Our Baby

Me and my wonderful one are expecting a baby in august. So far everything is going great there isn't anything wrong with the baby regardless of what  it's grandma keeps saying. I have never been so happy in my life. It really irritates me that i have to keep it a secret because there are so many people who get offended by the fact that we love each other. I mean there is no reason for everyone to be so upset about two people being in love.

tamarah tamarah
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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

thanks to all, my son was 6lbs 12.5oz and of the three babies born in august to our family he is the ONLY 100% healthy one. I pray for the others but still feel a bit smug about it.

So happy for you!

Congratulations!!!!! I am so jealous!!! <br />
I agree with you that it shouldn't matter to other people who you fall in love with. It's nobody's business but your own anyway. I wish your family all of the love and happiness in the world, and only hope that other's out there will one day learn to accept love for what it is.

By the way if anyone is interested, it's a boy so far everything looks wondeful in the ultrasounds.

I hope it all works out-married my cousin-happily now for almost two decades-have kids-all fine by the way-and grandkids-they are all fine too-still in love-to heck with all the myths-you love who you love-good luck

same here it's after all no one's buissness who you love. enstien married his cusin and noone ever judged him. so did i and all i need is her. Gob bless your baby i hope to have one too.