Me and My Cousin Fell Love At First Sight!!


It all started when i went to visit my auntie and uncle in canada from england, i have got 3 cousins, 2 are girls who i remember when i was younger, but i have also got a male cousin, who i dont remember at all when i was little because they moved to canada when i was 11yrs old and when my cousin was 6yrs old, so we never got to know eachother.

It all started a few days after i had got there and me and my cousin hit it off straight away we had sooo....much in common and he was just like me when i was his age 19yrs old.

We loved the same music we played alot of badminton, and i have a daughter who is 20 months, im not with the father no more long story!! And he got on with her so well and took her to see the horses etc.

Me and his friends went to a nightclub one night whilst my auntie was babysitting my daughter, we became very touchy feely, and at the club i instantly knew i was into him soo...much, when we left one of the clubs he grabbed my hand, my smile beamed from ear to ear, i was falling for my cousin big time.

On the way home in the car we were sat behind his sister who was driving and we were holding hands, it just felt so good and right!!

A few days later nothing had happened apart from the odd touching and stroking eachothers arm or holding hands.

I said to him one day why is it you cant always get the guy you want, and he looked at me and agreed, i was confused as to whether he knew what i meant.

That night whilst in his room we were watching Jackass alone, and we held hands and we looked at eachother and i told him how i felt he told me he felt exactly the same, we then kissed and it was as though our lips were meant for eachother, after we pulled away it was the most amazing feeling in the world, and we both turned and said how right it felt. We thought there might of been weirdness or a boundarie and wrongness because we were related, we are cousins..but to me and to him it just felt like the rightest thing in the world.

As few more things had happened since then, which you can probably imagine, that felt right too.

We spent a lot of alone time at night, even the night before i went back to was amazing spending every minute with him.

The day we were going we held eachother so tight and he whispered he loved me i said it back.

Since the day i left we have been emailing, talking on messenger, texting and calling eachother. We are so in love...and we are planning on spending our lives with eachother, and i am going to see him in 2 weeks for a weeks holiday and he is coming to england in august for 6 months.

Our families dont know, and if they did they would definitely stop us from seeing eachother as well as being dissapointed so we are not planning on telling anyone. They think were just close cousins.

We dont like the fact that we cant tell them because our family is very important to us, but we know if we love eachother then its the only way to stay together if it has been a few years then we will consider it. But until then we are just going to enjoy the time we do have together.

If there is anyone in the same boat please contact me because im feeling alone right now, some of our friends know but we cant tell them all.


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i also love my cousin and we both know that we love each other but shes scared we just broke up because shes afraid that our family will find out im 16 shes 15 and in 2 years im going into the navy to serve our country and by then i want a girl that i can be with forever someone i can write to and i want that person to be my cousin. could someone please help me i dont know what to do our last names are totally different i think she might even only be related by marriage im will to sacrafice my world for her, if anyone has had a succesful relationship with there cousin and now lives happily ever after with him or her please email me at i need all the help i can get

As Tamarah said, who says it's wrong? It used to be the most common thing back in the older days. If cousins get married, who says their even going to have kids? And you don't even know if the kids will have anything. Did you know that the kids have just as much chance as having a disability as anyone else? Look around you. There are people with all kinds of disabilities without anything to do with cousin love.<br />
People get married for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with love. These reasons can range from gaining wealth and social status to escaping from a bad home life or to gain permanent residence to the United States. These are barely looked down upon. But when it comes to things like homosexuals and cousins LOVING each other, our society turns up it's nose and screams DISGUSTING! <br />
The fact is you don't choose who you fall in love with. You can't.<br />
If you're a bible worshipper, there is nothing in the bible that states cousin love and marriage is wrong. In fact; if Adam and Eve were the first, what do you think had to happen between their children for our species to go on? And on. And on. <br />
Some people need to grow up and accept that people who truly love each other love each other for their soul. They don't reject each other because of their blood. They see past what most selfish minds cannot.

I wish my family could read what you wrote. My cousin and I have to keep it a secret because noone knows the feeling of true love in my family I never knew the feeling of true love until I found my soulmate. Never new it was my cousin though! Thanks for the story I enjoyed reading it!

I also love my cousin, i am only 19 and he is 38. We cannot tell our family, because it would rip them apart and very few friends even know. It isnt just the cousin situation with us it is also the age gap being nearly 20 years. we did not grow up together only been the last year that we have had contact and we hit it off within a few weeks of meeting up. You cant help who you fall in love with, and if it is your cousin then thats how it is. Everything happens for a reason. It is so sad that we cant be together as a proper couple, but hope in the near future we could be. Society may think its wrong but is 100% legal so **** the society!!

Many many years ago Cousins use to merry Cousins in North America in some states in the U.S. it is legal to wed your cousin.. In other country's cousins are still getting married to each other. Even though some would argue it to be wrong and while other families would find shame upon it.. I say history shall repeat itself.. despite what you think your family will say, do what you feel is right but know the precautions behind it when it comes to the genetics. I know of a couple who were cousins and they married each other and had a child together.. that child was born deaf.

i love my cousin a girl...tis feeling so in tis only her know wat i thinking...she so pretty..many boy like her...but me donno she like me or no....when weekend i will bring her go play badminton too n jogging...1 week can see her 2 time...i feel my life so happiness...when i think she was my cousin i feel scare...i think canno love her... but why still canno forget painful without her...she is a beauty girl i even see...i comment here cuz tis is my secret canno let my family know...i so scare....but in here my family donno + her also the end i wan to say "Pei Lyn I love You..forever, i will take care you n no let u know...."

I want to tell you abou me and my cousin<br />
<br />
I had never been close to my younger cousin mainly because shes not my age and her parents sheltered her. While my parents let is do anything we wanted. I said hi to her at functions and thats about it. She never showed any signs of liking me intimatly. She is definetly a pretty girl. About 5"11", 115 lbs , very small,tight *** and thin legs. Her stomach toned and her C cup **** didnt bloom until she was 18. <br />
<br />
She wore glasses and had a nerdy look to her. But, I learned she was living in a shell waiting to burst out and become a lustful,**** machine. I was invited to her 18th bday party/graduation party. I arrived late and gave her a gift i bought on the ride over. She opened it and thanked me with a big hug.<br />
<br />
I talked to her about college and she told me how she was accepted to a few ivy leauge schools. I congratgulated her before she asked me to drive her to a friends house to sleep over. I asked her mother if she wanted me to drive her since it was on my way back home. She said,"thanks that wouls help alot since i have to clean up." I told the birthday girl to pack her things for her sleepover.<br />
<br />
She asked me to help her with her bags. She led me upstairs to her room and quickly packed a bag and said,"i need to change real quick. I turned for the door and she said,"what?,youve never see a girl in her undies before?" I laughed and said,"plenty ,do you want me to hang in here while you change?" She stayed silent and pulled her jeans off as i sat on the bed. I glanced at her white cotton panties.<br />
<br />
She pulled her top off and asked me if ihad a woman. I said no as she unclipped her bra and threw it across her room. She grabbed a sundress and threw it on and grabbed her bag. "Lets go!",she said with excitment. We walked down and said farewell to her mom and the lingering guests.<br />
<br />
She hopped in my passenger seat and said,"I"m not really sleeping over anyones house," I said," well,what are you doing then?" She looked at me and hesitantly said,"i need to tell you something that you can not repeat!" I told her I don"t tell anyone Anything,especially something my lil cuz wanted to keep a secret.<br />
<br />
I needed gas so i pulled in the station and parked at the pump. I looked at her as she gazed in my eyes and said,"I have been in love with you for years," I was blown away, She told me she has held it inside for too long and had to tell me that shes attracted to me on a high level. I told her that she was a smart,beautiful,woman but,we could never be a couple.<br />
<br />
She said,"no **** sherlock! But, We can **** though." I thought deeply as she begged me to take her virgin *****. I said,"let me think for a miniute as i got out and pumped my gas.After returning to the car I looked at her and she had her dress pulled up and her panties down,slowly playing with her tiny ,shaved *****. She said," Take me somewhere and let me have your ****!"<br />
<br />
I drove off ,heading to a local hotel. She pulled my hand over and said,"play with my fresh little *****!" I felt how tight she was when i had to force my index finger inside of her. She went down my pants with her hand until she grabbed my ****. She said in a demanding voice,"you better be gentle, as she ran her hand the length of my semi erect ****.<br />
<br />
We pulled into the hotel and i got the room taken care of. we stepped into the elevator and she kissed me deeply and said,"this has been my dream since i have been old enough to like you." I replied," well,it will be good baby,i promise you that," We got off the elevator and went into our room. <br />
<br />
I asked her,"want me to light candles and make it romantic?" She laughed and said,"get naked and make my dream a reality." She pulled her dress off and her perfect **** stared me in my face. She pulled her panties off as i took my shirt off and unbuckled my belt.<br />
<br />
She knelt inferont of me and pulled my pants and denims down at once.My chubby hung there infront of her long and girthy. She looked at it and all she could say is ,"oh my god!"<br />
I looked down at her and told her to lick my ****. She grabbed my memeber and shoved the head in her tiny mouth and licked my **** like a lolipop. <br />
<br />
Clearly she wad no experience so i guided her head on and off my shaft ,making her gag instantly. I let her go and she sucked my **** until it was hard as steel. I knelt down and kissed her before telling her to lay on the bed and let me taste that fresh *****.<br />
<br />
She laid back and with her legs opened i slowly caressed her virgin ***** making her moan and feel sensations shes never felt. I slid a finger inside of her which made her groan out,"i want you inside of me now baby!" I looked up at her and said," remember baby,it is gonna hurt when i get inside of you<br />
if itll even fit!"<br />
<br />
She demanded i lay on my back. She climbed on top of me and put her feet on my thighs, decended down and holding my swollen **** on her ***** lips and pressed onto it,making my **** bend before i spread her ***** a bit and my thick **** popped inside of her. She teared up and screamed,"**** my ***** feels like ots being torn to shreds!"<br />
<br />
She stopped and said,"you do it baby,and dont hurt my little ***** with that thing." I grabbed her *** cheeks and spread her ***** as wide as i could and forced my bulging **** into her,spreading her soft walls for the first time until i hit her little cherry. I slowly pulled out of her and pumped her slow and shallow until she looked at me through her glasses and said,"pop me with your long ****,take me now!" <br />
<br />
I grasped he hips and slammed her onto me,burting through her little ***** .making her screatch in agony. To my surprise she begged for more and clawed my chest screaming out my name as she slammed against my thrusts. I stopped her and said,"lay on your back so i can give you your real biorthday gift."<br />
<br />
She slid off my **** and her gaping ***** was swollen and she said,"i love the pain your **** puts through my body!" She laid on her back and i mounted her and forced my **** inside her damaged ****. I pumped her long and deep staring at her eyes roll into her head. I put her legs back and pumped her so deep that my **** bottomed out inside her. I slid my throbbing **** hard and deep until i felt my precum shoot insode of her. I quickly asked were she wanted me to ***. <br />
<br />
She screamed ,"fill me with your hot ****!" So, i laid deep within her and shot my massive load inside her now dry ****. She said,"just keep it in me until i say,ok?" So, I laid ionside of her until she passed out and I slowly pulled my soft **** out of her and laid in bed thinking about what just happened...

