Love My Cousin <3

my cousin(23) n i(18) have known each other since childhood.i lived in another province n he in another but however we met on eids n other festivals i liked him as a cousin we used to play do wrestling n sort of things but when i shifed to the place where he lived then he went to England 4 studies.n now its almost 2 years i havent seen him but still i love him for what he is the problem now is that everyone says that his parents would make him marry my other cousin who is 4 years younger than me............
im jealous of her in this matter but still i like her
my cousin has lived with her in a joint family and often calls her coz shes very sensitive(shes sent away from her mother 4 studies)....
now hes coming on 22nd i want to make myself look perfect in frount of him and want him to love me in return n marry me ....
what can i do
i love him more than myself(my cousin says that i love him she n she can see it through my eyes)..
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Hit the gym (if ur not comfortable with your body because that shows in the body language, and it affects your confidence), stay in shape, look natural, just talk casually, gain your cousins' trust ......only telling you this because dats EXACTLY wat I'd do and I WILL do this summer when I'm going back to my country and visit all my cousins :) By the way what country are you from?

Ohh..!! Just belive or not dont think too much about it.. Just let it happnd.. N everythng will b ok.. All the best