Why Does He Keep Coming Back For More?

Okay so we've been together in the past, we were together for a year and three months and then he broke up with me because he was scared our family would find out. However, ever since then before he gets in a relationship, during, and after.. he comes back to me. Like if he's in a relationship with a girl. & when he goes to my house he'll hug me for no reason or want to be as close to me as possible, but i don't understand why?

We have sex but like (i know this sounds stupid) but i try to be boring in bed so that he'll eventually get bored and stop coming back, because it hurts when we have sex and go back to being just "cousins" . However he always comes back for more, even if i'm boring..and when we have sex he's very passionate about it..

Is he using me? Or is he trying to find a way to feel close to me?
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

It sounds to me like he is confused and scared to admit how he does feel for you. Perhaps afraid of what the family will think. Have an open honest discussion with him and share with him biblical references where God put cousins together in the Bible. It's the narrow mindedness of people who may judge. You have one life to live. Make the best of it. Good luck!

Yeah he always said he was scared of what the family might think, he said I don't care about everyone else just the family. Because we are all very close ( our family). and thanks!!

if i loved a girl and if she meant something to me i would never do that so ask yourself would you do that if you were him? if the answer is no then you shouldt be with him cause to be thrown a side like that is the worse pain you can feel and you should feel amazing and not a toy one can simply throw away when your bored ,ask yourself these types of questions and you will have an answer :)

Yeah that's true :/ , i'll do that .thank you :)

why don't you try moving on..it seems like you let him do this..and wait for him to come back..plain and simple STOP having sex with him - why are you even having sex with him? DON'T DO IT

Yeah i told myself i wasn't going to do that anymore. i'm really trying because it's making me feel worthless and i don't like it .thank u!