ewww that's sick! why are you telling everyone about your intimate moment with your cousin??? that's disgusting, no disrespect intended, but that's just sick!

I have spent more time with my cousin than lots of other members of my family. I saw him since I was a baby up until High school when we started growing apart.<br />
<br />
Every holiday I would see him and when i walked in the door he used to hug me so hard he'd lift me off the floor. We'd play silly childhood games together. We'd play video games together and watch movies together. After the divorce i moved with my mother to live where he lived. I'd go visit him almost everyday because we enjoyed hanging out. If i didn't go see him he would come over to see me. For years I saw it as nothing more than friendship.<br />
<br />
One day i was with him and some friends of mine. They started questioning me if I liked him. I became confused as well as angry telling them that he was family. Another time i was walking with him and someone questioned me if he was my boyfriend. In high school things drastically changed he would ignore me and then I learned it was because he had a girlfriend.<br />
<br />
The visits stopped, our friendship fell apart. I never felt so empty. My mother talked me out of going to his graduation and then his wedding. Even my step sister began questioning my feelings for him. It makes me wonder if perhaps I did something wrong or freaked my family out somehow. I do love my cousin but in a pure way. I dont have perverted thoughts about him. <br />
<br />
His family is Christian and i wonder if our relationship seemed dangerous to them. The last holiday i saw him he wouldn't even look at me. It hurts to know that someone you really care for an toss you aside so easily. <br />
<br />
Out of all my family members I feel a great connection with him. I want him to be in my life if there is a second one. I don't care if he will still be family or not. Just having him there would be enough for me. I don't believe that that is wrong.

The exact same thing happened to me. I'm head over heels for my long-lost cousin. He's a year older than me and we met five years ago through an accidental phone book search. We were just kids... but we were like best friends the moment we met, and we're very close. <br />
<br />
Anyways... it happened last night. Because we were so close and we both got dumped, him and i were talking about our slacker kissing skills. Then he got the idea to practice kissing... and it was beautiful. But, it had turned into a make-out session. It wasn't even awkward or icky, it was the most wonderful experience of my life. We proceeded downstairs so my aunt and uncle and my parents wouldn't suspect anything, but then he said he remembered something and he wanted me to come upstairs with him, and he game me his favorite Billy Talent concert t-shirt. I hugged him to say thanks. Later, I walked back to the kitchen to go look at it further... and he walked in, kissed me on the jaw and said "wear it to bed tonight and think of me." AND I DID! <br />
<br />
We were also playing soccer in the backward with a balloon, and i was running with the balloon and he ran behind me, grabbed me by the waist and spun me around. It was so cute and i giggled through the entire thing, and when my brother wasn't looking, he kissed me on the neck. <br />
<br />
When we were leaving, he hugged me tightly and told me that we have to hang out soon, because he'd die this summer without seeing me. I said next week and he said he'd try to wait, and he told me he loved me. <br />
<br />
We of course can't say anything because we're cousins, but it's pretty obvious that we love each other. Who knows what will happen next?

hi...i also love my cousin...he lives in a different city hes 2 years older than me...i usually see him in summer vacation.... just when i think i forgot about him i see him or hear from him and the feelings are back. I dont know what to my country is a big mistake to love someone of youre family...i think he likes me to coz he always comes near me..stays with me and all that stuff.... and in the october hes coming in my city to study so im gonna se him like everyday and im so confused.....i hope someone can help me about that i would be grateful...:(

Ya I felll this way about mi cuz but it is so advious that he likes me to and in the same way but I'm scared to confront him on it cause i don't want him not to like me that way and me fell so stupid and dumb and the reason I no he likes me the same way is because when he saw me his haw droped and he always class me his sweet heart but I dot no what to do I need help

Wow so many people all over the world falling in love with their couins. Nice to know that im not alone. <br />
My story with 3years i kissed my cousin,who was 2, at this time,it didnt mean anything at t beginn but i and he kept on kissing eachother till i was. 9^^ t sad thing is that he dont call me my first love,well we didnt had strong feelings for eachother,just the passion to kiss^^ <br />
<br />
with 14 i met another cousin,it was holidays in brazil. So he shared the same flat with me and my bro,sis,mum and another aunt. we "lived" next to t sea, thats why we always took a walk along t beach at night (very romantic). What just started with a half hour walk as normal people,ended up that we kept hours walking and talking and we always kept walking and very close. Thats why everyone thought that he was my boyfriend,we just realised it when my mum caught us and said it too...<br />
We never kissed us,we just hugged eachother for almost half of the day and we kept saying "i love You"<br />
this make that i consider him my first real love...<br />
<br />
my mum thinks that i just have my first boyfriend now with she forbidds me to leave t house as she i afraid that ill might see him...i wld love to tell her my real love story,but if i do that she will never let me talk to a guy again...

i,m a 49 yo male who grew up with my 1 yr younger cousin in holland.We where totally in love with each other at the ages of 17 and 16 and. long before that..Due to my confused childhood i joined a religion with whom i stayed with for 8 years hoping to find answers to my questions but decided they werent there.At the time when i joined this religion i told my love that i no longer could see her due to my newly aquired believes.How wrong i was! !32 yrs on i still hate myself for that desision not only because off what i missed out on but very much so for me hurting her so much.My only comfort is i believe is that shes found herself a husband and has a few kids.For myself i,m still single lonely and have become an alcoholic and disillusioned by this (dogma called religion).

At The Moment IM in The Same Feeling Meaning= I Am A teenanger And So Is my Cuzzin Shes 15 And Im 14 And I Love Her So Much And I Dnt Know She Loves Me We Spent Aware Childhood Together And Then Years Passed On We Stoped Talking To Each Other. And One Day She Came Online And Said Why, Dnt You Talk To Me... But Really I Pretended Not To Kknow Her... So We Came Friends And Now Shes Sayng To Me Why Ant i Accepting Her As Cuzzins But I Never Said Noting! I Dnt Know If She Has The Same Feeelings As Me.. But I Really Love Her To Bits..... But Does It Matter IF Im 1 Year Younger Then Her? Please Help...

