I'm a very confused and worried individual,

i first met my cousin last year. i'm 30 and he's 36. we both have kids and are going through seperations. i've never met any one like him in my life. from the first time we spent time together i knew there was something between us! maybe we were there at the right time for each other! I don't know. we have a major problem tho cause he lives 6000 miles away. we get to c each other only every few months but we talk 3 times a day. i love him so much but i don't know should i have these feelings for my cousin? I would like some advice on how to deal with it all! is it normal or just somethin that happened and i should get over it? has anyone got some bit of incite?

molls molls
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2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

hi!i got same same way 2...we love each other b4,we felt that since i start living with them...she's my mom sister daughter too...but sadly..we separate...maybe bcoz she dont like or maybe she avoiding to fall to much...suddenly she go to japan and met someone....until we have misunderstanding but well ki in touch b4...honestly i say something she dont like to hear from me.....then she dont want me to talk to many ways...until 6 years after we saw again and unexpected were still inlove....but now we still dont kne what to do..f we continuing this.....can u give me some advice?thank you hope you help....take care

Everything it's alright...don't and my cousin love each other too...don't my between cousins it's the PERFECT LOVE because I fell so good when I spend time with her and she's feeling the same thing too...Don't worry..but the problem is..that I am 16 years old and I'm not an adult like you bunt me and my cousin are togheter for 4 years now and this summer when I went to my country (Romania) because I live in Italy...we made even love and IT WAS GREAT!!!. I love her and I'm happy to know that are many cousins out there who love each other:)