I'm So Deeply In Love With My Cousin

I’m so deeply in love with my cousin

every vacation we go to our province to visit my relatives, when I was 11 yr old my parents decided to leave me with my Lola’s house, honestly I don’t want to stay there coz I know that place was so boring and I’m not that close to my cousins.. My first day was so bored I don’t know what to do then finally he came (my cousin) and trying to lift up my day, after the talk with him I realize that am happy with his company and easily close to the other cousins, the day past by And many was courting me, am busy entertaining them, till the day came and I notice that he is always 1 meter away from me, I don’t know what is happening and I cant help it, I tried to consult to one of my close cousin and it was ate*** she told me that my cousin was deeply in love with me I was shock and I feel that my heart beat was run to fast and she added that my cousin always write my name on a piece of paper and murmuring this line “I hope that you were not my cousin am falling for you” ah… after that I go to their house and talk to him and ask him what is his problem he replied nothing but accidentally I look on his eyes and I see the tear fall to his eyes I hold his hand tight and I told him that I am always here for him.

After that I go home to my Lola. I can’t remove him in my mind and I feel weird, it was my first time to feel that feeling and the day came that I have to go to manila to pursue my study, I haven’t see him.. After 2 years we came back to the province and I’ve decided to stay their for a month, we became so close that time, every min. that we are together is every precious to us. One night we were watching movie in their house and he secretly hold my hand under the pillow. Hahaha. After watching I’ve decided to go to my Lola’s house and he go with me, everybody was sleep, I hugged him and he kissed me on my chicks that night was very memorable to me.. The time came again that we need to be apart. I need to go to manila again.

After 1 year he finished his study in high school education and need to be on college. He wants to study in one of university here in Manila, so he tried to take an entrance exam and finally he passed the exam, he got a dorm near their school and every weekend he is always here at our house, the closeness is very deep, we always say to each other, I LOVE YOU but were not committed to each other. So my tita suspect us she tried to investigate us. Even ate *** my close cousin was ask between me and my cousin but then she said every thing that she knows and may parents and his parent know about us, they keep asking me if it is truth, so I’d rather tell them that were just close friends only but when they ask my cousin he tells everything to us. One night the phone rang and I answered it was my cousin he told me that no matter what happen he loves me so much and I am the only girl for him. It was may last talk to him, I was to hurt I want to hugged him.. but I don’t know how, all are communication was gone and all people around as was against our relation, now that I was 22 I have a boyfriend but my cousin owns my heart till now, I want to talk to him but every time I see him their a hesitation maybe because the people around us or he already forgot me after 4 years. If only I can back the time id rather be his friend not a lover, maybe this time I can see him always or maybe we were best friends.. I love him.. Pleased give me an advice, do I have to continued loving him?? How can I talk to him??   

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SAME as my story but my parents say that we will say when u both will be mature. I am 17 and my cousin she is 15. we love each other a lot. BUT unfortunately their is problem in my family that we cannot marry bcz we are cousin. but they will see in future they had promised <br />
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IN my advice u should continue loving him & try to talk to him and tell him that u still love him. HE also would be loving u bcz love is only 1 time in life and tears are its evidence. I gurenteed he still loves u.<br />
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..I feel so sad with your story.. I can relate to it.. Of course you can still continue loving him.. He must have been hurt so much.. but my advise for now.. If you are meant to be.. faith will bring you together.. No matter how long or how far you've been separated ..Always Ask for God for his guidance..PRAY.... Idk why in the world COUSINS cannot be in love with each other.. If it's true love why not? TC.. and thank you for sharing your story.

I agree with you, I'm in a similar situation but I'm much younger, I'm 16 and my cousin is 11. Many communications are gone, I feel so lonely without her, I would give away anything to see her. True love comes in many forms and this is one of them, I'm certain of that.

you should take him on the jerry springer show and tell him you love him