I am in the simlar boat as you, But it been longer for me so don't worry your not the only one. Ive been with my cousin for 7 years now and he two years younger then me. We're also very much in love and want to share our lives together, a few of our friends now but none of our family knows too and we do plan and telling them. But only when we have the money to set a life together. He just finish Uni and I have a pretty low paid part time job. I would much prefer to run away though, but he thinks we should just tell them when the time is right. Your not alone out there and there plenty or people out there too in the simlar boat. Your from the Uk like me so it not illigal just frowned upon and you shouldn't let that get you down if yout in love I certain don't. Cause I know he the only one who can make me happy and well you got soaps like Emerdale whose cousin relationships like Cain and Charity Dingle ect.

well I suddenly realized how much I love my cousin. I fell in love with him and even though I am married and he is married and he has 1 kid and I have 3 kids , I can feel that we are meant to be together. His wife do not give him love at all. It seems that she is only for his money, because he is rich.<br />
She was already 6 months pregnant on their wedding, so the insecurity is there- which means that there is no love between them at all. The day I have sent love to him mentally- that same love mentally i got back in return. I wish I could email him and explain him how I feel, but dont want his wife to know and break it.<br />
How to know what he really feels towards me? what are the signs if he really does love me?

In much of Asia and North Africa excluding parts of India more than 10% of marriages are between cousins. At least two US presidents that I know of have married their cousins; Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin van Buren. Also, it was extremely common for Jews to marry their cousins. I'm pretty sure it is still common among the Eastern European Jews. Einstien himself married his cousin. Same with some modern oil rich Arab countries. But the funny thing is, I am Egyptian (live in america) and I also love my cousin and plan to marry her. The ancient Egyptians, in upper classes, almost exclusively married cousins (sometimes uncles and aunts which I agree is ****** up). This went on until the Greek era where the Greeks claimed it as a discouraged act (do not forget that the Greeks were homosexual by culture, soon to be or has already become an American part of life as well.) - very similar east vs west argument to the current state of the controversy.

In much of Asia and North Africa excluding parts of India more than 10% of marriages are between cousins. At least two US presidents that I know of have married their cousins; Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin van Buren. Also, it was extremely common for Jews to marry their cousins. I'm pretty sure it is still common among the Eastern European Jews. Einstien himself married his cousin. Same with some modern oil rich Arab countries. But the funny thing is, I am Egyptian (live in america) and I also love my cousin and plan to marry her. The ancient Egyptians, in upper classes, almost exclusively married cousins (sometimes uncles and aunts which I agree is ****** up). This went on until the Greek era where the Greeks claimed it as a discouraged act (do not forget that the Greeks were homosexual by culture, soon to be or has already become an American part of life as well.) - very similar east vs west argument to the current state of the controversy.

In much of Asia and North Africa excluding parts of India more than 10% of marriages are between cousins. At least two US presidents that I know of have married their cousins; Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin van Buren. Also, it was extremely common for Jews to marry their cousins. I'm pretty sure it is still common among the Eastern European Jews. Einstien himself married his cousin. Same with some modern oil rich Arab countries. But the funny thing is, I am Egyptian (live in america) and I also love my cousin and plan to marry her. The ancient Egyptians, in upper classes, almost exclusively married cousins (sometimes uncles and aunts which I agree is ****** up). This went on until the Greek era where the Greeks claimed it as a discouraged act (do not forget that the Greeks were homosexual by culture, soon to be or has already become an American part of life as well.) - very similar east vs west argument to the current state of the controversy.

In much of Asia and North Africa excluding parts of India more than 10% of marriages are between cousins. At least two US presidents that I know of have married their cousins; Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin van Buren. Also, it was extremely common for Jews to marry their cousins. I'm pretty sure it is still common among the Eastern European Jews. Einstien himself married his cousin. Same with some modern oil rich Arab countries. But the funny thing is, I am Egyptian (live in america) and I also love my cousin and plan to marry her. The ancient Egyptians, in upper classes, almost exclusively married cousins (sometimes uncles and aunts which I agree is ****** up). This went on until the Greek era where the Greeks claimed it as a discouraged act (do not forget that the Greeks were homosexual by culture, soon to be or has already become an American part of life as well.) - very similar east vs west argument to the current state of the controversy.

In much of Asia and North Africa excluding parts of India more than 10% of marriages are between cousins. At least two US presidents that I know of have married their cousins; Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin van Buren. Also, it was extremely common for Jews to marry their cousins. I'm pretty sure it is still common among the Eastern European Jews. Einstien himself married his cousin. Same with some modern oil rich Arab countries. But the funny thing is, I am Egyptian (live in america) and I also love my cousin and plan to marry her. The ancient Egyptians, in upper classes, almost exclusively married cousins (sometimes uncles and aunts which I agree is ****** up). This went on until the Greek era where the Greeks claimed it as a discouraged act (do not forget that the Greeks were homosexual by culture, soon to be or has already become an American part of life as well.) - very similar east vs west argument to the current state of the controversy.

Well Im glad Im not the only one feeling like this, ugh it feels good in a way, b/c Im not alone :(<br />
I have loved my cousin since the first time I saw him, when I was 7...We just recently reunited this weekend, it has been almost 30 yrs since we last seen each other. Anyways to make a long story relatively short. feelings were expressed on both sides, and what would u know, we both felt and feel the same way!!! His mom an my dad are brother and sister :( We live like 1200km away from each other.<br />
<br />
Anyways, ya just like everyone here, I am in love with my cousin, my stomach has been turning since he left. I am a person that carries a lot of guilt, but the only guilt I feel, is as much as it is shunned upon in our society, I dont really give a flying #%@&...We were a lil intoxicated, but the feelings were there even with out the booze. Im just really, really messed up right now, i cant sleep or eat b/c I miss him so much, we are both born under the sign of cancer, I am 38 and he is 42. Apparently one of my friends said that someone told her, that I was hanging all over him this weekend, I just told her that I was drunk and he needed to hold me up, so when I told him he said, who cares, they never saw anything, cause we did have a few passionate kisses...<br />
Help me, Im in love with my cousin....

I'm passing through that to. In elementry skool i met this guy that was ayear younger than me i fell 4 him hard. Later i found out he was my cousin. At a party we were all drunk, me and himwere barley in middle skool. That night he almost kissed me. We tried to stay apart because of wat our family's would say but we couln't hid it. We are now in High school and today September 29 he kissed me. It was the first time we had shown affection toward each other after many years. It actually felt right for us to be doing that. The only bad thing is that his sister found out. She says she saw us and so she's trying to keep us apart. I don't want to be apart from him and i hope he feels the same way. I just hope his sister understands and lets us be happy.

youve just been soo..true to your go on..<br />
nothing is wrong on loving a cousin...<br />
your family will understand ur situation...

Well, my mother despises my fathers family, so i really never knew them and now im 34 and hes 52 and we are slowly fallling inlove, i dont see him as a cousin i see him as a man and he doesnt see me as a cousin he sees me as a woman. is this our fault. we still havent meet we will meet and see what will happand, but until them we have are eyes on eachother but our mouth shout. we dont plan to have kids as i was already married and have two and he was married and has four of his own. so we are fine with that. relating to blood i would like to chat with a doctor to see if something might happan at first sexual contact, but i dont see anything wrong since kids is not in our plans... ever! but how about morals...we would like to speak to a preist as we do want to marry but like i said we are keeping it shout until we meet this october.... we always chat and tallk and online and forward pictures and all,. we miss eachother but how do you miss when we havent seen eachother, been with eachother, but yet we feel for eachother at the same time..... we are cousins. his mom and my dad are brothers n sisters. we are afriad of what our parents will say.... what do we do.... omg this is not even our fault....we where never raised as cousins so we are not cousins... we are man and woman...and falling inlove

Beautiful! Again I say beautiful! Go for it! Life is short! My experience with my 1st cousin was similar. Didn't remember her but reunited 28yrs later on facebook There was attraction in communications text,fb, then voice by phone. Our personality s meshed , Upon meeting physical attraction was there. She remembered me when I was maybe 8 years old. I remembered other cousins my own age but she was 2yrs younger at the time , way to young! The cousin factor only reassured security in trust. We would never hurt each other. Being that I am a Christian it was essential this relationship was with out compromise to Gods word. Cousin couples site lifted a great burden from me. Love was now without fault! Restrained only by the ignorant and unstudied. The vast majority of people have no explanation for why they feel discriminatory. will widen there intellectual being. no laws broke here! nether is there sin! I will hear and respect the learned opinions as I would suggest you also. There is no intellectual basis to support ignorance. Selfishness is fact, of the disapprover's heart. You found love and Now live love, Now live life in peace enjoy life to it's fullest without sin. Let those who disagree exemplify perfect love in there own relationships? If they can't , may God convict their hearts and release the hate and cause the stones to drop from their hands.<br />
Faith,hope, trust for the best of life!...........

i have no idea what is going on ...i only know that me and my cousin are really deeply in love with each other since our younger time.i tot after he got married with another women, he will forget about me and so do i.But situation is getting worst now coz recently he has been calling me and we have shared almost every single little thing.we have admitted that we are still in love with each other after all this years.we cannot let go our old feelings.Now our LOVE tree have started to grow. we always think of each other every single day.we are scared of our respective family will come to know bout it.Why lives is so complicated....???

