i am madly in love with my cousin.She is 22 and I am 20.It is a taboo in my country for the wife to be older than the husband and our family is extremely conservative also our fathers don't like each other very much.I think about her all the time.She's the most beautiful woman in the world .I am scared of telling her how I feel that she would reject me and would never want to talk to me again.I don't know what to do
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

if you are 20 then way does it say 70+ on your profile

taboo or no taboo,this is your heart on the line. get even closer to her,and treat her as wonderfuly as you can. i would however recommend first looking outside and being sure no other girl can make you feel the way you do about her. it would be tragic if,a few yrs down the line,you broke up with your cousin because you finally found a girl you fancy. tread carefully though,and i wish you all the best.