every special way...our family didn't know about anything about us..cause we both know, they will be disappointed..but for us, as long as we love each other, we will stay together..i want to ask how it was going now?your relationship?are you still together..??

hi i was 11, at christmas my cousin felt down my back and said how it felt so right i agreed im now 12 and he came round my house i asked him if he had a gf he said no do u have a bf i said no. he said oh, and have u ever kissed anyone i sid no and he leaned over and kissed me tenderly on my lips. from now he comes round and after my mum goes to sleep he climbs into my bed and we cuddle<br />
we r 2 scared 2 tell my parents and his otherwise we may never be able to c each other agen

same here but the problem with me is that idk if her uncle is my dad but we kissed and cuddled and it felt right i love her so much

Awwww there's absolutely nothing wrong in lovin/likin ur cousin.<br />
<br />
I have an interesting story :D<br />
<br />
I fancied my dad's cousin! (my grandma's sister's son)!<br />
I saw him in my uncle's wedding film back in 2007 and liked him from there. I saw him before when we were younger but I didn't take notice then lol.<br />
Everyone in my family always praised him, saying that he's a nice guy n he always listens to his elders.<br />
I was scared to mention anything cos I didn't know what my dad would say lol.<br />
<br />
Anyway...a year later in December 2008, on my 18th birthday i got a marriage proposal...FROM THE SAME GUY!!<br />
I was totally shocked!!<br />
With me being a pakistani muslim, it's not a big thing cos cousin's marry all the time.<br />
So, of course I said yes! Lol! 3 months later in March 2009, I went to Pakistan and saw him...we spoke to each other and spent time together n we fell in love!<br />
I came back to England and spoke to him on the phone everyday.<br />
We couldn't set the marriage date til April 2012!<br />
I went back to Pakistan and we got married :) everyone was there...all my relatives from England too!<br />
Everyone keeps tellin us that we suit each other and we make a sexy couple lol. I had to come back to England to work so I can call him over.<br />
I speak to my lovely husband everyday ob the phone and will be flying out in September to see him again!<br />
He truly is my soulmate and fate brought us close...we were destined to be together :)<br />
<br />
Life's too short tell everyone to go to hell if they don't like the idea of you and your cousin being together! Love is love...u can't help who u fall in love with :D xxx

Hi, I am so glad I found this site. It's nice to know that there are people from other countries and backgrounds who I can somewhat relate to. I live in South Africa and due to our flexible Constitution it is not illegal. Marrying your first cousin is also allowed in my religion and so, to me, it is not uncommon. <br />
<br />
My Aunt married her cousin and my father's two cousins married each other too. They're wonderful people and deserve to be with each other if they love each other. The consequence of both couple's marriages are that, due to genetics, one family has a daughter who has had to be rushed in and out of hospital all her life because she has a hereditary disease that both her parents are carriers of. The other family has a son who was born deaf. <br />
<br />
That being said, both situations occur often among non-related couples so it really depends on your personal genetics etc.. I would advise that people who choose to get involved with their cousins get tested for all hereditary diseases and genetic compatibility. This way if you decide to have children someday you will both know what you can expect or if you'd rather adopt.<br />
<br />
Now, onto my own story:<br />
<br />
When I was about 13 or 14 years old I confused my "family love" for my really close cousin (same age as me) for "romantic love." I tried telling him once but he said it's not right because we're cousins and I just laughed it off and pretended to be joking. The fact that he lived in a completely different province helped make things less awkward afterwards. Everytime he came to stay at my house on holidays we remained close and I think I must have outgrew the attraction because now we're 21 and he lives in the same town as me, we're still extremely close but I see him more as a brother.<br />
<br />
Even though I can understand the attraction towards a cousin, I admit that my opinion on it over the past few years has been that I would never marry a cousin or just hook up with him. <br />
<br />
However, things have changed over the past few weeks. I have a cousin (3 years younger than me!) who I did NOT grow up with or meet until a few weeks ago. The reason being; his father passed away when he was still an infant and his mom never really kept in touch with the family much after that. Last year he made contact with me on facebook and we chatted a bit but I didn't really take interest.<br />
<br />
A few weeks ago he came to a family gathering to meet everyone for the first time. I felt extremely attracted to him from the moment I laid eyes on him but I tried not to show it for the rest of the day. We ended up sitting together and talking and there was this instant connection. He reminded me a little of a male version of myself when I was his age. We spontaneously decided that he would spend his last three days with my parents, brother and I. <br />
<br />
The first night we stayed up till 3am lying on my bed talking about life and just getting to know each other. And over those few days he would just come up and hug me and kiss me on the cheek and we'd get physical in a subtle way. eg. while playing play station he would casually put his hand on my thigh or sometimes he would randomly lay next to me and put his arm around me.He also really liked my perfume and would get close to me, sniff my neck and say things like; "you smell amazing" or "I love the perfume you wear." To be honest it felt like a teenage crush. He's got this boyish charm and charisma with everyone he meets and so I don't know how to tell if he thinks of me in the same way. We tell each other "I love you" but I don't know if he means it in just a family kinda way. I have no idea what his opinion on cousins being together is. <br />
<br />
After he left to go back home (He lives about 3 hours away) he immediately sent me a text saying thanks for the lovely time and he loves me and misses me already. Since then we've been chatting everyday and we've called each other a couple of times. But now it seems as though our conversations are dying down and we don't know what to say anymore. The distance probably doesn't help either. I can't stop thinking about him romantically, sexually and I even day dream about how things would be if we ever got together. He told me that he's not a virgin but I'm not sure if that's just because he's trying to be more of a man than a boy, given his age. I have tried putting sex into his mind subtly but he doesn't seem interested in talking about that.<br />
<br />
He's moving here next year so I've decided not to tell him how I feel just yet and see if I still have these feelings next year. I also want to get an idea of how he feels and just take it from there. I don't want things to get awkward because I like having him in my life. So I guess I'll have to be patient and see what happens.<br />
<br />
The one thing that worries me is that almost all my close friends are against the whole cousins being together thing and I hate that feeling of being judged and shunned. On the plus side, if we do end up together and eventually decide to spend our lives together, I don't think our families would be against it :)<br />
<br />
Thank you for reading.

