Secrets Between Cousins

well me and my cousin started to like each other about a year ago. now I'm older by like 3 months, yet i look like to him the younger one. but he doesn't look like my cousin(cuz). we recently have been getting closer. we talk alot more then we use too. a couple nights ago, he started feeling me up and i didn't stop him. now he leads me to whatever he wants. we have not yet had sex because of the timing with me (period) and all our younger cuzs come in just as we are about to get going. we never take off clothes, harder to make excuses then. we haven't kissed,we just feel each other as much as we can. no one knows of our secret.

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fight for her i am aslo loving like that. love make life beautiful dont give up .. fight till u get marry

A few years ago, I found out that I had a cousin that lived not far from the new town that I moved in. I began calling/texting her. Months after that, I met her for the first time and since then we have been inseparable. I am older than she is and took her in as a daughter...well, our bond began to grow and now I think I have deeper feelings for her. I am so confused, I don't know if I should teller....oh yeah, did I mention that I was a female too?

Fight For Your love! And Im In The Same Situation (Cal921118) I Love Her To Bits But The Problem Is I Dnt Know If She Loves Me.. I Really Want To Spend My life With Her In The Future Thats My Dream.. But Im Still Trying TO Get To Know Each Other By Caliing, Msn Txting ect! But If I Was You I Wouldn`t Worry To Much Beucase Your Not Alone There Are Plenty Of Other People In The Same Situation.. :) Cuziin Love

I love my cousin ,,,, but possibly shewon't be with me=.=

Type well what can i say ive done more than you we are in deep love and and its a secret also nobody in the family knows about out love keep going but when you are to having sex or kissing ,because kissing sometimes leads to sex TAKE CARE u dont want to end up pregnant and knowing that your cousin is the daddy. dont do that in my feature i would just marry him but no children between us.....what else can i say im in pretty much the same situation...:)....your comment here...