My Crush, My Love, My Soulmate! My Cousin!

Here is my story! I had a crush on my cousin back when we were kids and he had one on me as well. We were too young to really act on anything of course, nor at that age did we even comprehend the true meaning of love. We just crushed on one another and never told each other. Our family moved away when I was 12. I never saw him or heard from him again. I lost touch with all my extended family at that age as a matter of fact. Looking back now, I may have only seen my Johnny a total of 5 times in my life. After 38 years we found each other on Facebook of all places. We started talking and catching up with one another on the paths we took in life. He said he missed me and never knew what happened to us. He admitted to having a crush on me and I admitted I had one on him as well. As our talking continued it became clear early on there was this dynamic connection between us. Which pretty soon led to sleepless nights, daydreaming, not eating, etc. All the signs of falling in love were there and are still there. He lives on the East Coast and I on the West, so we talk every night. We will be spending two weeks together this summer to reconnect and get to know one another on a personal level as adults. Neither one of us is married! I was engaged prior to this and since decided to call it off. He has been in a 15 yr relationship and was due to be married in 3 yrs and he now feels that is out. My question is this. He has two children. The daughter who is in her early 20's is having a hard time accepting her dad's feelings. She says how would you feel if my daughter grew up and married my brothers son? That got him to thinking and feeling shame for the first time. He values his daughter's opinion of him. I understand her feelings on this, but it's not like we grew up together. I never once felt shame nor do I need anyone's acceptance but God's and if I thought for one moment it was immoral, I would not pursue him. I have researched all the biblical references on this and feel we are not wrong spiritually.
I love John so much and I don't want him to suffer reproach from his daughter. Should I let this go? His happiness is important to me.
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Go for it! I had a very very similar situation..

You aren't doing anything wrong. My situation is really similar. I'm living with him though. No one accepts it. There isn't anything wrong with it either. People are just so closed minded. I love Kirk. I don't care what people think. I have him and that's all that matters. The people in your lives will come around. It's going to take a lot of time though

Thank you for your responses. You are right true love sometimes never come to any of us and it's worth fighting for. We both feel we have loved each other in another lifetime. He has since come to accept that he may never get his daughter's approval and he feels he can move beyond it. He does not approve of his daughter's relationship but he accepts who she loves. Perhaps in time. Thank you! Good luck to you M4Angel.

I agree with steve207's comment. I too am in love with my second cousin and we share a bond that is worth holding on too and fighting for even if I have to let go of my grown children and family. I was married for 25 years and my ex and I have never bonded the way me and my cousin does. My cousin is my lifeline and I his. We share a love bond that is very special. We connected in June 2012 and got married October 2012. I purchased a home for us and now pray everyday for his release from prison so we can creat lasting memories together. For now, we are keeping our relationship a secret until the right time. The crazy thing about our family tie is I don't have any memories of him or his sister growing up because his mother never brought her children around for family functions so I grew up knowing of him but never saying more that Hi in passing. Now I cannot picture living my life without him. I am 9 years older than he is but age doesn't matter.

his daugher is in her early 20's she has yet to learn what true love is her self she still haz lessons to learn yet ask her this ? ask when she got heaven and saw you and your cousin love together and happy what would say then would you cry and how stuip i have been or what. theres nothing wrong with your love for each other you know whats in your heart follow it and fight for it everybite of it it's wrouth it it would be a sin to just give up please fight for your love and be happy and the daughter is just angry because you both are happy and in love.