I have never been more shocked and amazed at how the world works than right now. As I was reading this, trying to find more information on how I feel about my cousin, I was beginning to relate to your story more and more. EVERY single part of your message (except for the last 3 paragraphs), are exactly, to THE LINE AND WORD, the exact experience I had with my cousin I just met last year. the "I love you's", sitting next to eachother, feeling the instant attraction, ALL OF IT, even when I came back to the U.S., we called eachother and texted and now its dieing down.

It gives me shivers to read bc its like you knew my personal details and wrote it all from my perspective.

I want to know how did it work out with you? And do I still have hope for my future with him? He is my true soulmate, so please any advice would help alot!

Finally, someone who is in a similar situation to mine! This is a bit awkward, but here goes...<br />
<br />
I'm was 14, went on holiday to my fathers birthplace, India, and really enjoyed it. I met everyone, had a real good time with my cousins, who we stayed with at the time, and really got along with everybody. My cousin's were lovely, the nicest people I'd spoken to after ages, seeing as I'd met them all after 8 years. But there was one cousin who really stood out. He was attractive, had a cute laugh, and after a few days of being there around him 24/7, I started to like him. He was my dad's younger brothers son, making him my first cousin. I'd told only my sister and other uncles daughter who I was close to about this, sister was not impressed. <br />
<br />
I couldn't help it, we would text (even though we were in the same house!) and he made me laugh, more than any other guy. I couldn't believe the fact that I liked him, because I was only 14, but I did. One day, he asked me to stop giving signals and asked me to just come out with it. So I did, I told him I liked him. He told me he felt the exact same way.<br />
<br />
We would hug and hold hands when nobody was looking, about 3 weeks later we were literally attached. I would wait for him to come home so that we could sit together by the fire and talk, get to know eachother better. And we did, however I knew that if anybody from my family found out, I'd get killed! (Not literally), so we had to be careful. <br />
<br />
Then we kissed, it was the most amazing feeling ever, and it didn't even feel weird because we didn't grow up together or feel like cousins. It felt like he was just like everybody else. But more special.<br />
<br />
5 weeks later, it was my time to go. I held on to him, and cried. He went to the airport to see us off, but before we left the home, we hugged and kissed like there was no tomorrow! It was amazing. <br />
<br />
I promised to keep in contact with him and vice-versa, and we did. He'd brought me a beautiful bracelet with a love heart on, all the more special. <br />
<br />
My mum, sister and me came back to the UK but dad stayed there, so it was difficult for him to talk over the phone. We kept in contact, texted, called and made promises. However much I tried to stop liking him, it was impossible. I loved him. <br />
<br />
Now, 2 years later, we aren't talking, but I still love him. Other guys might come into my life, other guys DO come into my life, but he's the only one I want. I'm going to leave school soon, and when I do, I'm coming out to my parent's, that I want to marry him. He's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, he's the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love my cousin, and he loves me, nothing gross about it! <br />
<br />

Can u private message me? I always wonder how intense the lovemaking would be with my cousin? Did he make you ******?

ill say it on here for.ya. making is so unbelivably orgasmic. ive never climaxed like this in my life. omg over and over its intense. our sometimes i think our love is the strongest because we r cousins.

