I have posts about my cousin in my experience but ... Here goes another one. I don't know why I feel like this about him. I don't know why I had to have such good looking males in my family . My whole life he is the one guy that touched me and that openly flirted with me. I met him about 5 years ago but we didn't maintain contact but last year things changed . My mom died and I became closer to him. We are the same age but he is two months older than me. He has all the same interests as me. We both into cars and travelling. I never really had feelings for him last year , I just found him really attractive physically and we would text each other regularly. We travelled a lot with my family when my mom died . This helped us to kinda heal from the death I guess . But I'll never forget how handsome he looked in a suit at my moms funeral . It's like the lighting of the sun just hit his face in all the right places . One of the saddest days of my life was lit by this hottie that is my cousin . I'm seriously obsessed with him. When we were together people would think we are married or a couple . He would stare at me in that "I want you" way...perhaps it's all in my head but we even flirted . He held me and told me he misses me and stuff . Whenever I went with him to places , the girls would be all over him and obviously I got jealous . I really love him and constantly check whether he is online or not. We kinda had a small argument , but he is so sensitive that he has ignored me for over a month. It hurts to see that he is having fun where he is while I fantasize about him and stuff . He admitted to wanting me sexually and I also do. I wish I had kissed him but now I guess I'll never get that chance because he is miles away. I think about him so many times but I know he doesn't . I really thought the feelings were mutual from the way he looked at me but I was wrong because he has forgotten about me . I dream of the day in the future where I'm in his arms and give him a long passionate kiss , knowing that we can't be together anyway but that kiss will ... Clarify matters for me. Why did I fall in love with my own cousin?
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It's a crazy situation. You describe it so perfectly. I feel a similar way about someone I know. Not related though. God I need a girl who feels that way about me

U want him? Go get him!
Then and most importantly
NEVER let him go!

A story to tuck away...and never ever let it come out again. I recall a similar great secret love...not with a relative but rather the spouse of one.

To this day, I still think of what might have been. But on the whole, things didn't turn out all that badly in the long run.

Yes I repeat, I still do have those warm thoughts,
though tucked away where,
they'll never see the light of day.

What do you mean things didn't turn out all that badly in the long run?

Opportunities. Until the game is done, you have no idea, what life has in store for you.