I Love Him Like He's My Brother

I love my cousin like he's my brother and one of my best friends. I know him since like forever and we are very close. He is two years younger than me.

He is a reliable guy who never lied to me, we have a few common hobbies, we like joking with each other and just making each other laugh and feel happy together.
From when I was in 1st grade and around 6th grade we used to do a lot of sleepovers at each others house, even go around his or my neighbourhood and spend time with each others friends, play on the computer, have fun together. Even if we angered each other it would pass quickly because he's a guy you can't just stay mad at.

But we both share a big secret. Since I'm in a community where I can remain annonymous I guess I can tell it. When I was in 3rd grade or 4th grade we both started wondering how it is to kiss someone. How it is just to touch someone else's lips with your lips for a few seconds. What do the actors and actresses in movies feel when they kiss? What do our parents feel when they kiss? What do the teens that we see everyday feel when they kiss? We wanted to know. We didn't have a crush or boyfriends or girlfriends to kiss and tell the other how it is, so we saw only one solution: we had to kiss each other. It was evening, in the winter I think, in his room, with the door closed. Just the two of us talking and somehow one of us provoked the other. I think it was me, I don't even know what I was bragging about. We just quickly touched lips. Then we did again. I didn't wanted to do it anymore, it was disgusting from my point of view then. But he asked me for one more time and I kissed him one more time. I was like "Bleh." I asked him to do not tell everybody about this, he agreed.

Now we are really good friends. He moved to Spain with his parents, but we still talk online. He sometimes compliments me, we still joke, I advice him about stuff. Before he left I loved hugging him so much he didn't know what to do anymore to get me off him. Gosh, we just loved and still do love making each other laugh. But he does it full time -- makes me smile and laugh. If I'd have a brother, he'd be the perfect one.
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just tell him how u feel its the only way :)