Hi , im PapoL , im a filipino ctizen and i was amaezd thru reading your story , i thought i was alone who felt inlove with a cousin. the story goes like this..<br />
<br />
when we were young for about im 7 and his 5 years old, we used to hangout anywhere , as what as typical childrens do..<br />
after a year , they move to CEBU which is about 1000miles away , we have to cross the sea for me to reach them, after 10years, im 19 & his 17y/o we see each other again , they came back here to attend the burial of my aunt, i was shy of talking to him at first but as days goes by, (after the buriaL) we were talking, going out and goes home late at night us alone .. after a month they went back to there home at CEBU, my feelings wasnt that range, then summer came , the class has ended, i and my parents decided to have my summer vacation at CEBU (my cousin's place) then so i agreed without any hesitation, i am so happy knowing that i am able to see him again..<br />
<br />
the day came , i reached cebu , at there house, we hang out everynight like was no tommorrow at all , my feeling boost up , but i am not able to tell him because maybe he will get rid of me after ill confess to him, i just said *LET IT BE* weeks after, i am told that i will be going home in the 26th of may , i spend the whole 3days with him , we held hands oftenly , we share beds but we naver had sex , i was hugging him as he hug back , it feels like were just doing right, when we sleep we held each others hand, we hugged and my feelings was so satisfied with those tender comforts ..<br />
when the day i got to go home, he was with me to the harbour, i was crying because i want not to go home without him, im not the ship , we ewere exchanging messages there i knew that he felt the same to but so weak to fight for it because of the reason *WE WERE COUSINS!* it makes me weak , i wanna be with him and he wants to be with me too . imissin him everyday -.-

It is not unusual for first cousins to legally marry in the UK. My wifes uncle and aunty were 1st cousins and were married for 51 years and had two children.

I finally found out about s cousin i never knew i even had.he's so sweet and such s good guy!! we Facebook Rachel other and there are hints of a connection. he posts songs about love,pictures of the ocean,which i love and always "likes"my comments even when i hint to him im interested but im not sure if he ferld th same.....give your opion please.remember we never know each other exited do i push the issue?

I have been dating my cousin for about 2 yrs now. We have a child together and he is the most beautiful baby ever and perfect. At first we hid our relationship from everyone, and it just seemed we were really close. Some people in the family would poke fun of how close we were and we would laugh but be scared it was becoming noticeable. Well I got pregnant and it came to the point were we had to let the cat out of the bag. And surprisingly it wasnt so bad, everyone was like hello I already knew that!... Others who were not part of our families and jealous.. exes.. were very hurtful. The hardest part was trying to ignore the few who had very mean things to say, I would cry thinking how I did something wrong even though it didnt feel wrong. I remember the first time I looked up cousins dating online and was shocked to see how many people have done it. Omg I was relieved bc I thought it was only us. Its just so weird how you can be with your cousin and not feel like its your cousin. I just think he is the hottest man in the world, best personality, so much more. Even though we do fight like any other couple we are still in love and going strong even through the hard first few months of a new baby!

Unexpected love.<br />
I was 53 when my first cousin whom i had never met before visited from abroad. He was 65. It was love at first sight, and 12 years later our love is still as strong as ever.<br />
Obviously the question of children didn't come into the equation, but I understand the risk of possible birth defects is no higher than if a woman is over 30 years old. The love between cousins can be very special and intense. Treat it as the special gift that it is and go for it. It's legal in the U.K. and has been for a very long time!

This may be very wierd because of the year gap but i'm sooo in love with my cousin he's 31 and i'm 17 we've been together for 5 years but no one knows!!! We'er planning to marry when i'm 18! But none of the family knows so it will be awkward when they know!! Please comment and give me some advice on what to do!!

first cousin or distant?

Social misfits and people with issues (anxiety, bipolar, social disorders) marry cousins because they have a hard time building normal relationships. This is O.K. for such people, .... but for normal and stable folks,.... well, cousins should be off limits.

I have the exact same story down to detail; but we saw eachother less and it was all down in beautiful Texas. Our family's found out and are now separated and seeing as though we are 18 and him 19 he is busy with his daily life in college. And me... Well I think about him almost every day. I am so in love and I know it's true because from that first moment we saw one another we fell so much in love. And we could feel it, I hope god will bring us back together one day because I miss him unconditionally.

