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about 11 years ago when i was 12 me and my family went to tennessee to see my grandma who had just had a heartattack on thanksgiving.  my cousin was living there at the time with his mother, my aunt, who is my father's half sister.  ever since i can remember me and my cousin richie had these "feelings" toward each other.  i remember when i was even younger...maybe 7 or 8...we used to play fight and do all the things kids do when they like each other.  they are just so young they don't know how to express their feelings in that kind of way. 

so anyway, while visiting them, one night we were sitting in one of the bedrooms that had two twin beds.  we were just wrestling and stuff because thats what we did and i was a tomboy.  and out of no where he just started kissing me.  he actually gave me my first kiss.  things got pretty serious...he got up and locked the door.  so we were messing around...petting and things and he was dry humping me.  it went on for the duration of the trip and we almost got caught because someone was trying to break in while we were making out. 

i dont know where that came seems like we've always had an attraction towards each other.  after that time in tennessee things went back to normal.  of course i love my cousin...i love them all but i dont know why it happened.  we never to this day talked about what had happened between us but i know and he knows what had happened was strange.  our relationship hasnt changed.  i actually met my current boyfriend through him.  thinking about it now i feel foolish because after that time i went home and fantasized about him being my boyfriend but i knew it could never happen.  i was young and daydreaming about was my first sexual experience although we never had sex.  i just wonder why he made that move...i would have never came out and kissed him.  but it happened and i dont hate him or blame him for anything.  i just would like to know how he felt at that time and how he still feels.  he's in a long term relationship now with 2 kids and im with one of his close friends...but sometimes i sit there and chuckle to myself when i think about what happened.
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Barley this year I came to visit my cousin to her house in el salvador...I stayed there for 7 months, we first started as smiling to each other and talking too...then after a while (2 months) we started hugging and I grabbed her waist and she wrapped her hands around my neck...she is 14 and I am time went by our hugs started getting serious like for example started grabbing her butt and she started rubbing my back...then that's wen I made the first move...she was in her room and I walked in then I leand and went along and out of no where it went from a soft kiss to a making out kiss..we both promised that day that it was to be a friends with benefits kind of thing and no one will know... Then it kept going on for a few days and then we were in the living room on the floor with a blanket over us watching TV.. Everyone was asleep and we were still up...she put her leg over me and then I grabbed her leg tightly...then she put her hand my butt and I grabbed her butt tightly also..then since she was wering a skirt,i put my hand up her skirt till I touched her private part (vagina) that's when I put my hand in her under where and started fingering her, then she put her hand in my private part and started feeling it while she was moaning quietly... Then I put my hand up her shirt and started feeling her boob, she sat up and took her bra off and then she grabbed my hand and put it on her boobs and then I started squeezing her boobs... Thenwe started making out and she put her hand in my shorts aand started grabbing my private part and then I took her shirt off and she took mine off too...I continued to finger her but then we stopped and she went to sleep as well as me... We still kiss and have attractions like that and idk what to do... I love her and she loves me too...I've told her that I love her and she's told me that she loves me to...any advice please?