When I first told my mother that I was in love with her sisters son, she was very shocked to say the least. It took her some time to get used to the idea, and now says she would support our union if that is what we chose to do. I suggest you just tell your family, or flat out kiss him in front of every body at your holiday gathering! Then there would be nothing Else to tell. They will either come around to the idea or they won't. You have to decide which is more important, your love our your families blessing. What's the worst they can do? Family is forever. If my cousin and I were single, we would just tell everyone so we could be together. Good luck!

me and my cousin live behind closed doors. our families totally disagree with everything. we live together and so want to get married but its illegal in pennsylvania. The only family member that knows whats going on is my dad. He said its my life and if im happy then so be it. He only wants us to be happy. Now my mom and his dad totally disapprove! Even living together. But they think we are just sharing expenses. So outside of the house we are family, Inside we are lovers and are not ashamed of it! Sometimes it will cross my mind that its wrong but in my heart it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never felt so whole in my life! He completes me no matter how different we are. He irritates me to no end but the minute he looks at me i just melt! And he knows it cuz when he makes me mad he just gives me this look and im done for! LOL! So just follow your heart. If you and ur cousin want to be together you will do whatever it takes to be happy. Even if it means pretending to just be normal around family and friends who dont agree to it. We have some friends that know actually its his ex inlaws and they really dont care. Just hope hes happy. So please, if your cousin makes u happy, dont let him go. Cause it will be the worst thing you have ever done! These stories and comments on here have really inspired me and changed my whole attitude about being with my cousin.

I am In love with my first cousin it was love at first sight.... im 26 he is 24 we are very down to earth people..very loving tender and caring... this is the best thing that has ever happen to me in my life... we are so into eachother every day I see him I light up like there are fire works going off. I remember the first time we told oneanother I love you. To make a long story short ummm.. we where togeather everyday up untile now, I told my mom she is cool with it my dad well he will come around. My cousin and I share the same grandfather. We know who he is a little bit. we dont really know him like a grandfather so thats cool i dont know that side of the family nor does he so thats amazing.. lol.. his dad and my dad are half brothers they dont like eachother we dont talk to them very much, its been like that, they have there on issues, this had nonthing to do with us, so another pluse. anyway we live togather with kids I have 2 son he has one and it working out very well, I never knew what love could be like untile now we are very romatic passionate our respect level is very high we love music and are very artistic when it come to doing things in life we are very blessed. He is My twin flame as far as soulmates go we know things that other would never know about eachother two very old souls, it's something that was always there. If anyone wants to talk and need advice you can e-mail me at

When I was 17, I went to live with my aunt and uncle for about 5 months due to family issues. There were also several cousins living there as well. when I first me one particular cousin, 16 yo and an absolute beauty, it was love at first sight. We soon discovered we had more in common than anyone else we have ever met. We began spending all our time together. Our talks soon became more and more intimate. She liked to talk about sex and romance a lot. I certainly had no trouble obliging these conversations. I had a hard time discerning if she was talking in general or about us in particular.<br />
This went on for the entire 5 months I was there. One day I just could not take it any more and decided to tell her how I felt. We were on the front porch stairs. I told her I am in love with her like a girlfriend rather than just family type love. She stared at me for about 4 minutes, got up, and left. That was really the last time I saw her, except for a few family gatherings. Here it is, 40 years later, and we have reconnected. We met for coffee and the first thing she did was kiss me on the lips. All the feelings of love came rushing back. We have done a few activities since the, concerts, dinner, etc. I do realize we have to get to know each other again as we are much more mature. Now I am torn. I am afraid to tell her how I feel (too early anyway). I must be with this woman. Please give me any advice you have. By the way, she told me the reason she just left the porch that day was because she was very confused and did not know what to do. (16 & 17 remember)<br />
Please help me with any experiences you may have had......Thank you

Sitting here reading all of these stories really does make me feel not as alone as I thought :-) I am 37 year old divorced mother of two living in the United States. I am also soooo in love with my first Cousin. We didn't seen each other for 25 drama of course. So when we "met" for the first time at my moms house, it was amazing. I have loved him since I was 6 years old. He was always the guy I had the crush on, and wanted to marry, and hoped one day maybe he would love me back. The Crazy thing is, that day we "met" forever changed our feelings towards each other. That day I could not take my eyes off him, I was beyond excited he was there, and I was talking to him, and we wound up hitting it off, and just enjoying each others company. His mother actually said to my mother that day "Thank goodness their first cousins" after seeing the sparks between us :-) We talked on the phone 10 times a day for two weeks after our first meeting..talked about everything, life, love, history.. it was incredible. I felt so close to him. Then we went out to the bar one night. Hmmmmm... it was amazing. I actually grabbed his hand on the way in and OMG, I knew we were perfect together. The sparks were undeniable..I kissed him first, and he looked into my eyes..ugh...that was over 2 years ago and I still feel that tingle from that night. Since then, we have been inseperable. My family knew and is fine with the situation,. my brothers and sister tease me a lil, but they just want me to be happy. HIS familhy on the other hand...don't agree at all, and cannot accept us together. We are hard core catholics, and even though my mother told his father she checked with the church and it's not against our religion, he just canot accept it. Since they found out about a year and a half ago about us...we are still together and in love, but he cannot be intimate with me at all, not hardly even kissing. We are deeply in love,but he has so much respect for his father that he just can't be with me that way until it's figured out. This is literally killing me.. I have never loved anybody as much as I love him.. but the zero intimacy between us is almost to much to bear. Being with someone you love, but not being able to connect on that level.. I cry everyday, I'm constantly thinking he is with someone else (even though in my heart I truly don't think that..he's with me almost everyday) We have had sex twice this year... It's not even just the sex, it's intimacy period. It's so important and we have none anymore beause of who we are to each other. He was absolutely fine until his parents found out and his Dad pretty much freaked out, telling him it would "kill" him if him and I wound up together, going so far as to tell him NOT to have sex with me, and just be my friend. I can't imagine being without him, the thought of it makes me want to just die...him and I are suppose to be together forever. We both want that... I just need some advice.. do I just end it if he can't get over his Dad<br />
and his issues with us? The other messed up thing, when his Dad was younger, he had a love affiar with HIS first cousin, and his wife (my cousins Mom) sister had a 10 year love affiar with HER first cousin. Is it in our blood or something??? I just don't know what to do...please help..I don't know how much my heart can take anymore :-(

i love your story. i am so in deep deep love with my cousin. please, if you need to talk you can always email me at i have never talked to another person in my situation but im so open to meeting people in this situation. we can all help each other. i hope you guys are doing ok...

i had the love at first sight for the first time in my life with my cousin, and, she was only a few days old, just coming back from the hospital. but i had never felt anything like it and i still remember. it was the best feeling. that is what led me to believe that there is something real to love besides a creation of our minds, something spiritual.

This happened to me in June. I was visiting my family in Cuba and once i saw her, i felt a strong connection. We played with each other but i still disnt know if she liked me. But one night as i was walking her home she grabbed onto my hand hard. The final day in Cuba we kissed. I truly love her and am extremely depressed. I cant see her again til March. So dont worry you are not alone.

so you're saying that you fell in love with your guy cousin who is 5 years younger than you? that's... kinda creepy. Anyway, none of my business.<br />
i'll tell you an easy solution. Revert to Islam. Muslims are allowed to marry their cousins. That way, it won't be weird or creepy or odd because it exists in that kind of culture.

Wow I thought I was the only person in the world who was dealing with this problem......this problem of being in love with my cousin, but I don't know if it's just love or lust, I mean I know he feels the same for me, but I don't know. My family is not going to accept this, but reading some of these other messages just inspired me, that we dont have to get married but serect we're already that now, but thanks for the posting.

Wow I thought I was the only person in the world who was dealing with this problem......this problem of being in love with my cousin, but I don't know if it's just love or lust, I mean I know he feels the same for me, but I don't know. My family is not going to accept this, but reading some of these other messages just inspired me, that we dont have to get married but serect we're already that now, but thanks for the posting.

Looking for people just like YOU<br />
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Do you wish your family love could blossom in a safe environment? <br />
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nice post...38 years old n still very much in love my cousin...though we both ve a seprate family family but still very much in love....met my cousin after 22 years this year u guys can imagine how we must ve seprtd when our ppl came to knw of our relationship which in our custom is not we r in touch thru mails/ phone.....but still we want to be alone somewhere which we both knw now its not possible.....

I too have fell in love with my cousin. Its a love i have never felt ever in my life. just everything about her just makes my body tingle. we met for the first time about 9 months ago. we both looked at each other and it was like love at first site. ever since then we been together untill about a month ago her parents found out and stopped us from seeing eachother.. but we will soon be back together when she is eighteen. I LOVE MY COUSIN.

i love my cousin too i met her first time when i was 10 years old i kissed her at that age i had feelings for her ,,passed 10 years whitout seeing her ,i saw her in portugal again whitt 19 years old and she didnt remember the fact we kissed when we are kids after so much time she felt atraction by my and i felt the same we ended kissing at 2 aclock in the morning in the midle of the darkness whit the hole familie sleeping by our side the feeling was soo big taht we fall in love for each other and i am canada now i have 20 and she have 19 and we love secretly each other.......