Finally, people with enough brain cells not to follow the stupid trends, and big enough hearts not to care about others opinions! Even though there is lots of people like us, some idiots can't just understand it, and its really sad, but to honest, who cares?<br />
<br />
Anyways, i would appreciate little help here, which will give me two "decisions of my life", the most important ones i will ever make!<br />
<br />
So, i'm a boy, 16 years old, living in a country (lets switch the names) called X. Ever since my 2:nd cousin (girl, 15 years old), decided to contact me from the country i once was born in ( name it "Y"), we've been chatting over Skype at least a couple of times per mounth. A couple of days ago, i realized that i loved her, more then i ever loved any girl in my entire life! At the beginning, It was weird, really, but then i said to myself " who really gives a damn about what others think, weather its her or my family?"<br />
I then started to chat with her more and more, got her FaceBook, even though the internet is crappy back in her (mine too) country! For now, she doesn't know anything! She's been giving me compliments, which made me shake, i felt cold (because she was so far away, probebly) and i got so desperate when i heard that my 1:st cousin visited them for a week with his friend from country (name it "Z")! Now, my 1:st cousin is related to my 2:nd as much as i a'm, and he got the right to see her, but i still get so boiled because of that. <br />
<br />
Anyways, he was there for a week, a mounth ago, or so, and then they lost contact (i think)! The point is, that, i love my 2:nd cousin, she is beautiful, smart, funny and her only smile can make my world go upside-down! Even her blue, cute eyes can make my stomich go nuts! So, i decided that this summer, i will visit country-Y (her place, my birthplace, where 80% of my relativs live), and i will spend as much time as i can with her. She was so happy and optimistic about it, that she even wanted me to sleep over at her place, even though she knows that i got three (3) more places i can stay at. When we're talking about this, about the summer, she becomes so happy about it, and she promises that she will never leave me alone, which makes me really happy! But, there is still an issue, the worst problem: I don't just like her, i LOVE her, and i will forever keep her in my heart, no matter what! Now the challenge is that i have to tell her about my feelings, starting off with the story about how we settled in place "X", and how we live there, and all the trouble we had to come across, then i will tell her the truth! The thing is, that i'm scared, scared of being rejected by her, and that she will, somehow, be grossed out by this thing, and will just walk away from me, shocked! This IS my toughest challenge yet, since i never had a GF, and i don't know anybody who's better then her! This will change the direction of my life, either in a romantic way, with kisses, choklade, teddybears and flowers, or it'll be screwed up, once and for all! Now, since i live in a rich, wealthy country now (X), i get a perk, since about 85% of the girls adore the outsiders and people who's life is easier then their own, because they want someone who can help them escape this rathole, start a new life, get kids, and live a great life, and i DO understand that, but this isn't as big of a effect on my cousin as it is on other girls around there, since she sees me as a cousin, not a BF (i think)! If you really want to help me, save me from all the secret tears, desperate days and a horrible life, please, help me! You can't imaginate how i will be greatful! I'm a nice guy, i'm a gentleman, i respect everyone who respects me, i don't care what race, religion, sexuall choosing or age my friends are, and they often describe me as a saint among them! I fell good about trying to talk to my cousin, but there is so much to plan, since i got 3-4 mounths left, and if there is anybody who's heart is of pure gold and is willing to help me, i will be greatful, and if you ever would need anything, you could just ask me, because i'm also a loyal person, and i hate betreyal most of all! Please, hear me cry! You won't regret you lost time on the reply! I will even go to church, beginng the god to bless you, since you deserve it, and is willing to help a lonely and sad guy, like me!<br />
<br />
(I'm also Christian, i don't care what others think, i don't care if a country is forbidding me to be happy with her, so the only challenge is, to know how to tell her about this)!

touching story experience :) thanks for sharing. lots of us here who fell for people we shouldn't have aren't alone. I'm so glad I found EP when I did. it's a place to find others such as myself & yourself who feel alone. if you'd like, take the time to check out some of my story experiences & you'll see that you aren't alone. I too am in a secret long termed romantic relationship wit a cousin too. for some years we've managed to keep it secret but it is hard. I'd like to get to know u more, friend me?

Well...... I fell deeply in love with my cousin the moment I laid eyes on her. It started with a reply my sister made. Witch my cousin And I never really met until I told my sister to give me her number. The weird part was i loved her at that moment my sister told me that she thought I didn't want to get to know her. I met her at a club and when i saw her i didnt care. I loved her when I saw her. We exchanged numbers. Text all night. The hard part is my family thinks this is unexceptable. I love her so much I don't care what people think or say.

Hi i'm 13 yrs old and i found out i had a cousin and she's the same age as me,and i started falling for her because she kinda likes most of the things tat i liked,I told her I liked her,and i'm wondering how i can get her to "like" me too.<br />
<br />
Any Help Plz???

Hi i'm 13 yrs old and i found out i had a cousin and she's the same age as me,and i started falling for her because she kinda likes most of the things tat i liked,I told her I liked her,and i'm wondering how i can get her to "like" me too.<br />
<br />
Any Help Plz???

you are not inlove and in a relationship with my first cuzin too...we love each other and we are planning to get married someday but we are both catholics... and we dont know if its allowed to marry a first cousin...

im catholic as well and me and my first cousin are engaged to b married. compleltly llegal. :-)

I had the same situation,I loveed my cousin since she was little girl,ofc I could't admit my love because its forbidden in our country well,I had the chance to tell her that i love her before 6 mounths ago and I've told her the L word but what shocked me and got me flying in that she felt the same exact way she loved me since we were kids,after a while i had her e-mail and we kept talking in e-mail without seeing eachother i can't even hold her hand iam 17 years old and so dose she planning to marry her when i gradjuate this year and take her with me to study in america,ohh I miss her so damn much haven't talked to her for 25 days she is 10 min away from my house but still ican't see her or talk to her or call her ... Iam just woundering what can I do?? Please help me ..

