I Had Incredible Sex With My Cousin Once

I've told literally nobody about this as it's such a strange thing to have happened, but it was some of the hottest nights of sex I've ever had. He is my Dad's Sister's son, but by her first marriage, so he wasn't really part of my life growing up. He lived away from the rest of the kids and was a good deal older, probably 10-11 years older than me. He was always sort of mysterious, dark hair, really fit, quite bohemian and interesting - he went on to make a lot of money in his own business. He had a very strong sexual charisma, very quiet but powerful presence. A memory I had of him was going to his wedding when I was about 11. Years later we were at a family function - can't remember what it was, must have been someone's wedding or graduation. My extended family are a big, fun group and we always have a blast when we're together. Whatever the occasion was, I remember we all got slowly and festively sloshed over the course of a long day and evening. Somehow things just started going down a slightly funny turn between the two of us as the night wore on and we just kept seeking out each other, sitting closer and closer, getting really turned on by the energy of being near each other. He was divorced by then - I was just out of College, probably 21, and he was about 31-32. He had a very young energy, he always had a really hot body and was just quite charismatic and sexy. I remember thinking it was a little dirty the way we were feeling but it was so hot, and I suppose at that age I was just a lot hornier and alcohol just got me more fired up. ;) Eventually we all went back to various homes to crash. He and I stayed with my other cousin (his younger sister, which whom I'm really close) - me in the living room, he in the guest room. Needless to say that didn't last long, he was on the sofa in no time and we just let loose - running our hands all over each other, really hot kissing. We ended up having really passionate naughty sex, really going for it. The next day I was MORTIFIED (and hungover, haha...). We all had to meet up again as a family for lunch - my parents were there, my brothers, his whole family, etc. The two of us were just trying desperately not to make eye contact or give anything away. We sort of snuck off here and there throughout the day for a quick kiss and a grope, but the reality of what we had done didn't sink in til I was on the flight back to LA. It really bothered me afterwards, I couldn't help feeling really f*&ked up about it, like I'd done something sick. Now in retrospect I think it was actually very natural. I didn't know him very well, the attraction was undeniably powerful, and we were consenting adults - nobody got hurt! Plus the sex was super-hot. He is since remarried and I see him occasionally at family gatherings. We just sort of look at each other and shake our heads and laugh - I think we both have really fond memories of that night and we've decided to let each other off the hook for doing something that's actually kind of messed up but felt sooooo good! For the record, I have NEVER NEVER told this story to anyone! So happy to have found this site.
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I believe thesetypes of experiences are very common since i have esperienced as well as my close cousin with another cousin of his... he told meabout this great ******* on a family tripon the back of the van on the road...my fist wet dream was with a cousin probably because we used to play doctor in the past...lol...

Hi GraceCardiff, great story you told. Me and my cousin were passionately involved with each other when I was 21 and she was 23. I was new in the UK, while my cousin (my dad's brother's daughter) was born and brought up in UK and was deadly against cousins marriages. Her mother was a European lady and she was against cousins marriages as well. My cousin was brought up is this culture, so naturally she too was against it. I dont know when and how we got attracted to each other. She was extremely beautiful, but she had some sort of complexes developed. She always pretended that she has no sexual needs or she can not be approached by any man, while deep down she was a woman afterall and did have sexual e petite, which I felt. She wanted to approach me to please her and as soon as she realized that it gives me pleasure too, she used to be angry. She used to take me to her room where had very passionate kisses with me. We used to sit in her room while rest of the family used to watch TV downstairs. Every body thought that she was kind to her cousin whom she was teaching English etc. But we always were kissing, cuddling initiated by her. I could not dare to start kissing her even if I wanted, but it was her who did that and stopped when she wanted it. Occasionally when my uncle and aunt and rest of the family were asleep, she used to bring me down stairs to the TV longe, where we used to have very steamy sex sessions. Some times sessions lasted for hours and we tried all different positions. Then at a point she told me that no more sex. I was deeply involved. It did hurt me very much, but I could not even share my pain with any body. Later I got married to my wife, and my cousin also married an European man. Their marriage lasted for a couple of years. While I am still married. My feelings for cousin are so intense that I am still mad. My had an accident ten years ago, due to which she was disabled. I have no kids, my cousin too had no kids. A few months after her divorce we met again, had a meal in a restaurant after the dinner we sat in the car, she started kissing me, but as soon she stopped, God knows why. I dropped her off at her place and exchanged a few phone calls, then after a few months she said that we should not call each other. She is single, living with her mom, but we dont meet. It is very painful for me. I can not understand what feelings I have for her. I have had too much sex, which I can not have with any body else I feel, she is single, but why she avoids me? It is a mystery.

awesome story! thanks for opening up & giving us that glimpse into your life & even more, into your heart. I too am involved romantically (& sexually wit a 1st cousin- our dads are brothers) I know huh? :p well needless to say, I too am glad I found this site to share my experiences & "vent". like everyone else here says, "it just happened" when it did wit/for me. I'd like to hear more & feel free to read about my experiences & just say keep up to good work :)

when my cousins and i started doing it she came to me and i never thought about it but once we started we could not stop. we loved making love. it was amazing.

wow! isnt it trippy-ly amazing that there's more of us cousin ******* that we realize :P hehe, pardon my language :) but I wholeheartly agree that there's just something different, something more special about cousin sex. I've been in a romantic sexual relationship with my 1st cousin but secretly for a few years now! I've been around, so to speak & the nookie wit my cousin/man's is by far the the best & noone makes me *** like he does! I'll be honest, I don't know where we're going but am enjoying it while it lasts :) I too am glad I stumbled onto this site when I did & loved it ever since. could do without the perv requests & weirdos but what can u do?

It is natural. The ppl of the opposit sex you are around the most when you start developing in your sexuality are sometimes your cousins. Some ppl ignore the attraction and others don't. As far as sister and brother goes... i didn't acknowledge that my sister was a female until she was pregnant with her first child. I was like "oh yeaaaah! Tha's right! you are a woman after all!"

i'm married to my first cousin and we have two kids. they are both girls, twins Heather and Lily. They're two years old and Lily is deaf but heather is fine.

i'm married to my first cousin and we have two kids. they are both girls, twins Heather and Lily. They're two years old and Lily is deaf but heather is fine.

Hey i found this story shorda comforting because im only like 12 in half and i shorda like my cousin as well.....ill write a story about it soon

im in love with my cousin we kissed a few times never been as lucky as u one day i know it will happen then ill be so happy

Yes, at 15 I was attracted to my half cousin. I saw him for the first time, when he came to visit from Denmark. I got along so well with him, and his accent was adorable. He kept staring at my breats and flirting a little and I didn't want him to stop. I kinda felt guilty afterwards, but I can't change my feelings for him. Atleast I didn't have sex, although I know I can't trust myself with him. I'm 20 now and I really hope he comes to visit me from Denmark, he's so much fun but a part of me is also scared, what if our attraction for each other turns into sex. If my family found, I'd feel ...................................

I assume you probably never went further. While it is natural for being attracted espacially at that young age. You will have a much healthier and happier relationship if you have not

there is nothing wrong with sex with a cousin

Well Thank you for sharing, it sounds wonderful to me, It's not often that you get that strong chemistry with someone,I have found it a few times where a glance was all it took. It's a memory for life and a precious one at that. Bravo for being able to let go.