My Little Cousin Sophie

This story has no sex as the main subject. It is really the story of a night of love which is a nice memory for me.
It all started on the internet at the time the chat was becoming more and more popular. Like many people, I tried to make friends with pretty girl and I can even add that I had a pretty good success. Some of these meetings were purely friendly for the most part and the other went up to kiss, caress, or even more.
One evening, the personal profile of a young girl who lived in another city in my area caught my attention and I decided to go talk to her.Happy to have an answer to it, I started talking to her and asking questions to learn a little more about that girl.
- What is your name?
- My name is Sabrina.
- How old are you?
- I am 13 years old.
- What do you do with your evening?
- I'm with my friend.
- What is the name your friend?
- Her name is Sophie.
I suddenly remember that I have a cousin who lives in the same town as this girl there and she has the same name as her friend. In telling her this, I asked her the second name of her friend. I was not expecting her to answer me my own name.
- Hey! Sophie, I'm your cousin! What an amazing coincidence, how are you? ...
Having chatted with my cousin and her friend for a moment, I asked my cousin msn address in order to keep contact and discuss together. I always had a great complicity with this cousin during our childhood, we always played together at family gatherings and I was very happy to have the chance to know her personally using the internet.
One day we were talking about everything and anything my cousin and me and she told me she had sex with her boyfriend and she had to take the morning after pill because they forgot to protected. It was a bit surprised that a girl of this age is already struggling with this kind of problem. But she had the maturity to talk with his mother and do what it takes to avoid complications. She also told me she was going through a period a little sad and she really needed to change ideas. I missed her a lot. Then I had the idea of ​​inviting her to come to see me.
She accepted. His parents took the opportunity to come and eat with my parents because I was still living with them at this time. By the way, I was 22 years old at this time.
Although I did not have any intension to do anything at all forbidden for a boy his age with his cousin 13 years of age, seeing her arrival at home, I could not help but notice how she was a beautiful young woman. She was very sexy.
It was expected that we go to the cinema to see a good movie, and she slept in my parents' home to take the bus the next day to return home. She had to share a room that contained two bed with my sister for the night. She had told me the day before that it does not bother her to sleep in the same room as me, but I reply that it was rather unlikely since there was only one bed. I had some thoughts on the idea of ​​sleeping with her in the same room but I told myself that it was probably impossible. My parents certainly would not be okay with that.
The story continues in the cinema. We watched the movie when the mood of the room dark and romantic provoked in me a strange feeling. An idea, a thought ... What a pleasure it would be if she was my girlfriend instead of my cousin. If I was allowed to hold her hand. Take a small soft hand in a romantic situation has always given me a lot of effects. I am a very sensitive person and this action gives me a sense of acceptance and trust from the other person. Should I dare or not? How will she react? Is this going to ruin our evening?
His hand rested on the seat armrest apparently waiting for me to take it. A little courage, I venture to do so and we'll see. I took her hand gently sliding my fingers under her poem. A huge sense of relief rises in me. She does not reject it. She took my hand and I felt like in heaven. I have no recollection of the film from this momment there. I play gently with his fingers, I stroked the top of her hand with my thumb and she does the same thing.
I wish that the film lasts all night but all good things come to an end. Since we did not feel like going home this momment there, a ride in the car seemed much more interesting. After a moment, I parked on the edge of the lake which is near the city center. We are in the winter and it's cold enough so I leave the engine running to keep us warm. We discuss. We go play a little on the skating ring that makes the city on the lake for the winter holiday and we return to warm us up in the car.
I wanted to keep the sweet feeling of love she had given me earlier in the evening and I had a mad desire to take her in my arms and tighten against me. So I asked her if she would like me to take her on my knees. She hesitated a little but agreed. I looked deeply into her eyes. At that moment, I could have kissed her passionately if I dared. But no.
But then, it was now late at night and we had to go to sleep. A girl of 13 years should not spend the night outside after all. Once back, I proposed to her to come and talk a bit in my room before going to bed in the room where my sister was already asleep for a good momment. After all, nobody would realize that she would go to sleep later and everyone would already be gone in our wake to.
I was laying on my back in bed and she was sitting next to me, facing me. I lit a small light to reproduce the atmosphere of the little theater. I now had all the time in the world to look at her. I remember thinking to myself that she was so pretty. I had my arm around her and I felt amazing to be with her at this momment. I wanted this moment to never end. After her going to the toilet, I invite her to come and to lay in the bed beside me.
I started to move my hand in her so beautiful and soft hair. She looked at me tenderly. I caress his cheek with the back of my fingers, his neck, and then her lips with a finger extremely gently for a little tickle. I wanted to prepare her for the sweet kiss that I wanted to give her, and that since we hug in the car.
Needless to say the forbidden side of the thing and waiting for the momment made ​​this one of the sweetest kiss I've had in my life. She kissed me so tenderly and passionately. Desire rising in me at breakneck speed. I wanted to feel the warmth and softness of her body on mine. I slipped a hand on her belly. Slightly lifted the bottom of her shirt to enjoy the softness of her skin beneath my fingers. Still looking deep into her beautiful eyes.
Caressing her belly, sometimes with fingertips, sometimes with plain hand, revealing a little more skin.
- Can I remove your shirt off? I want to feel your skin on mine.
- If I'm asking too much you can stop whenever you want you know, taking my shirt and her off.
- Ok this is correct, you are kind and gentle but do not go too far.
I already had a lot more than I had hoped. I could tell she liked my hugs and my kisses. I slowly slid one strap of her bra and then the second over her sholders. kissing every bit of skin that I discovered.
- Can I also remove your bra my little cousin? Your pretty little breast drive me crazy and I'd love to caress and kiss them.
- I'd love to, I love hugs and kisses here.
Removing her bra, I discovered the most beautiful and wonderful small breasts I had ever seen. Perfectly round with a small rose bud. Their softness under my fingers seemed unreal. Their taste and tenderness made ​​me completely crazy. We cuddled and kissed for another good momment. We also withdrew our pants after a moment. While the desire was there, we did not go further because we had no protection. I want to take care of her. I do not want to cause problems either.
As I said earlier, this is not a story based on sex but on a special love. This story is true and it happened 14 years ago. My dear cousin is not very present in my life today, but I still love her and these memories will remain precious to me for the rest of my life.
She remained a wonderful pretty girl and I miss her a lot.

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That also happened to me but a year ago:)

Nice, My cousin was your age when that happend.

well why dont you tell her how you feel? its not like shes gonna call you gross causes shes the one who did it to and why didt you date her or have a relationship in secret ?

This story happened a long time ago, she has her life and is not interested. Do not worry about it. This is a beautiful memory for me that's all :)