I had the same situation,I loveed my cousin since she was little girl,ofc I could't admit my love because its forbidden in our country well,I had the chance to tell her that i love her before 6 mounths ago and I've told her the L word but what shocked me and got me flying in that she felt the same exact way she loved me since we were kids,after a while i had her e-mail and we kept talking in e-mail without seeing eachother i can't even hold her hand iam 17 years old and so dose she planning to marry her when i gradjuate this year and take her with me to study in america,ohh I miss her so damn much haven't talked to her for 25 days she is 10 min away from my house but still ican't see her or talk to her or call her ... Iam just woundering what can I do?? Please help me ..


what if your not blood cousin and adopted? is it right

I love my cousin since i born, i mean since when i had 4 years old, but that time i was just a children and i didn't understand what i felt by her, i always fell something different i never see her as my cousin, but someone closer i want pass all my life, she's so amazing, so cute, and when I had 8 years olds to 9 , i start to understand more what i felt 'bout her, i lived her so distant, but everytime we pass togheter, is like if I closer God, closer an paradise, closer perfection, when I was elder by 15,16 sometimes she stayed caressing me, you know, but i always had fear of our family, I still have, some agree , but mostly not, one day, i take off the fear, drink some courage and i'll tell to her what i always felt. and still feel

Sam e thing here inwent to my country for christmas , ive always felt something for my cousin ever since i first saw here 4 years ago , i never had an actual cosusin cousin relationship when little . Well going back to the story i was in my country for christmas with all my family, it was pretty late but everyone was still partying , i saw my cousin going upstairs to sleep i didnt follow her until 20 min. Later , i went upstairs to see where she was and well she was in my bed laying there bored and so i sat on the bed and we talked for a while, and i said to her well just go to sleep if your tired but she was no hold on just stay here with me, ive slept with here before not like that but just sleeping, but alwyas felt like we had to do something about it, now this time i decided that i had to do aomething and so i went in the sheets with her and i kissed her ive never felt happy when i did this i knew i love her la<x>yer on she told me she loved me and now shes my girl even though im in another country but we still talk and love each other. And thats what happened :)

Carry on...There is nothing wrong in it.All the system of our socety are man made.I'm also in this boat since last 26 years.And still I have the same feeling for her.Though we both are married to other persons & have kid.But there is no change of feelings for her in my mind.I wish everyone who can make this a success in their life...

This happened to me too. Except he is 6 years older than me. I am 15. He is amazing. My family visited him over Christmas. He confessed his deepest secrets to me. He held my hand and kissed me on the cheeck, but I had to leave. Over texts he said that our relationship coudn't last. I agreed. So we both said that our relatioship would contiue if he could convince his mom for me to spend the summer over at their house in CO this summer. I love him so much.

In my religon people marry each other if they are cousins that's ok <br />
and that a right thing if thats rong why u fall in love? ! ur not his sister to be bad

It's been years since you fell in love with your cousin. How are you guys now? I just want to know cause I'm starting to fall for my cousin too. We're both 16. We just met last December. It, too, was love at first sight.

My first love was my first cousin when I was 12 and he was 15. Our fathers are brothers. My family would vacation in Hawaii in summer and then his family would spend a week with my family in Washington. Summer lovers for 6 years until I moved to Hawaii after high school to be with him. We moved to Alaska to start new with nobody knowing our relationship as cousins. It was 4 quick years living with each other and then we went our separate ways for 26 years. We are now reunited after a long life apart and our feelings for each other are stronger and more mature than ever. We will get married now and spend the rest of our lives together. That bond because we are cousins never went away and now so many years later we can both love each other unconditionally and not be ashamed or embarrassed. We shape our destiny by walking toghether through doors hand in hand. My kids do not understand and that's a hard one to solve, but they have their lives too and with time they will come to understand how special true love really is. It's not just for fairytales we feel blessed that we shine with one another. We make the world a better place with love, love is simple love is kind.

i am here looking fro advice and to finally talk to someone sbout these feelings I am having for my first cousin. It all started when we were both 15. We are only two weeks apart and my father is his mother's brother. He cam to stay with us and it was instant. I always wanted to be around him. Friends of the family that summer thought he was my bf and on that note my mom kept us apart. For 24 years now I have always known in the back of my mind that there was this connection that I just could not shake. He has not had a so good life since and becuase of that we grew apart. I recently rekindled an old relationship that has made this year a really bad year. I married this man and 6 wks after he left. My cousin was there and due to his current situation we can only write and and a call here and there. After about 2 months we started playfully making comments then I admitted in a letter that I am trying to sort out some mixed feelings I am having for him. After that the flood gates opened and it turns out we both have always had this attraction since we were 15. He left it up to me to decide if we should or should not persue it. Without any hesitation I said to persue it. Since admitting to him and myself that I have always been in love with him I have never been happier. He still isn't here but will be in a month. We have been talking about us finally acting on it for over 6 weeks now and I am so inlove I want to shout it to the world. He has left it up to me if our family knows. At first I was like we need to keep it quiet but now I don't care who knows. I have had the oppportunity to have children and marriage. He hasn't had that chance. I want to give him the world. We have so much in common it blows us both away. My children are grown and not here so I spend many hours thinking about him. I have never felt this before. It is so overwhelming. I have needed someone to talk to about this and I finally told his sister yesterday. Begged her to keep it secret till he is back here. Seeing that there is other couples that have been through this gives me the strength to stand by how I feel. Seeing that they have had children gives me hope that we could have that as well and if we do it can be healthy. Thank you to you all for your postive thoughts. I love you, Todd