It was 4th of July night. I was in the ba<x>sement with my cousin, Nick, watching movies. I always thought he was super cute but I always assumed that he saw me as only a cousin. I don't know why, but i decided to mention how i thought he was cute the first time we met 3 years ago. He was 17, and I was 14.. He would never see someone like me cute, right? But to my surprise, he confessed that he liked me. I'm don't remember how it happened but we started kissing. I always imagined this moment but i never thought it would actually happen. He might not actually be my cousin, but we grew up like cousins! He came to all of the holidays and he was basically family! We always slept on the same couch, but this night was defiantly different from the rest. My heart was racing. I didn't know what to do, but i didn't want this moment to end, because I was afraid this would be the last time something like this would happen between us. The soft kisses started changing to a long make out. He took my hand and moved it down to his pants. I have never done anything like this before. What was I suppose to do? He assumed I have already done stuff like this, so I had to go along with it. It only lasted 10 or 15 minutes, but that seemed like forever for a girl who has never given a hand job. We were both tired, so we agreed to go to bed. I was so exhausted and assumed that I would fall asleep within minuted, but i was mistaken. It finally hit me. This wasn't a dream. This was real. I kissed my cousin! I didn't just kiss him, I made out with him! I felt like I was going to throw up. I laid there for hours, scared. This isn't normal. Normal people don't like their cousins this way. The next day my dad and I drove back to California. I never said goodbye to my cousin. I was too embarrassed to accept the fact that it really did happen. I realized that I couldn't spend the rest of my life avoiding him, but I knew things would never be the same between us. A few months later, Nick and his family came down for Christmas. I was so scared! This was going to be the most awkward weekend ever. We spent the first few days being in opposite rooms. I couldn't handle this. Our parents would defiantly figure out something happened between us because we wouldn't even look at each other. He was alone upstairs and I knew it was the perfect time to confront him.I told him that I didn't want it to be awkward between us anymore. I just wanted my relationship with my cousin before all of this happened. He agreed but asked "So we will never have a night like that again?" I saw the disappointment in his eyes. how was i suppose to reply to that? The boy i spent years finding attractive actually liked me back. I looked at him and replied "I don't know" with that i went back downstairs to join the family again. Later that night Nick and I were alone again. It was happening all over again. I promised myself that I wouldn't do this again.. but what can I say? I don't have willpower. The same thing happened again. This time I went a little farther than last time. it was 4 in the morning when we were done. I didn't say anything. I went upstairs and laid there again, thinking about what I had done. 'Whats wrong with you Katie?' I thought to myself. I felt like an idiot. I spent the rest of the night crying. I am this pathetic to go for someone like that? Unlike last time, we said goodbye. We hugged and like that, they were gone. I won't see Nick for a few more months. What will happen when I see him next time? The guilt is eating me from the inside out. I don't want to that again. But there is a little part of me saying 'whats so wrong? its only a little fun. no one needs to know' I can't predict what will happen next time we see each other. I just hope one day I will get over this feeling of Nick consuming all of my thoughts. I love him. He understands me, but he will never realize how this affected me. He was my first kiss, my first make out, my first hand job, as well as my first blow job. But he will never know that. He will just know that I am the cousin who liked him back.

Update... I saw him this weekend... It happened again... Whoops. The weird thing is that I don't feel anything this time... I use to feel so guilty but now it doesn't bother me.. Then again it only happened friday.. I still have time to let it sink it. I am pretty sure that was the last time we had a chance to do that. He is going on a mission in september for 2 years and I am pretty positive we won't have any alone time before that...

I am responding to your concern, and I know I will probably get blasted for it, but very similar thing happened to me. My cousin was a little older than me, and the same thoughts went through my head. They only feel confusing because you have no real life experiences to base the feelings against. You will find in time, its not a bad thing or shameful thing you have done, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. The guilt your feeling is societal placed guilt, and you can tell by the sheer number of people that have had the similar circumstance occur. Its part of growing up and one day youll see this.
There will be meaningful relationships in your future that will subside these feelings, and youll see it just the curious mind at play. People take it to different levels, and that is nobodies business what levels it goes too, but you will find that everyone loves to comment on it for/against you. Ignore them and do what you feel. There is one person in charge of your life, YOU, and you make your own decisions on what you like, dislike, feels good or want to explore. Keep it to yourselves, one day long from now, youll both talk about it, laugh about it, enjoy discussing other aspects of your lives then. Dont harbor anger about it or anything.

