My Cousin... My Love!!

I have known her for my whole life!! We have been best friends for as long Bach as I remember. 25 years ago at a family reunion.... We had a very hard time saying goodbye!!! Held each other forever. Longer than the family was comfortable with. Another reunion 11 yrs ago!! We hung out together the entire time and talked about our lives over the last 14 years. Finally everyone had gone to bed and we were still sitting up talking. I finally told her that I needed to tell her something that may shock her. She said ok, and I proceeded to tell that I was in love with her and had been for as long as I knew what love was. I was ready for her to end the conversation and walk away, when she told me that she was also in love with me, and had also been for as long as she could remember. We then shared our first passionate kiss!!! Best kiss ever!!! We ended up sitting up all night, talking about what this meant.... What the family was going to think.... Whether we cared of not..... All kinds of relationship things! We were both married at the time, but knew that we needed to be together. To be continued... Ok..... So we talked on the phone and were 1000 miles apart for a few weeks, when she decided to fly to see me. She told me that she was there, in a hotel, and to come see her, we needed to talk through all of this. I met her and we talked.... And came to the same conclusion as we had before...... We needed to make a life together!!!that day, We made love for the first time! It was the best ever!!! So I went home and told my wife what was going on, and left to stay with a friend. Then my cousin bought a ticket for me to fly to her!! I got there and we spent every minute for two days together.... Making love, looking at apts, shopping, and just hanging out. It was time for me to fly home and I can't still see us standing at the gate and finally having to board my flight, and it being the hardest thing ever!!! I left, and it was the biggest mistake of my life!!! By now our family knew what was going on! And by the time I got home, they had plans of ending us!! We were told lies, and told we couldn't talk any longer... We were adults, so we continued talking on the phone for about a month. Now.... Our dads are brothers and very close. This was creating a huge rift between them. We both had spouses and kids to consider. So, after many conversations and decisions, we decide that we need to walk away from each other and try to fix the family we thought we broke, but who had really broken us. That was 11 years ago. Finally.... My wife decides that she want a divorce and leaves me. I move into my own apt. and finally decide that my cousin and I should be able to be in contact again. I contact her, on Facebook, of all places, just to see if we can finally at least be cousins again. We begin talking again, and after a very short time, realize that we have been thinking of each other everyday since we last talked, and that our feelings for each other are so much stronger than they ever were!!! We finally figure out a time to have me fly out to see her. It is the week if our annual family Christmas party. I wasn't going, but it have us a reason to end up in the same city. My plane landed, and I had such butterflies!! I couldn't wait to see her!! It had been the longest 11 Years in either if our lives!!! I walked down the steps to baggage claim and say my beautiful angel standing there!!! I kept my cool and didn't run, although I wanted to, but when I reached her..... We kissed so passionately and held each other so tightly, that you would have thought we had been together forever!!! There was never an awkward moment or any feeling that it was wrong!! We stared into each others eyes and held each other tight as we walked to the car!! We got to the car and kissed and kissed for at least 10 minutes, and finally started our long drive to the hotel she had picked out. on our drive, we talked and talked, sang songs with the radio, held hands, and when we stop at a light..... we would kiss some more!! We stopped and had a wonderful lunch, and then finally arrived at our hotel!!! we could barely get up the elevator without trying to undress each other! we got into the room, and dropped our bags, and immediately started undressing each other....... Well, to not go to far into detail, it was one of the top three nights of passion i have ever experienced and the other two were also with her! We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks now, but talk a lot and text all the time!! I have another trip planned to go see her this next week and another 2 weeks later!! i miss her so much while we are apart, but, God willing< one of these days, we wont have to live apart, moreless in different states.
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I teared up at this beautiful story! Amazing love and destiny finally stepping in. I really hope everything works out for you two. I am 50 and haven't seen my cousin since I was 12 yrs old. We both had a crush on each other but never told one another back then. Life took me in one direction and him another. Our family moved away leaving behind my heart. We reconnected a couple weeks ago online and I was surprised to find that we both felt the same way still. We are crazy in love with each other and I will be going to see him this summer. I can't wait! There is an intense feel to this chemistry also, unlike any other relationship I have had. A feeling of protectiveness and unconditional love. A shared mourning of all our lost time but joy at the future before us. Never once did I feel it was wrong and I am not concerned with my family feeling's on this. It's our life, our love, our hearts. God put many cousins together in the bible. If it's OK with him then it will have to be with others.

That its a more intense and pure love than we have ever experienced. We have so many more things in common than with other people. And I don't mean blood and family, but music, colors..... So many things that over the first few weeks, it kinda freaked us out!!! Good luck with your refound love!!! I wish you the best!!! God bless.