Searching the enternet to find some type of support for the love my 1st cousin and I share. We both are in our fortties now and have been in marriages before now. We have both recently gone thru divorce and ended the relationships we were in, knowing and admiting that all relationships over the years were simply attempts at being what others call "normal". Our relations or relationship started at the young ages of 7 and 10. We had a connection and attraction even at such young ages that was different from any other family connection. Time went on and then I remember I was at the age of 12 and he was 15, the connection was so strong, nothing sexual, but every night he would lay with his head on my stomach and fall asleep. I have always felt so safe and protected around him. I knew then that I was not only attracted to him but so much in love. He was my first love and I kept him in my thoughts often. Moving even more forward, at the age of 14 and he was 17 we shared our first sexual experience, I will admit and describe to you that the passion and desire between us was overwhelming and amazing. We continue this sexual and emotional connection for a year, carrying on fake relationships with other boyfriend and girlfriends to hide the relationship we were having. I moved to Hawaii and was so sick from leaving what I believed to be my true love. Once I returned to California it only took a few months before he would come get me and we would continue with making love and sharing our feelings with each other. At this point we had many conversations about running away together, getting married and just being happy. But we both continued the illusions of other relationships and marriages. We both had children in these marriages. Years would go by before we would see each other, but we would always get together for the most intimate and passionate moments we have ever had. We both admit that our other relationships only exists because we felt we could never be together. Now at our current ages and now that we know that the pretend relationships will never be enough, we have decided that life is too short and we MUST be together. We are now in a more than committed relationship, but we battle with telling the family. Mostly we don't know how to tell the children that we both have, that the person they know as cousin is in love with thier mother or father. We have decided that we are no longer children, are in love, and want to marry, live together, and just be happy. How do we deal with the children and family in order to make our dream finally come true?

i fell in love with my cousin in 07 we have been together for 4 years. wehave a perfect beautiful 2 year old daughter together. at first we were affraid to tell anyone but he decided he couldnt hide his love for me any more so we told my parents. my mother was way against it at first but over time she finally came to realize how much he loves me and that he would do whatever it took to make me happy. there are still people in our family that are still not happy about it but after 4 years of there crap i really dont care what they say or think. its my life and ill be with who i want. i always tell him fate has a twisted sence of humor tomake cousins soulmates. no wonder so many people cant find theres they dont bother to look outside the box.

its good to fall in luv, how does it matter if its a cousin/friend/relative!! however, i wish to share my story which has a twisted angle..<br />
my boyfriend and I being 2 mature individuals; he being 33 yrs old and me 28..had a wonderful bonding and passionate felt so right and wonderful..he loved me like short we were the world for each other..<br />
however, my insticts at few instances told me that the love and attention he gives to his cousin back in US made me uncomfortable..I tried asking him indirectly ensuring no offence to their relationship; he confessed that given a chance he would love to marry his cousin. <br />
although he loved me to the core and not do without me, he always passed compliments to his cousin although she wasnt present with us physically. he even got hesitent at instances wherein he was checking his emails and would crack conversations about how he would need his space whenever his cousin comes over to visit him in future.<br />
I couldnt hold my inquisitiveness further, and to my dismay I logged into one of his email accounts by guessing his password..i know its morally not so right an act to do; but did bring me great clarity about his relationship with his cousin. to my doubts, they were madly in love with each other since they were in their teens. his cousin is happily married for past 4 years and yet both of them couldnt let go off each other. <br />
their respective families have an impression that they are very close as cousins, thus, there is no eye for a doubt. my boyfriend continues to refuse of any intimate relationship with her. he simply says writing to her in all romantic way was his mistake as he was going through a rough patch in his life before he met me. he just didnt know how to stop that flow of converstaion when i came into his life suddenly. <br />
I have read his emails before and after he met me..there is not much of a difference in his emotions for her.<br />
he refuses to stop talking to her forever completely. but ensures me that he wuld never resort to same language and emotions again. <br />
i dont know how much to trust him. he hasnt yet told his cousin about my oresence in his life.<br />
hos cousin is 3 years elser to him and has a 1 yr old baby.also a v successful medical proffessional. <br />
my boyfriend wishes to marry me. may be becuse of such an incident in my life, ive started dreading cousin being true to each other. <br />
if any of u seriously love their cousin, then please have strength and courage to marry each other, no matter what. otherwise, you would end up hurting ppl like me and my bf's cousin's husband, who are absolutely innocent. <br />
my bf played with my trust and emotions. just because he couldnt marry his cousin, i became his 2nd best choice. and poor guy who married his cousin, is absolutely unaware about his wife's acts. <br />
i luv my bf like crazy but have lost trust on him completely. my heart is filled with insecurities. my bf chose not to discuss this further. but is always ready to ans his cousin's calls and even ready to argue or fight if i ever ask him cut his cords completely with this gal.<br />
i chose to dump my bf, no matter what..but every man i would encounter in my life ahead will def. go thru my suspecting eyes on his alleged relationship with his cousin.<br />
please spare innocent ppl like me. love ur cousin, and dare to be with them no matter what.