Good luck

It was Christmas a couple years back with the whole family. I was 16 and he was 15. we were playing hide and seek with all the little kids and we were hiding alone in a closet. he slowly started touching my butt and pulling me closer and I was confused but I liked it so I let him do it. he started putting his hands on my neck and it was really nice then he grabbed my boobs and we started making out. he sucked on my boob and we made out some more. then he tried to finger me but I stopped him cause I was scared one of the little kids would come in an find us. so we promised that no one could know about it. I don't know if I would want to do it again I mean I liked it actually I loved it. since then me and my cousin haven't talked about it but I'm pretty sure my brother somehow knows. anyway I want to know how to go about talking about it with him. I still think about it all the time

If you don't say no, you are saying yes. I have been with my cousin few times, I never understood why she let me go so far, but not that far. It is always interesting to read a girl's point of view.

honestly I am in love with my cousin as well,we are 14 and I'm trying to hide how much I love him but sometimes I just feel so happy around him I can't help but giggle! He lives all the way in ocilla Georgia and I'm in kissimmee Florida.I really want to see him,I'm absolutely in love with him and everytime we talk I nearly die of happiness!!! But back to you-I think you guys should talk about it,if you still love him tell him.he may not feel the same way,but at least you'll both have closure and you both can move on.

I had a very similar experience with a close family friend who was like a cousin growing up. it happens beause even as kids we have sexuality, it's just not developed in the same way, but we still get curious and horny so want to explore with someone we care about and feel safe. I never talk about it with the girl I did it with either!

U people need therapy being attracted to ur cousins and acting on it are to diff things keyword ****** people

U people need therapy being attracted to ur cousins and acting on it are to diff things keyword ****** people

Oh,so you think ****** is bad? Well guess what?it's HER ******* LIFE SO F***ING DEAL WITH IT I SUPPORT HER FULLY! >:(

My cuz is 13 years older than me and she is ******* hot. We sleep next to each other but I never know if I should kiss her or not. I don't think she has the same feelings for me. What should I do? HELP!!

Young,man:(i,:feel,you,on,that,:)(I,am,going,through,a,sexually,thing,with,)(one,of,my,Owen,)(feamel, cousins,right,now:)&(I,live,with,her,&she,nows,that,I,want,her:)(sexually,)(I,am,just,wanting,on,her,too,come,in,my,room:)&(start:touching,,me:down,their,)(she,see,me,every night,when,she,)(house,cleaned,:)(at,night,epicsaly,at,night,:)(when,I,masterbrate:&I,have,my,bedroom:door,wide,open,:)(my:fealme,cousin:)(bee,watching,me:)(masterbrate:at:night:)(my:female: cousin:is:)(age:32)&(I,am:)(age:#45,yes:young:)(we,mess,around,a,lot:)(maybeemyou,should,try,too,do,the,something,around,your:)(female:cousin:)(they,like,a,lot,of,attachen,) (maybe,it,will,work,for,you,like,it,did,for,me:!!!!)(ever night,when,:)(my:cousin:)(cleaned:the,house:)&(the:little:hallway:)(I,have,my,door,open,soo,that,:)(my:cousin:)(can,look,in,my:bedroom:door:)&(watches,me,master rate:)(ever time,!!!!!)(neverfillays,:)

I love your story we have the same story actually I'm still hurt but its okay it was happened when I'm 17 years old I'm already 18 but still im trying to forget what happened between us thank you

Ive been hving sex with my cousin since i was 7-8 and the nite before her wedding, we had it and the next day she found out she pregnant

Aww that is so sweet I wished I lived close to my cousin and I could do stuff like kiss him! He and I are in a relationship as well so I really miss him. Well anyways,good luck with the baby! I hope you both have good lives together and you're happy! <3

hi i want to tell that i am in madly love with my cousins daughter.
her daughter is of 13 and i of 15 i don't think she has the same feelings for me.
we firstly met when i was about 9 but as a child there was no feelings but the twist came lat year when we met again and spent a week with her.
she is too good i want to express my feelings but hesitate.
i love her madly and we are good friends also.
i need opinion about what should i do?

