Kissing Cuzzos!

 Ok, my last story was about my FIRST kiss with my cousin. This time they came over to my house for 2 weeks. We have 4 extra guest rooms and they were taken so My mom stuck me with my cousin Adrian for the 2 weeks. Meaning,He slept with me in my room, on my bed. One night, we stood up REALLY late just talking and thinking it was about 3AM. Everyone in the house was asleep. My cousin and i were watching a Classic Freddy Krueger movie and i GOT SOOO scared i just jumped literally, on top of him. Then, he bit my neck and we just started making out. He was biting my lips and my neck and stuff. Then, i got on top of him, [mind u, i was wearing a short tanktop and SHORT SHORTS] and everything was ALL downhill from there we made out, he touched me in alot of places, we playfighted, we dry humped. we did everything but no SEX! I know he wants to have sex with me, and i know that im really feeling him and i really wanna have sex with him. But, im confused. How do we go about this? Because its already a little teensy bit awkward!

priyyss priyyss
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

The only advice I could give you, is do what feels right. If you want him, GO FOR IT, because eventually it will be too late. But if you go for it now, while the chances are presenting themselves, there may be hope. Good luck!!!

Go for it, next time you're alone.