If you think he's the one, go for him. If I could, I'd scream I LOVE MY COUSIN for the whole world to hear but I'm in the same boat as you. We've been in love since we met and we live a thousand miles apart but we still love each other. Go for it. I want you to.

If you think he's the one, go for him. If I could, I'd scream I LOVE MY COUSIN for the whole world to hear but I'm in the same boat as you. We've been in love since we met and we live a thousand miles apart but we still love each other.

I am also in love with my first cousin, I met her first when i was about 11 years old and she was 14. I had gone to her home on her elder brother's marriage and i was impressed by her. she was tall and very sexy. Then I met her again when I was 19 and she was 22, married and was having a daughter about one year old. <br />
<br />
I was in college and she came to our city for further studies to advance her carrier prospects. She stayed in the hostel and used to come to our home on all weekends. i was very much attracted towards her and she was now grownup into a big breasted mature woman . <br />
<br />
I was very shy but she was my dream girl so I gathered courage and tried to remain close to her whenever my mother was not around as she was a very suspicious woman. Since i was shy so it took me a long time of six months to give her indication that i loved her. she did not say anything but on the other hand she never tried to stop me either in doing anything to her, like touching her sitting with close with her or talking on anything, she behaved with me as if she was my best friend and i could do anything with her.<br />
<br />
then one day when she was lying on the bed and pretending to be asleep and i was sitting close to her, i touched her in a manner which was not appropriate for a cousin, but i made it to look like an accident. she did not discourage me or moved away but i freaked out and did not do anything further. But the feeling was so strong that i could not move away either and sat there in the same positions. after a while sensing my hesitation she moved herself and made me touch her again since i was still sitting very close to her.<br />
<br />
this made me clear that she is also feeling the same way but feeling shy to tell me. we both did not talk anything but stayed like that for quite a time. after a while i left the place fearing any family member might see us in that compromising situation. that whole day i was so shaky that whenever she came in front of me in the house i did not have the courage to face her and avoided her and she also did not try to bother me.<br />
<br />
now i was sure that she also loved me and i waited eagerly for the night when i could go to her room when everybody else was sleeping in the house. after everybody was in bed i sneaked in her room and saw her sleeping. i lifted her blanket and entered the bed and slept with her, she adjusted and made room for me. still we were not talking and after some time i tried to make love to her to which she did not ob<x>ject.<br />
<br />
that was my first occasion with a woman and i was not knowing how to do it so i tried several times but could not make love to her. but to cut the story short we made love next night after i told her to help me. then on wards she became my teacher and taught me all she knew about the sex. <br />
<br />
we lived like husband and wife for three months until she completed her studies. now we were so madly in love with each other that she did not want to go back to her baby and her husband. we both knew that it is not possible to continue like that and so finally she left with heavy heart with a promise to meet as often as possible. <br />
<br />
in these three months she became pregnant in the second month and she wanted to have that baby as our sign of love. we both agreed to that she will keep the baby but unfortunately before leaving our home she miscarried and baby was lost. she was sad on leaving me and loosing the baby also.<br />
<br />
after a long time we met again in a family occasion and by now she was having three kids but still she loved me like before. i was also married with two babies but still i had the same feeling towards her. we stole some time and had fantastic sex and it went on like that on all family occasions. <br />
<br />
now we talk to each other on daily basis and still meet once or twice in a year and have fantastic sex. over all these years our love for each other has further increased and we are madly in love. we both realize that we may never live together like husband and wife but we try to meet as often as possible have sex and keep the flame alive. the realities of the life are like that.

i am in love with my cousin too but i dont want anyone to know my secret expecily her

It's nice to find this pages. I met my cousin on 1993, and we love each other so deeply. I'm 20 and he's 19 years in that time. I had no courage to say to someone.Keep it as my biggest secret of my life.I was really scared they will find out about it. For that reason I trasfered myself to the other city on 1994. He was really angry with me and want to stop me but I was too coward and left because I had no choice and I was thinking in that time it will pass by time because we're still young. 2 years we just mailed each other till one day her sister knew about us and stop us. After that, I tried to make some relationship with other guys but I've never felt so in love like I fall in love with him. On 2004 after some years we have no contact anymore, he got my number from my other aunt by cheated her and he started to contact me again. Then he visited me. That's the most beautiful day in my life. Factly, we still love each other, deeper than before. He asked to marry me, he said he's ready to tell our big family about our relationship. He talked to her sister and our other cousin about our relationship. Her sister wrote me also and asked me sorry for stop us before. She said that his brother never stop to loving me. But I was so coward. I stopped him to talk with our family. I just asked him to stay far from me. I was scared of my big family and scared the law will not allow us to marry. I ran from him again. I married with other guy and left my country. But he just found my facebook now, he married also but our feeling is always same. We always love each other. I don't what to do...