i am 13 and my cousin 12 we made out naked

Hey! :) well im 17 i am a female last year in 2010 my pop died but as we say in NZ " koro" as in pop anyway we went back to NZ around that time i was 15 me and my two cousins were really close there was a girl and a boy the girl was 14 and the boy was 17 me and the boy were closer than ever one day me and him went for a walk near the water fall oh and his sisster anyway when we got to the water fall he took his top of and jumped in the water than his sisster did but she took her top off and her pants they were like come on jump in allready but i diddent so my boy cousin came over and pulled me in after that i took my top off along with my pants underneth was my Bikines lol than me and him and his sisster were playing how long can you keep your breath for. It was me then him then his sisster after that we just maked around then i jumped on his back he turned around so we were face to face so i was on his knees lol then we were talking then all at once his sisster comes along and says kiss her kiss her so he did we french kiss for awhile and tbh i really liked it then we got out of the water we all got dressed and walked back to the "tangi"as in fruenral then me him and her had a feed as in " food " we had a boilup whick was the bomb after that me and his sisster had a shower then he was being a perfert and walked in so i got out raped my towel around me and said what are you doing? He gose noting with a smile on his face then all of a sudden his sisster walked out naked i was like umm ok thats tottaly normal cuz and she goes ikr so i jumped in the shower but i still had my bikines on then he comes back in and gets in tbe shower with me then he says come here so i went over and he grabs me by the waist and starts french kissing me after that we got out got dressed and went to were his sisster was inside on the beds there were three for all three of us i was in the middle obvesly and then hold on ill just tell you there names the boys name was chevy and the girls name was hanna..anyway chevy putted his arms around me and wiaperd in my ear xan we have sex so we went to a room and had sex it was alright his really hot and yea thats it but ill do some more stories theres alot. Lol

Hey im new to this web site so i am very sorry if i posted on the wrong thing cause i honestly dont know were im going lol. Well this is my stor hope you,s enjoy it.<br />
<br />
<br />
Im 17 he's 21 his my cousin ive loved him ever since i first laid eyes on him. Only just a few weeks back he came over from Melbourne i live in Brisbane anyway when he got to the airport it was just me my mum and my brother to go pick him up from the airport.... When we found him i hugged him really tightly and he held me in his arms very tightly aswell after that we went to my other brothers house to go pick him up then we went home we stayed there for a while then went to the mall to go get so clothes it was fun.... After that night came i was getting ready for bed i was sleeping in the tv room so was my cousin we stayed there for a while watching a movie then he said " kk" come here ( kk was what he called me short for keira) i went over he said come here lay down with me we started cuddliling then we slept together next morning we woke up face to face he laghed cause i was dribbeling Lol that was funny.... After that i went in the shower then when i was getting dressed into my dress he came in but he was like oh **** sorry bub ill go out i said No your fine so he got dressed then we started to take some pichers we got a bit close then........... I.. Made.... The ..... Move then we started you know hooking up and it was really romantic and it went on and on and on tell i herd someone got a girlfriend (.. I was guesing) as soon as i herd he had a girlfriend i ran to my room up the stairs i went crying with my heart shatted in tears then he walked in the room as i was under the blanket he said whats wrong?with his arm? over my hip i said you mother ****** you ******* lied to me how could you ? Whats wrong with you getting a girlfriend and just leaving me He said i dont have a girlfriend what are you on about? I said well i herd someone had a girlfriend and i just guest it was you he walked me down stairs to show me that my brother had a girlfriend and i was like....ooooooooooooooooo..... :o After that i did some stuff with him and yea lol the end

I have two male cousins, one on each side of the family. (They don't know each other. One lives in Europe.) With each cousin our love for each other is so strong, but we've never acted on it. It's probably rooted in our deep understanding and trust for one another because we've had the same training, values, family connections. Love grows from respect and trust. It's a beautiful thing. Also, we admire each other's physical attributes, talents, successes, and we've shared each other's losses, grief. Union like this creates a bond that can never be broken. Long live family.