Well...I was looking for some "re-assurance" here because , as you already imaging I am in the same "freaking boat" as you. With the only difference is that I am 46 years old and he is 50 , mature old love? who knows! I have been living in the States for 26 years and I have visited my country only a couple of times, the last time I was there it was in 1994, then 16 years later I decided to visit again ( just came back 10 days ago) to my surprise feelings were still floating around my dearest cousin and I, and as the last time I was there, he was one of the first persons in the family I got to visit. It was his 50th Birthday and I got the chance to participated in that celebration, I got there the same day without even planning that, coincidence? Don't know. The thing is , we just felt so right and happy, it was a mix of emotions and feelings and everything in between, in the past we were very close, when I was a teenager I used to spend hours and hours listening to all he want to talk about, movies, life and that sort of things proper for our age, I just want to kiss him every time I saw him in my aunt's house, and surely he wanted the same, but he always had this girlfriend , I know her since I can remember, they were always together ( and still are with three children, but now he says that he have nothing to do with her since many years ago and he have his own room in his own house ) so I never had to chance to really be with him at all.<br />
Years passed and I moved to the States and the first time I returned to my country (1994), we just shared infinite kisses, very passionate and true, we never talked about our feelings or anything , we just felt close somehow.<br />
Now , this last time I visited there, it was so different , so "mature" and still "true" Like I said I shared his happiness in his 50th Birthday bash and I felt more closer than ever, without words or explanations , without me even knowing about the situation with his "wife" (they are NOT married, they are just together for 30 years!!!) So we decided to go "ahead" with our feelings and just do it, without thinking, without regrets, we were together as one and it was really amazing!<br />
We are cousins, my mother is the sister of his mother!!!<br />
Is this so crazy?????????

I just say that if you are in love with that special someone wheather its two causins that fell into love or even a gay man or women that falls in love with the same gender, well the best to them all its really no one elses buisness. I have always believed that when you make a choice in your life its something you have already thought about and you decide where it will stand. as long as it makes you happy . And i would like to comment on Juliets story : Hun if you love your causin and he loves you baby you go for it and dont let no one get in your way. I am a person that is also in a long distance relationship with my first causin and we love eachother very much, my story is almost the same as yours. we are so into eachother we talk and text and we visit eachother on holidays we even talk about getting married. we've only been together 9mon. not long but we both know what we feel and its amazing how we both think alike. It kills me not to me with him i miss him so much, im 46 yrs old and i have been in a marrage before and a few relationships . But i have never felt this kind of love for anyone before, i now know what true love is suppose to feel like and its so wonderful.....Best of luck honey, AMAZING3

I'm fall in love with my cousin tooo :)<br />
Our story started in his sister's wedding :) ; he saw me there and he dance with me and he told me that from the touch of my hand he feel that he love me ... then when he went to spain because he live there with his parent he cold me by phone that he love me and he can't live without me and he want to marry with me :) .... and we chatted in msn and facebook for 3 mounth then i fall in love with him too ( we love each other ) ;but i don't now till now what happen with him ; he delete me from facebook and he delete my msn and he stoped calling me ect .. but when i made another false account in facebook and he accept me i saw his picture with another girl ; i think she's his girlfriend (from spain).. and now i suffer without him because i love him so much :s <br />
can you help me if you have any opinion

I'm fall in love with my cousin tooo :)<br />
Our story started in his sister's wedding :) ; he saw me there and he dance with me and he told me that from the touch of my hand he feel that he love me ... then when he went to spain because he live there with his parent he cold me by phone that he love me and he can't live without me and he want to marry with me :) .... and we chatted in msn and facebook for 3 mounth then i fall in love with him too ( we love each other ) ;but i don't now till now what happen with him ; he delete me from facebook and he delete my msn and he stoped calling me ect .. but when i made another false account in facebook and he accept me i saw his picture with another girl ; i think she's his girlfriend (from spain).. and now i suffer without him because i love him so much :s <br />
can you help me if you have any opinion

i too love my cousin i didnt grow up her but when we huged eachother for the frist time we knew it was on we where at her sister wedding got drunk and had sex that nite it was the best i ever had and i have had alot of sex with alot womens she is everything iever wanted in a women she is my soulmate i dont how we are going to keep this up i want to take her with me to new mexcio from cali her kids found out and r mad my daugter knows and is happy for me i dont want for anyone to know for now this is really hard i live with her now but i have to go back home in april and she staying here for now but i would love to just pack her up and take her with me today god bless all of u that r in love with your cousins it thebest thing that has ever happen to me

I always knew that i wasn't the only person in the world who loved their cousin more than a family way. It just never crossed my mind that adults ran into this problem too. me n my cousin know we cant be together or do anything and we hate it but we understand and decided to ignore it as best we could. We both date other people and live our normal lives n we don't talk too much about it but every time i visit Colorado and see her i cant help but remember our first kiss. to this day we still have our moments where we are alone and just cant resist the urge to kiss and i always get at least one before i have to leave again to go back home. thank you for posting your story. it made me more comfortable with my situation.

Just know that it happens more than you think. I too have a great connection with my older cousin and we have so much fun together. It is a bizarre situation but if you believe in love and know that it will find you in the most odd of places, then you are going to be just fine. It will be difficult to walk down the path of success but, keep in mind that you will be exaclty where your heart needs to be. Live you life without shame or sorrow. Love what is your heart desires, and laugh always, because it is the hurmor out life that keeps us grounded.

the hell you all said cousins are good, my shy little bro just get rapped about months ago by his cousin that 1year smaller than him and now he trying to break-off with her gf, **** i dunno what to do as i can help him, and yeah he's 14.

the hell you all said cousins are good, my shy little bro just get rapped about months ago by his cousin that 1year smaller than him and now he trying to break-off with her gf, **** i dunno what to do as i can help him, and yeah he's 14.

me and my cousin really like each other we hadn't seen each other since we were 7 or 8 when we met up again after our grandma had passed we realized we were really into each other.... he wants us to get together but i cant stop thinking about the cousin issues..... i have been praying every night that one of our parents will go up to us and tell us that we were switched at birth or adopted..... idk what to do i have always been controlled by what other people thought of me.... the rest of his family already hates me and i dont want them hating him too what should i do

hi my name is paul i never knew i had cousin named jenny that lived down south in fl . when i stepped out of the car my heart stopped she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. i was 17 at the time and now im 28 . she was 16 and she 26 . for the past 8 to 9 yrs we are still madly in love with each other . but were not together but we still make love we ever we can because she is the one me but we can never be together because of family disowning us we made love one last time she moved back down south its true passionent love which will be with us forever

Wow, this is very interesting story. Am also very in love with my cousin, but the funny thing is that we never met, but we talked, text, email each other everyday and night. I know she loves me too but waiting for me to make the move. i dont know what to do, i really love her but dont know how to express my feelings to her.

How do i put this in a way it dose not seem cheesy . . . . Am head over heals about my baby cuz she s 7 years smaller then me but all i know is there is no way i hell i can feel this way wit any other girl . . . We met 5 years back and since then iv always known that some tin was wrong wit the way i feel about her it was always more then i did about the others it was always more intence it was always so out of control so much that i pushed her away wit insults and comments and reasons to not talk or be near her but it made no difference i mean how was it that i was comparing this girl i was in love wit . . . Wit my cuz this girl that i tried to hard to keep out of my life . . . In all sence how could i do this how could i be so stupid to let my feeling s for my cuz stop me from be ing satisfied wit any other girl in my life . . . . Hmmm 5 years past and we came to be known as extreamly close cuzs . . . She would not listen to any one but me and neither would i only her . . . But the signes were still not enough for us . . . Every time i looked at her i was like wi do i feel so deep about her wi do i get lost wit u wi are u my cuz . . . . 3 months ago we were watchin a movie . . . Our fingers brushed against each others . . . And we held hands softly . . . By the end of 5 min i was not ready to let go of her hand and we were hold in hands tight enough to stop blood to reach my finger tip s . . . We turned to each other and i saw her eyes so clear it was to me . . . . All these years of fightin all these years of hold in back . . . . I was in love wit the one girl who looked in my eyes and drowned me . . . We been together for 3 months now it may not be long to who ever is readin this but :) :) . . . . Am in love and i know it . . . . Of course :) :) :) :) :) yes she s crazy about me to o o o . . . . Iv never seen any one look back at me the way she dose never thought i was worth this much till she held me in her arm s and told me . . . Il kill u if u leave me :) :) . . . Am in love wit my cuz :) and she s ausme i wanna spend the rest of my life wit her she s every tin to me if u feel this way about ya cuz . . . . Dont let it go believe me u wont win try in to stop it . . . Tryed for 5 years :) never even made dent in it

don't worry honey I'm feeling that way too with my cousin and we alreadu had seen and everything but like he lives far from my home the 4th time I saw him it was all normal untill he started to touch my hand giving me bear hugs, stroking eachothers arms and when we were watching a movie at night (like I had a pijamas that were shorts) he started to touch my legs but it felt right and then he started to touch my back but nothing more happen it was a wonderful night and then he had to back where he lives but I'm confused about it does he likes me or did he just did that cauz we're cousins I don't really know

Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, etc are examples of famous genius who married their FIRST COUSINS. So there is nothing wrong with people like us (who fall in love with their cousins)!<br />
<br />
Well I did not grow up with him, we were brought up in different countries and have not seen each other in a long time. So he is a MAN to me, not a BROTHER.<br />
<br />
I just cant help myself. But i also cannot tell anyone else. Its comforting to know there are many who are experiencing the same predicament as me. :D

I just feel the same, good for both of us you're not the only one.. I really know to help my friends, but when I need advices there's none for myself. Ill tell you mine.. Even harder..This all came out when I went to Italy , for vacations and visit a part of my family.. Just for 3 weeks. We all had fun together, till I started to spend more time alone with my cousin, getting to know about his life.. It had been painful with his ex-girlf, he had been depressed, almost killed himself by 2 tries..I got shocked, cried and felt something special for him as cousin by that time.. Don't remember when we started feeling that connection between us..he started to kiss me on the lips.. That time we made that even stronger.. I left Italy.. We talked by Msn almost everyday.. I cried a lot cause was missing him like crazy. The love was growing every single minute.. I was loosing grip.. 4 months later he came to Brazil to live, cause honestly we needed eachother.. From kissing on lips we went to kiss passionatly one day we were doing home from the pool.. I was on bikini with the towel and good tanned, he started kissing me and pulling my whole body touching his body, during 4 months went to touches, and Finished sometimes in the jacuzzi, at times on dark nights, and our favorites in the car.. Its been markable and special for me, cause he was and is the first guy who had touched me.. 4 months later he found another exgirlf on facebook, and started talking to her.. 18 days after that he was on the plane on his way back home, Italy.. He got his girlf.. Left me with a broken heart, he left with a biggest part of it, now I just have some pieces.. We still love eachother, I know this love is one of the kind, I love he will get a child with her, I love her too, I bless him in his life, when you really love somebd you must let it gor if it has to.. Then he took his was without me.. We miss eachother, hurts freaking deep.. Don't really know if its right that he loves me more than his girlf.. I believe his words cause I feel them.. Our families don't know either, Don't know what I should do now, I guess I'm in love with him, I'm in love with his heart.. I just try to take myself out of his way.. But he gets mad.. I ****** him up sometm cause he doesn't understand out thing is and will change forever, cause he's getting his family.. We've never told to each other 'I'm in love with you' cause we both have our own ways.. He's 12 years older than me by the way..want him to be happy, but want me to be ok too.. Its not fair.. Really need you guys to push me up cause feel freaking lonely, can't talk about this with anybody.. I'm christian protestant and makes it even harder.. Any recommendation?: i am reading ur stories i feel as if i am one amongst u.i am badly in love wit my cousin who is 5yrs elder to me.he used to stay at our place bot now because of his job he lives in a different state and i miss him so very much.from the last year my feelings for him has grown very much.we have kissed and spent beautiful nights together.we certainly enjoy each other's company.but as soon as i talk about our relationship he gets worried.he is actually in a long distance relationship wit a girl.he says he loves her a lot.i cant see them hurts badly.he says he isnt using me.he says there is something in me which attracts him to me everytime he sees me.<br />
<br />
please help me.i dont know wht to do.he himself is confused.we both have tried a lot to control ourselves but we fail everytime.i cant share it wit anyone in my family as he is my first cousin.<br />
<br />
do u think he is in love wit me? please do help.i need it.

well im passing through something similar...i met my cuzin when i was 8 and i really don't remember much but a month ago i went to visit my uncles in San Francisco i have 3 girl cuzins and 2 guy cuzins... i got really close to my 18 year old cuzin im 18 also soon to be 19... we got along great we like the same music we have a lot in common... ii started having feelings for him when we went to cut his hair just me and him we actually had a great time... then we started hugging like really often and grabing our hands and while beeing in the back seat of the car i would lay on him and fall asleep... everything felt so right... but tha time came for me to leave we both where heart broken... and 3 weeks have passed since i left... since day one that i left weve been messaging.. texting..skyping on camera & weve talked about how we felt and we know its wrong but it just feels it was meant to be... we talk about having a future together we talk about how crazy in love we are... and you get the idea... hes coming over in 2 weeks weve talked how we are going to react because we know that if we dont control ourselves something is going to happen and hes staying for 2 weeks and in my house so you can imagine... and ofcourse our family dosent know they would try to separate us or just do something about it... <br />
<br />
<br />
but i dont know what to do its so strong what we feel...

wow im glad i found this ,<br />
bcooz i think i like my cousin<br />
i never knew him before but my oolder 1stcousin was getting married so we had a huge family reunion &&so all the family from my moms side was there<br />
the first time i saw him i thought he was just so hot<br />
and i felt so wrong but i thought nothing was going to happen between us<br />
but one night we were in the hot tub and we always hug ,, coz were those people that like to hug other people<br />
and my younger cousin was with us so we were laying looking at the stars and it felt so right in his arms<br />
i felt like i could tell him anything<br />
we did things but didnt kiss because we were with my cousin<br />
then two days later we were in the pool at about 2 in the morning and he pushed me against the wall and we started making out<br />
it felt good but weird because i knew he was my cousin<br />
he's 3 years older than me &&i think i relly like him<br />
the problem is he lives all the way in mexico , where as i live in california ..<br />
i miss him and ive only been back for 5 days .<br />
&&i wanna go back<br />
is this awkward ?

My cousin relocated me after 37 years apart. We are 10 years different in ages but we love each other so very deeply. Everything, it seems, we have in common. I treat her like a queen and she treats me like a king and we are just so amazingly happy when we are together. I have NEVER felt loved by anyone like I do with her. This relationship has gone on now for almost two years and it is stronger than ever. We live in different states and I work and it kills us when we have to be apart.<br />
<br />
Being apart from the other and missing them so bad I believe is a natural feeling. My God, we both literally get sick when we first part and it lasts a week. It really is difficult for me to be away from her so much now I am considering early retirement just so we can be together.<br />
<br />
I felt odd at first and that has quickly passed and I really dont care what anyone thinks anymore. My Love for her is stronger than any ill feelings I may get from friends or family. She is really all I need and care about.,

I started to feel something for my cousin yes hes my first cousin but we both love each other we no we cant say wat we feel cuz they would kill us but we cant help it by looking at each other n kiss

wow, this is almost exactly the same thing that happened to me hun =) I know exactly how your feeling. Though I'm younger than him by 6 years but it doesn't change anything because love is love, and when you find it you hold onto it tight and don't let it go. What your doing isn't wrong hun, I've come to understand that. God is NOT against the two of you nor me and my boo. I hope you guys have an amazing life with each other. Honestly <3

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. considering the fact were related and the 15 years age gap. I have tried so many times, to ignore him, get rid of him. We have not seen for 6 years, we decided to separate ways. But 6 six long year we both realized we love each other so much. It was worth the fight. But only few friends knew it. At present were turning 4years. and planning to get married by next year.

In my opInion love is love it doesn't matter who its with and if the world don't like it so what it's your life live it your way

Wow I am so jealous of some of you, I am 14 years old, and I am madly in love with my 1st cousin. <br />
I can't really get her out of my mind, but i've commited the terrible mistake of telling her my true feelings. I am right now trying to stop thinking about her and move on, but i'm pretty sure its not happening for a while: I see her almost every day.<br />
<br />
P.S. I don't like her because she's hot... She is beautful in her way, I love her personality, and we have at least 90% in common.

hi im an american dude in washington state and i have a thing for my cousin. Ur guyses advice really helped. Im only 15, so i'll wait awhile bfor i say anything, if any. why is it so wrong like? is it illegal?

hey im 15 i lov my cousin alot but i feel too embarrassed to say anything to her or my family. Isit like illegal to marry like that or somethin? oh btw ur advice was very helpful

I felt very attracted & drawn to my 2nd cousin meagan , we new little of each other but as it turns out she felt the same we took each others numbers on a cousin basis & soon became inseperable. We fort with our feelings for some time until they grew to strong to ignore , we kissed we fell in love we made love it was magical. Alot of time has passed since then we are now engaged to be married , biblicly & legally thats fine ! I love her more than life itself we we are stuck together like glue & continue to fall in love over & over the deepest love l have ever known. For the record ; Joseph & Mary were 1st cousins , Queen Elizibeth & Prince Philip 2nd cousins , the list goes on. I rest my case & adore my cousin for ever & ever Amen :)

hi i thought i was all alone apparently not i love my cousin i am ashamed in a way and to tell family how will they take it like but love her too much and i think it is illegal can u email me the law about this please

hello. where are you from? in the united states it is legal in a few states but not all. im in love with my cousin and i have been for almost 8 years but too scared to tell my parents. especially since hes from mexico. but anyway, its completely legal in canada and mexico but north america some states ban it.

thanks it is so complicated with cousins plus mine lives far away 4 5 hour flight over their do you know the law in united kingdom and europe and if their is an age i am 13 she is 14

as long as you love each other, you can do it...;-)


what do you do if ur cousin knows you love her and i thought she cheated on me so she dumped me for that and said i care about her to much and dont trust her then she goes out with someone else then says she got of with her that made me jelous and i promised i wouldnt get jelous i am so confused i know she cares about me and loves me but wont admit it please HELP me and if their is any advie please feel free to replay many thanks

i had the same thing happen to me, and all i can tell you is to keep moving forward. don't let her destroy you. keep walking tall and don't let her discourage you.

