I Am a 20 Year Old Girl Who Fell In Love With Her Cousin!

I love my cousin

I met my cousin again for the first time earlier this year, before then, the last time I saw him was when I was 5 years old. I knew when I saw him that he was the most attractive man I had ever seen. I said to myself "damn, its too bad were cousins" A little while after that I thought hey why not tell him how I feel? At this point I wouldn't be losing anything......after all, it had been so long since we had seen each other, and we didn't know each other. I told him about my attraction to him and he said he felt the same way! We have been in an official relationship for 2 months now, and i have never been more happy! Cousins or not, I believe we were truly meant to be. The only problem is he is my father's half brothers son. We are afraidf to break the news to the family!
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you are really lucky.<br />
whatever happens happens for the best..

i can feel the love in here and feels nice knowing your around people who understand u :)

I feel you


I think that is really good for you. That is great that you are in a good relationship that you are happy in. It deoesnt matter who the hell you are happy with ASLONG as you ARE happy. And if your family doesnt like it... thats too bad cause you shouldt really care what they think.

In any family tree there are cousin marriages, they were quite common and normal in the 19th century. People had a very limited social network, and besides, you knew the family already and knew they were OK! I see no problem with it. I had huge crush on my cousin in my teens but we were told to forget it as we are double cousins (his father is my father's brother AND his mother is my mother's sister) so we are gentically like siblings. That's a no-no.

Due to the already distant relationship in that it's your dad's half-brother's son, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

maybe i can help if u call me my name is tom