Well I'm 13 and me and my cousin are the same age but anyways when we were about 8 yrs old we would always make out when we are alone!!we have talked About how we feel about it about a week ago and so we talked about how I did like it and the thing is we are both girls and the only reason we kissed because my cousin who is a guy and when we were 8 he was like 12 and we both were forced to make out with him and we both touched his ****,me and her both little and didn't know what to do so we did what my older cousin wanted us to do.but me and my cousin are different we are still super close now and like I sleep next to her and I'm in front And she is in the back facing the same way and sometime I go to the back but I don't know If we should kiss again?i really love her she is my close close cousin but I'm not close to my cousins sister lol idk y ;) but I really wanna kiss her to remember and plus we like to sleep next to each other!! Sometimes we face the same way as like a kiss position but never kiss ever since we were 8!!And not that we were forced to kiss we just did it on our own alone without my cousin that's a guy cause we both think that he is very very messed up!!im a girl so my cousin is a girl and we just kissed when we were 8 for enjoyment but we were dumb bak then but i still have a urge to do it again after 5 years

it was last two years when my cousin Jomar James slept in our house because they used to sleepover with he's cousin's house. when they are going to sleep he called me and asked me to sleep with him. so i went to him and slept with him. when i was sleeping he hugged me so tight i don't know what to do but i just close my eyes and wait what he will do next then after a second he kissed me with my lips and after a second he move his tongue towards my mouth. he kept on kissing me then i kissed him also then i go to my sleep.<br />
<br />
it was June 12, 2012 when we watched horror movie with my cousins. my cousin put foams in the living room then i sat in the corner jomar james sat beside me when my back is aching he asked me to lean on his chest so i lean on his chest. when we are about to sleep he go to my side and slept beside me i was sleeping when i felt that someone is hugging me so tight and after a second he kissed me in my lips. i asked myself if he have feelings for me. because he hugged me, he kissed me and sometimes he held my hand and it feels like there is "something". i don't know why he do that. i want to asked him but i'm afraid what answer will give me.<br />
<br />
i just realized that he have a girlfriend. it hurts a lot because i realized that i love him. until now it hurts me so much. i can't do anything but to cry. i really really love him.<br />
<br />
if you read my story can you give me some advices. thank you.

first off I'm sorry that happend to you, the way you had to find out about your cousin, i know how it feels and, its okay to cry but don't let it get you down, keep moving on with your life, because there is someone out there for you, but in these situations you really can only cry