Thanks she whent out with someone els then relased she loved me to much she felt like she was cheating on me but where both back out now for good i will not let that happen again us break up i love her to much just cant bear to tell outr parents plus mine dont know im bi yet

hey.. im jenny.. im 19 years old and i fell for my cousin 2 years ago when i was visiting our family in nashville. i barely knew him then, and most of the time we barely talked but we both started having feelings for each other.. well i knew i did. and well yea eventually we planned to go out and be together so he told me it might be a good idea my family came over here to nashville. so we did, and i went to the same high school he did, which was a big mistake... at first things were going great. i was happy, he seemed happy too.. then he started treating me different. like french kissing me and touching my boobs.. i felt uncomfortable but i didn't tell him bcuz i thought it was love and it was meant to be. boy was i wrong... anyway i started senior year in august and we both acted like bf and gf and he said ppl started talking about how we looked alike and how they were getting suspecious that we were cousins and that it would eventually destroy us. so he broke up with me and started dating "the hottest girl in school" ....which he later told me he liked her since the 10th grade but that he still loved me. WTF! ....yeah... i was stupid for ever thinking he loved me.. i was stupid for ever liking him in the first place.. but i felt it was right and i was lonely.. i felt he understood me. but he just used me. humilated me by giving all the love letters i wrote to him to my father. and he practically turned some of my other cousins against me. this is why i stopped believing in trust.. in love. im not saying i think its wrong you guys fall in love with your cousins.. cuz love can't be stopped, it can't be controlled, i know this better then most. but what happened to me broke my heart.... he hurt me and i let him walk all over me. i regret ever loving him. not bcuz we were cousins... but bcuz he wasn't worth loving. he betrayed me. and i dont think he knows how to love someone with their true heart. im happy for all of you who found happiness. i pray that what happened to me never happens to you. ~jenny

My cousin fell in love with me when I was born. Family has told us that he wouldn't let me go. He would scream when they would try and take him from me. Later when we was 9 and 11 we kissed for the first time and we knew we loved each other. There has always been a strong bond between us. He is my soul mate. I will be 40 years soon and I'm married. He is far away from me, but we talk all the time. We have been "together" all though our lives off and on. And now that we are older we don't care who knows we love each other. I have 2 years before we can reconnect. By then my children will be grown and I can leave this place and be in my most favorite place in the world. His arms! Don't wait until life comes between you. I wish I would have had someone tell me that years ago.

hi am from usa ,am a girl and am in a relationship with my girl cousin it was love at first sight, we love eachother more than anything in this world, our family found out and said we have to stop it but we cant stay away from eachother so we still in a relationship we are so happy together we live together and we go to night school together and we work at day time, am happy but i want us to share our love with the world and not hide it ,please get back to me and tell me what you think,,,,,,,,jvs

I lived in Arizona in a abusive relationship for 5 yrs. I moved back home because his hitting me was really hurting my daughter. When I came back home we went to a family get togther. I seen my cousin who I have been close to most of my childhood growing up. When I seen him we hugged. We hung out after that and we feel in love. You don't choose who you fall in love with it just happens. We will never be apart because neither of us have ever felt this way before. The only hard thing is family and how they can never know and the sad thing is why can't family understand we didn't do it on purpose. It just happened. It has been a very hard secret. Another thing that brought us so close together was our whole lives away from eachother have been the same. We are meant for eachother and no one will ever split us up!!

It's nice to find this pages. I met my cousin on 1993, and we love each other so deeply. I'm 20 and he's 19 years in that time. I had no courage to say to someone.Keep it as my biggest secret of my life.I was really scared they will find out about it. For that reason I trasfered myself to the other city on 1994. He was really angry with me and want to stop me but I was too coward and left because I had no choice and I was thinking in that time it will pass by time because we're still young. 2 years we just mailed each other till one day her sister knew about us and stop us. After that, I tried to make some relationship with other guys but I've never felt so in love like I fall in love with him. On 2004 after some years we have no contact anymore, he got my number from my other aunt by cheated her and he started to contact me again. Then he visited me. That's the most beautiful day in my life. Factly, we still love each other, deeper than before. He asked to marry me, he said he's ready to tell our big family about our relationship. He talked to her sister and our other cousin about our relationship. Her sister wrote me also and asked me sorry for stop us before. She said that his brother never stop to loving me. But I was so coward. I stopped him to talk with our family. I just asked him to stay far from me. I was scared of my big family and scared the law will not allow us to marry. I ran from him again. I married with other guy and left my country. But he just found my facebook now, he married also but our feeling is always same. We always love each other. I don't what to do...

i am in love with my cousin too but i dont want anyone to know my secret expecily her

I am also in love with my first cousin, I met her first when i was about 11 years old and she was 14. I had gone to her home on her elder brother's marriage and i was impressed by her. she was tall and very sexy. Then I met her again when I was 19 and she was 22, married and was having a daughter about one year old. <br />
<br />
I was in college and she came to our city for further studies to advance her carrier prospects. She stayed in the hostel and used to come to our home on all weekends. i was very much attracted towards her and she was now grownup into a big breasted mature woman . <br />
<br />
I was very shy but she was my dream girl so I gathered courage and tried to remain close to her whenever my mother was not around as she was a very suspicious woman. Since i was shy so it took me a long time of six months to give her indication that i loved her. she did not say anything but on the other hand she never tried to stop me either in doing anything to her, like touching her sitting with close with her or talking on anything, she behaved with me as if she was my best friend and i could do anything with her.<br />
<br />
then one day when she was lying on the bed and pretending to be asleep and i was sitting close to her, i touched her in a manner which was not appropriate for a cousin, but i made it to look like an accident. she did not discourage me or moved away but i freaked out and did not do anything further. But the feeling was so strong that i could not move away either and sat there in the same positions. after a while sensing my hesitation she moved herself and made me touch her again since i was still sitting very close to her.<br />
<br />
this made me clear that she is also feeling the same way but feeling shy to tell me. we both did not talk anything but stayed like that for quite a time. after a while i left the place fearing any family member might see us in that compromising situation. that whole day i was so shaky that whenever she came in front of me in the house i did not have the courage to face her and avoided her and she also did not try to bother me.<br />
<br />
now i was sure that she also loved me and i waited eagerly for the night when i could go to her room when everybody else was sleeping in the house. after everybody was in bed i sneaked in her room and saw her sleeping. i lifted her blanket and entered the bed and slept with her, she adjusted and made room for me. still we were not talking and after some time i tried to make love to her to which she did not ob<x>ject.<br />
<br />
that was my first occasion with a woman and i was not knowing how to do it so i tried several times but could not make love to her. but to cut the story short we made love next night after i told her to help me. then on wards she became my teacher and taught me all she knew about the sex. <br />
<br />
we lived like husband and wife for three months until she completed her studies. now we were so madly in love with each other that she did not want to go back to her baby and her husband. we both knew that it is not possible to continue like that and so finally she left with heavy heart with a promise to meet as often as possible. <br />
<br />
in these three months she became pregnant in the second month and she wanted to have that baby as our sign of love. we both agreed to that she will keep the baby but unfortunately before leaving our home she miscarried and baby was lost. she was sad on leaving me and loosing the baby also.<br />
<br />
after a long time we met again in a family occasion and by now she was having three kids but still she loved me like before. i was also married with two babies but still i had the same feeling towards her. we stole some time and had fantastic sex and it went on like that on all family occasions. <br />
<br />
now we talk to each other on daily basis and still meet once or twice in a year and have fantastic sex. over all these years our love for each other has further increased and we are madly in love. we both realize that we may never live together like husband and wife but we try to meet as often as possible have sex and keep the flame alive. the realities of the life are like that.