I lived in Arizona in a abusive relationship for 5 yrs. I moved back home because his hitting me was really hurting my daughter. When I came back home we went to a family get togther. I seen my cousin who I have been close to most of my childhood growing up. When I seen him we hugged. We hung out after that and we feel in love. You don't choose who you fall in love with it just happens. We will never be apart because neither of us have ever felt this way before. The only hard thing is family and how they can never know and the sad thing is why can't family understand we didn't do it on purpose. It just happened. It has been a very hard secret. Another thing that brought us so close together was our whole lives away from eachother have been the same. We are meant for eachother and no one will ever split us up!!

hi am from usa ,am a girl and am in a relationship with my girl cousin it was love at first sight, we love eachother more than anything in this world, our family found out and said we have to stop it but we cant stay away from eachother so we still in a relationship we are so happy together we live together and we go to night school together and we work at day time, am happy but i want us to share our love with the world and not hide it ,please get back to me and tell me what you think,,,,,,,,jvs

My cousin fell in love with me when I was born. Family has told us that he wouldn't let me go. He would scream when they would try and take him from me. Later when we was 9 and 11 we kissed for the first time and we knew we loved each other. There has always been a strong bond between us. He is my soul mate. I will be 40 years soon and I'm married. He is far away from me, but we talk all the time. We have been "together" all though our lives off and on. And now that we are older we don't care who knows we love each other. I have 2 years before we can reconnect. By then my children will be grown and I can leave this place and be in my most favorite place in the world. His arms! Don't wait until life comes between you. I wish I would have had someone tell me that years ago.

hey.. im jenny.. im 19 years old and i fell for my cousin 2 years ago when i was visiting our family in nashville. i barely knew him then, and most of the time we barely talked but we both started having feelings for each other.. well i knew i did. and well yea eventually we planned to go out and be together so he told me it might be a good idea my family came over here to nashville. so we did, and i went to the same high school he did, which was a big mistake... at first things were going great. i was happy, he seemed happy too.. then he started treating me different. like french kissing me and touching my boobs.. i felt uncomfortable but i didn't tell him bcuz i thought it was love and it was meant to be. boy was i wrong... anyway i started senior year in august and we both acted like bf and gf and he said ppl started talking about how we looked alike and how they were getting suspecious that we were cousins and that it would eventually destroy us. so he broke up with me and started dating "the hottest girl in school" ....which he later told me he liked her since the 10th grade but that he still loved me. WTF! ....yeah... i was stupid for ever thinking he loved me.. i was stupid for ever liking him in the first place.. but i felt it was right and i was lonely.. i felt he understood me. but he just used me. humilated me by giving all the love letters i wrote to him to my father. and he practically turned some of my other cousins against me. this is why i stopped believing in trust.. in love. im not saying i think its wrong you guys fall in love with your cousins.. cuz love can't be stopped, it can't be controlled, i know this better then most. but what happened to me broke my heart.... he hurt me and i let him walk all over me. i regret ever loving him. not bcuz we were cousins... but bcuz he wasn't worth loving. he betrayed me. and i dont think he knows how to love someone with their true heart. im happy for all of you who found happiness. i pray that what happened to me never happens to you. ~jenny

what do you do if ur cousin knows you love her and i thought she cheated on me so she dumped me for that and said i care about her to much and dont trust her then she goes out with someone else then says she got of with her that made me jelous and i promised i wouldnt get jelous i am so confused i know she cares about me and loves me but wont admit it please HELP me and if their is any advie please feel free to replay many thanks

i had the same thing happen to me, and all i can tell you is to keep moving forward. don't let her destroy you. keep walking tall and don't let her discourage you.

Thanks she whent out with someone els then relased she loved me to much she felt like she was cheating on me but where both back out now for good i will not let that happen again us break up i love her to much just cant bear to tell outr parents plus mine dont know im bi yet


as long as you love each other, you can do it...;-)

hi i thought i was all alone apparently not i love my cousin i am ashamed in a way and to tell family how will they take it like but love her too much and i think it is illegal can u email me the law about this please

hello. where are you from? in the united states it is legal in a few states but not all. im in love with my cousin and i have been for almost 8 years but too scared to tell my parents. especially since hes from mexico. but anyway, its completely legal in canada and mexico but north america some states ban it.

thanks it is so complicated with cousins plus mine lives far away 4 5 hour flight over their do you know the law in united kingdom and europe and if their is an age i am 13 she is 14

I felt very attracted & drawn to my 2nd cousin meagan , we new little of each other but as it turns out she felt the same we took each others numbers on a cousin basis & soon became inseperable. We fort with our feelings for some time until they grew to strong to ignore , we kissed we fell in love we made love it was magical. Alot of time has passed since then we are now engaged to be married , biblicly & legally thats fine ! I love her more than life itself we we are stuck together like glue & continue to fall in love over & over the deepest love l have ever known. For the record ; Joseph & Mary were 1st cousins , Queen Elizibeth & Prince Philip 2nd cousins , the list goes on. I rest my case & adore my cousin for ever & ever Amen :)

hey im 15 i lov my cousin alot but i feel too embarrassed to say anything to her or my family. Isit like illegal to marry like that or somethin? oh btw ur advice was very helpful