i love my cuz he is hot

Hi uhm I never really go on these kind of sites but i just dont know what to do. You see, when I was younger around 12 i was getting feelings for mu cousin he,drake,was 15 at the time. I never thought of getting into anything with him because i was best friends with his sister,bridget,which is also my other cousin& thought that it was weird. I actually knew that he was feeling for me& when he started flirting, I was getting kinda creeped out. I dont think he knew that cuz one night ge molested me. I told my mom& he got in huge trouble with the rest of the fam. I got rly upset too& geld a grudge against it for years. Couple yrs later me& my mom were living with my grandma& she kicked us out(longg story) so we had nowhere else to go but to ny aunties house. I was pretty happy cuz i got to spend more time with bridget more but i knew that drake lives there too so tht meant i was gonna have to associate with him too. While living there for a lil while (drake being 20&soooooo hot&me being17 now) he was starting to flirt wit me more& i wuz kinda liking it this time. One day when my mom& his parents were out at work, it was just me,bridget& drake alone. This was just the day after there grandmother died& they invited their whole fam wit drinks t their place. So i knew that there was still some vodka left in the fridge& me knowing tht i wouldnt et caught i had some but a lil too much. Bridget told drake what i did& he started laughin at me cuz the way i was acting. So he carried me downstairs where we were alone& threw me on the couch. I told him i wuz goin vomit cuz he wuz pickin me up so much. He laughed at me while i wuz dizzy layin on the couch& i asked him whts so funny. Some stuff is still a blur since this happened a couple months ago so bare with me here. He said he wuz gonna bite me& i said, "the ****?! Uhh yeah right i dnt believe you where?" and he said, "oh u dnt believe me haha ok"& he bit my bra. I yelled cuz it went to my boob (ne still layin on his couch). Then he bit my private when i wuz wearin jeans. I dnt know what ame over me but i rlyy liked it& started moaning. I wasnt sure what wuz goin on but i wuz drunk& gettin real horney so he kept goin. After tht we promised each other not to tell anyone& become friends wit benefits and we kept at it till this day. Weve been goin kinda far into sex& stuff & i gotta say tht im startin to fall for him. I mean hes hot& we got soo much in common. Even he said so himself since we always hang out wit each other everytime time i visit wit either platin video games, watchin sports, etc So now i just visit over vacation& everytime i go, he makes the first move (knowin tht imma virgin& hes not)& we start goin into sex. I do get kinda afraid of goin too far& he always stops wen i tell him to. Im not sure what he feels for me but i make sure not to get too far wit my emotions. I know hes not dating anyone& hasent for awhile. Everytime i mention a guy, he gets pissed but wen he mentions bout a girl it just looks like hes tryna make me jealous cuz he asks me wat i think bout her& i just try to play it cool even though im pissed& just be like ya shes pretty or say somethin to show tht idc. Were still goin at it now but im not sure what to rly do cuz i rly like him now but im not sure wat his feeling are.But i always play it like it doesnt even matter to me. When we have sex he always makes the first move& i go along wit it. I do play hard to get cuz i dnt want him to think tht he can get it wenever he wants..either way i have feelings for him. But i guess the question im askin is should i keep up wit this? Or should i cut it off, tell him to stop for real? Im sp confused& i know tht thos was long but i had to say the whole thing. U gotta help me cuz i dnt kno wat to do.

It's too bad nothing ever happened. You two could have probably had some really good sex whenever got together. After all cousins aren't really related, according to the IRS anyway. LOL

wow , its crazy because just last winter Me&my cousin were just fooling around , he said that he loved me & i told him i loved him too ' . On christmas day me & him was sitting in my room . he told me that he sometime wishes that we wasnt cousins but at the same time he do , so i told him how i felt & the next thing i know , we start making out ; he start kissing me everywhere & we started dry humping . he gave me a hickey & the next day when he left i couldnt stop thinking about him, we are only 13 & we both go to the same school, & im in love with him, but he has a girlfriend but we still kiss & stuff but we are thinking about going out . but to be honest he says he feels the same way about me , but i think he is just saying that so i wont feel bad. but at the same time idontknow how too tell him how i feel . Im in love & iknow this might not be right , but you only live once & so many other boys have hurt me in soo many ways i cant even explain but with him its Different & im willing too do anything for our happiness .

Personally, I think you should tell him. I have had a crush on two of my cousins for many many years. They don't know it but I wanted to **** both of them ever since I can remember. So, go tell him. Have sex. Enjoy him while you still can. Some day you both are gonna get married and then you probably won't. It'd be a shame to not have had that pleasure and regret it for the rest of of your life.

Man I have the same problem. I fell in love with my cousin and she is one year older then me. One time I was at my cousins house and out of nowhere I told her that I liked her alot. I really wanted to make out with her. I have dreams of her every time in my sleep. I just wish that she would really understand that I really love her. But she doesn't know that yet. Every time she comes to my house or I come to hers me and her hug for real long secretly. A few years ago I was at YMCA in the field. I don't remember but I was hugging her real tight for a while. I think it was for about 20 minutes. I thought I was able to make out but no. I didn't make a move. So we just stood there hugging each other.

dude, why didn't you make the move, omg if i was in your position... well nvm i probubly wouldn't have eather... well good luck :)

Man I have the same problem. I fell in love with my cousin and she is one year older then me. One time I was at my cousins house and out of nowhere I told her that I liked her alot. I really wanted to make out with her. I have dreams of her every time in my sleep. I just wish that she would really understand that I really love her. But she doesn't know that yet. Every time she comes to my house or I come to hers me and her hug for real long secretly. A few years ago I was at YMCA in the field. I don't remember but I was hugging her real tight for a while. I think it was for about 20 minutes. I thought I was able to make out but no. I didn't make a move. So we just stood there hugging each other.