If you think he's the one, go for him. If I could, I'd scream I LOVE MY COUSIN for the whole world to hear but I'm in the same boat as you. We've been in love since we met and we live a thousand miles apart but we still love each other.

If you think he's the one, go for him. If I could, I'd scream I LOVE MY COUSIN for the whole world to hear but I'm in the same boat as you. We've been in love since we met and we live a thousand miles apart but we still love each other. Go for it. I want you to.

its good to fall in luv, how does it matter if its a cousin/friend/relative!! however, i wish to share my story which has a twisted angle..<br />
my boyfriend and I being 2 mature individuals; he being 33 yrs old and me 28..had a wonderful bonding and passionate felt so right and wonderful..he loved me like short we were the world for each other..<br />
however, my insticts at few instances told me that the love and attention he gives to his cousin back in US made me uncomfortable..I tried asking him indirectly ensuring no offence to their relationship; he confessed that given a chance he would love to marry his cousin. <br />
although he loved me to the core and not do without me, he always passed compliments to his cousin although she wasnt present with us physically. he even got hesitent at instances wherein he was checking his emails and would crack conversations about how he would need his space whenever his cousin comes over to visit him in future.<br />
I couldnt hold my inquisitiveness further, and to my dismay I logged into one of his email accounts by guessing his password..i know its morally not so right an act to do; but did bring me great clarity about his relationship with his cousin. to my doubts, they were madly in love with each other since they were in their teens. his cousin is happily married for past 4 years and yet both of them couldnt let go off each other. <br />
their respective families have an impression that they are very close as cousins, thus, there is no eye for a doubt. my boyfriend continues to refuse of any intimate relationship with her. he simply says writing to her in all romantic way was his mistake as he was going through a rough patch in his life before he met me. he just didnt know how to stop that flow of converstaion when i came into his life suddenly. <br />
I have read his emails before and after he met me..there is not much of a difference in his emotions for her.<br />
he refuses to stop talking to her forever completely. but ensures me that he wuld never resort to same language and emotions again. <br />
i dont know how much to trust him. he hasnt yet told his cousin about my oresence in his life.<br />
hos cousin is 3 years elser to him and has a 1 yr old baby.also a v successful medical proffessional. <br />
my boyfriend wishes to marry me. may be becuse of such an incident in my life, ive started dreading cousin being true to each other. <br />
if any of u seriously love their cousin, then please have strength and courage to marry each other, no matter what. otherwise, you would end up hurting ppl like me and my bf's cousin's husband, who are absolutely innocent. <br />
my bf played with my trust and emotions. just because he couldnt marry his cousin, i became his 2nd best choice. and poor guy who married his cousin, is absolutely unaware about his wife's acts. <br />
i luv my bf like crazy but have lost trust on him completely. my heart is filled with insecurities. my bf chose not to discuss this further. but is always ready to ans his cousin's calls and even ready to argue or fight if i ever ask him cut his cords completely with this gal.<br />
i chose to dump my bf, no matter what..but every man i would encounter in my life ahead will def. go thru my suspecting eyes on his alleged relationship with his cousin.<br />
please spare innocent ppl like me. love ur cousin, and dare to be with them no matter what.

i fell in love with my cousin in 07 we have been together for 4 years. wehave a perfect beautiful 2 year old daughter together. at first we were affraid to tell anyone but he decided he couldnt hide his love for me any more so we told my parents. my mother was way against it at first but over time she finally came to realize how much he loves me and that he would do whatever it took to make me happy. there are still people in our family that are still not happy about it but after 4 years of there crap i really dont care what they say or think. its my life and ill be with who i want. i always tell him fate has a twisted sence of humor tomake cousins soulmates. no wonder so many people cant find theres they dont bother to look outside the box.

Searching the enternet to find some type of support for the love my 1st cousin and I share. We both are in our fortties now and have been in marriages before now. We have both recently gone thru divorce and ended the relationships we were in, knowing and admiting that all relationships over the years were simply attempts at being what others call "normal". Our relations or relationship started at the young ages of 7 and 10. We had a connection and attraction even at such young ages that was different from any other family connection. Time went on and then I remember I was at the age of 12 and he was 15, the connection was so strong, nothing sexual, but every night he would lay with his head on my stomach and fall asleep. I have always felt so safe and protected around him. I knew then that I was not only attracted to him but so much in love. He was my first love and I kept him in my thoughts often. Moving even more forward, at the age of 14 and he was 17 we shared our first sexual experience, I will admit and describe to you that the passion and desire between us was overwhelming and amazing. We continue this sexual and emotional connection for a year, carrying on fake relationships with other boyfriend and girlfriends to hide the relationship we were having. I moved to Hawaii and was so sick from leaving what I believed to be my true love. Once I returned to California it only took a few months before he would come get me and we would continue with making love and sharing our feelings with each other. At this point we had many conversations about running away together, getting married and just being happy. But we both continued the illusions of other relationships and marriages. We both had children in these marriages. Years would go by before we would see each other, but we would always get together for the most intimate and passionate moments we have ever had. We both admit that our other relationships only exists because we felt we could never be together. Now at our current ages and now that we know that the pretend relationships will never be enough, we have decided that life is too short and we MUST be together. We are now in a more than committed relationship, but we battle with telling the family. Mostly we don't know how to tell the children that we both have, that the person they know as cousin is in love with thier mother or father. We have decided that we are no longer children, are in love, and want to marry, live together, and just be happy. How do we deal with the children and family in order to make our dream finally come true?

i am here looking fro advice and to finally talk to someone sbout these feelings I am having for my first cousin. It all started when we were both 15. We are only two weeks apart and my father is his mother's brother. He cam to stay with us and it was instant. I always wanted to be around him. Friends of the family that summer thought he was my bf and on that note my mom kept us apart. For 24 years now I have always known in the back of my mind that there was this connection that I just could not shake. He has not had a so good life since and becuase of that we grew apart. I recently rekindled an old relationship that has made this year a really bad year. I married this man and 6 wks after he left. My cousin was there and due to his current situation we can only write and and a call here and there. After about 2 months we started playfully making comments then I admitted in a letter that I am trying to sort out some mixed feelings I am having for him. After that the flood gates opened and it turns out we both have always had this attraction since we were 15. He left it up to me to decide if we should or should not persue it. Without any hesitation I said to persue it. Since admitting to him and myself that I have always been in love with him I have never been happier. He still isn't here but will be in a month. We have been talking about us finally acting on it for over 6 weeks now and I am so inlove I want to shout it to the world. He has left it up to me if our family knows. At first I was like we need to keep it quiet but now I don't care who knows. I have had the oppportunity to have children and marriage. He hasn't had that chance. I want to give him the world. We have so much in common it blows us both away. My children are grown and not here so I spend many hours thinking about him. I have never felt this before. It is so overwhelming. I have needed someone to talk to about this and I finally told his sister yesterday. Begged her to keep it secret till he is back here. Seeing that there is other couples that have been through this gives me the strength to stand by how I feel. Seeing that they have had children gives me hope that we could have that as well and if we do it can be healthy. Thank you to you all for your postive thoughts. I love you, Todd

My first love was my first cousin when I was 12 and he was 15. Our fathers are brothers. My family would vacation in Hawaii in summer and then his family would spend a week with my family in Washington. Summer lovers for 6 years until I moved to Hawaii after high school to be with him. We moved to Alaska to start new with nobody knowing our relationship as cousins. It was 4 quick years living with each other and then we went our separate ways for 26 years. We are now reunited after a long life apart and our feelings for each other are stronger and more mature than ever. We will get married now and spend the rest of our lives together. That bond because we are cousins never went away and now so many years later we can both love each other unconditionally and not be ashamed or embarrassed. We shape our destiny by walking toghether through doors hand in hand. My kids do not understand and that's a hard one to solve, but they have their lives too and with time they will come to understand how special true love really is. It's not just for fairytales we feel blessed that we shine with one another. We make the world a better place with love, love is simple love is kind.

It's been years since you fell in love with your cousin. How are you guys now? I just want to know cause I'm starting to fall for my cousin too. We're both 16. We just met last December. It, too, was love at first sight.

In my religon people marry each other if they are cousins that's ok <br />
and that a right thing if thats rong why u fall in love? ! ur not his sister to be bad

This happened to me too. Except he is 6 years older than me. I am 15. He is amazing. My family visited him over Christmas. He confessed his deepest secrets to me. He held my hand and kissed me on the cheeck, but I had to leave. Over texts he said that our relationship coudn't last. I agreed. So we both said that our relatioship would contiue if he could convince his mom for me to spend the summer over at their house in CO this summer. I love him so much.

Carry on...There is nothing wrong in it.All the system of our socety are man made.I'm also in this boat since last 26 years.And still I have the same feeling for her.Though we both are married to other persons & have kid.But there is no change of feelings for her in my mind.I wish everyone who can make this a success in their life...