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 First of all, so very many people have married their cousin. Several countries and several states allow it. Even in the bible there are several cousin marriages. It's not about being  "cousins" it's about honoring "LOVE".  Be sure that you understand this.  It is rare to find such love and companionship. Honor it. As for the families or people that do not approve...they are uneducated. Most of society goes along with whatever society says and there are several areas where the mass is just not correct. Get educated about this. We struggled for some time with the fact that we are 1st cousins in love.  We did alot of damage to our relationship. We tried to end the relationship in some very hurtful we are having to go back and deal with the stuff. Please don't do what we did. we have much to hash thru and well wouldn't it be nice if we had honored our love and cherished it - there are so many things we want to do than sort thru our pain. But we must for the sake of all that is Holy. Respect yourself, respect each other. Be honest about it. I am not saying go out and tell everyone right away. But get some support. Not always easy.Be well. God Bless.

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I don't know if I will get married to my cousin. Our families separated us. We were very hurt and we don't see each other anymore.

hi i married my cousin and love him deeply thank you for your story