Man I have the same problem. I fell in love with my cousin and she is one year older then me. One time I was at my cousins house and out of nowhere I told her that I liked her alot. I really wanted to make out with her. I have dreams of her every time in my sleep. I just wish that she would really understand that I really love her. But she doesn't know that yet. Every time she comes to my house or I come to hers me and her hug for real long secretly. A few years ago I was at YMCA in the field. I don't remember but I was hugging her real tight for a while. I think it was for about 20 minutes. I thought I was able to make out but no. I didn't make a move. So we just stood there hugging each other.

My life really relates to that my cousin and I started off as kissing cousins then we actually made it official with each other.I guess u can say we didn't look in each other eyes and see family we saw love my cousin and I have been together for 2yrs now and this road has been very rocky but I do think its worth it all the pain because the good ways over the bad.

I actually feel really disturbed about not knowing if he still thinks of when we kissed. We are both cousins. Lately i've noticed that he is taller than I am. We have always felt something for one another. I don't know exactly what, but we have. The day we kissed turned out to be confusing. We were at the beach and the day was cloudy. We decided to get in the pool and then we saw thunder coming along in the sky. We got scared and we decided to get out of the pool (we turned out to be the only ones there). Sun came out a little while later. We decided to rent a snorkel equipment and started to search for shells in the sea. Then I got out because the goggles were hurting my head and I wanted to get out, too much salt water. When I got out, he got out. That day I felt he was specially nice to me. The next thing we did was to get in the pool once again. The pool was shaped as a big 8. We were in the pool for 3 hours or so. We started hugging a lot and talking. The sunset turned out to be a perfect momento for a special kiss. Suddenly, he started to approach to me and just leaned his head to the right. I then felt his lips touching mine. It ended being a french kiss. He ended up being confused. Two more days we kissed too. The last day were were at the beach, I wanted to kiss him, but when I wanted to tell him, he said he would love to kiss me but he just knew he couldn't. The thing is, I'd like to kiss him again. But sometimes a little more intense.

I don't know if this means anything but one of my cousins have tried to kiss me. One time I was laying on the couch and he was next to me and then out of nowhere he leaned over and touched his lips to mine. In front of our whole family! SO embarrassing I was only 11 and i had never kissed anyone before!! He also has tried to kiss me again and he's been successful. He has actually kissed me while I was asleep and I woke up to find him lying in bed next to me. He has said that when we grow up we will have sex and that we will have the time of our lives. He says he wishes we could do it now and I am 14 and he is 13!!! AAAHHH! he is handsome and I guess after he kissed me like yesterday I felt an attraction towards him. That was the first time he'd done that in a year. I actually kissed him back. And we made out. But I'm 15 now and he's 14!! I just think it<br />
s weird but I like him and he likes me and i dont know what to do!

I fell in love with my cousin when i was 12 and he was around 17 ..we still draw to each other when we see each other and wish we would have went with our feelings and not fear being judged by others even tho other family members have married each other..ex niece and uncle cousin and cousin

I fell in love with my cousin when i was 12 and he was around 17 ..we still draw to each other when we see each other and wish we would have went with our feelings and not fear being judged by others even tho other family members have married each other..ex niece and uncle cousin and cousin

I have loved my cousin since i was 12 and everytime we see each other we still talk about what a mistake it was not to be together other family members in our family have married before but we didn't take it that far even after we was grown..i am now 50 and he is 60..i still die to hear his voice to keep up with him...he still says he thinks of me and that he made a mistake not coming to get me after we was grown.

Looking for people just like YOU!<br />
Do you look forward to holidays with your cousin a little too much? Ever fantasize about how close is too close to get to one of your relatives?It’s time to face the facts; you’ve got a crush on your cousin. Do you wish your family love could blossom in a safe environment? If you’re 18 years of age or older then send us a picture of you and your cousin crush and tell us all about your secret love. Submit all responses as well as name and contact information to the following email:

I feel like its weird that I am researching this, I and my male cousin are in our mid twenties and have been building a relationship. Is anyone else out there dating/married/"with" their cousin?! I feel like a crazy person. Anyone able to help out there?

His child is like a newborn. I know its like wrong, but its hard. I would like some advise.

I kissed my cousin and he's married and has a kid and is 31 years old and im 19. Its still going on even when his wife was pregnant and even before his marriage to her. <br />
I try to keep my distance and its so hard to let go of of that comfort and all of this is getting me down and depressed but still cant let go of him.<br />
<br />
Before even marring her he told the whole family that he was making the biggest mistake of his life.

Hell girl. Just keep doing it. Just be safe if you don't want his baby. But I'd keep having sex with him.

TO be honest i kiss my cousin but he wants sex and im to young to be a mother its find to kiss ur cousin i do to just be careful not to get pregnat

Jailien, Just have him use a condom. You won't get pregnant that way. But, be sure to give him good head if you do decide to have sex with him. Personally I think you ought to go ahead and do it. Here's a tip though. If you suck his **** and have him *** in your mouth and swallow it. It may be all he'll want from you, for now anyway. If you do that just make sure he does the same for you. Make him promise to lick your ***** until you ***. Actually make him do that first then you go down on him.

it's so sweet how you guys are like childhood friends but even more to that.

me and my cousin are in love. we both know it. we talk about it. i really love this girl... since we were like 5 years old. i want to get the weird feeling out of her system. can you please help me

My cousin and I have been in love for 30 years. He is older then me and can remember a time before my memories start when he said I was his. We have both live separate lives for years. Meeting at times, having sex and just loving each other. Thinking it was wrong, we never when farther then loving in secret. But just like the advice I will give you. Love will win out in the end. A bond of love is strong but a bond between loving cousins is even stronger. Talk to her or him. Talk long and hard. Life is short. Happiness is hard to come by. Dont wait until you are older and hope everything will work out. Do it now before life gets in your way.

i honestly don't remember the first time me and my cousin kissed. i was around 13. he was 18 i guess and i don't remember how it started i just know there are lots of make out sessions and touching, meaning him touching me, me kissing him and moaning. there is just some odd little period where we weren't and then we were and i completely missed the shift. but i can't remember once feeling bad about it or regreting it, even after he left to keep anything from happening. and now, now i just wonder why i waited so long to become what i have really been all along. totally and completely his.

its interesting to know you can just smile about it. when i think of that i seem to cry. it hurts...<br />
i like that your strong.

I can only imagine the level of confudion that goes along with this.

When I was 16, my cousin, Judy at 15 invited me over to visit her and her mom and dad. Her Mom and dad went to the store and left us together to enjoy swimming in their pool.<br />
Wow! Judy said she was going to change in to her swim suit, but she entered the pool as I waited. She was nude and I got hard looking at her 34" breast to her shaved *****.<br />
<br />
It did not take long for me to remove my speed o. We got to know each other, playing around with each other and fondling that led to us ************ each other.<br />
<br />
Her parents drove up and we ran into the house in time to get dressed. <br />
<br />
Later, during eating supper, her mom and dad could tell we had enjoyed ourselves, for Judy and a "satisfied" look upon her face and I was embarrassed when I was asked if we got to know each other.<br />
<br />
Parents sure are smart!

um thats kinda werid that he kissed u,that ment that u liked liked u like alot of like,u know u should talk to him about it.

Well....ur story realtes to mine a lot...but see i need ur advice because things between me and him are a little wierd and i see him all the time and i dont know what to do..a little help please.