Sex With Cousin Jay

Well I first met my first cousin Jay when I was 14 and he was 15. I did not know we were cousins at the time of our meeting at we met at a mall in his home town. We talked and just connected. It was not until I was going to my uncles house to a family meeting that we discovered that he was going to the same house for the same family meeting.

We remained real close from that day until we were both adults. For many years we would suttley flirt with each other. Then one day he and his girlfriend moved to my town and we all became pretty friendly.  One day she went away and he was left alone as he does not like being alone he invited me over to keep his company. We went out drinking and upon me dropping back to their apartment he invited me in.

We began kisssing and heavy petting and before long we were making mad passionate love to one another. It was the best experience I have ever had (and I have had my share). He made me *** so many times it was heavenly.

Since then he and his girlfriend have move back to his home town and every so often he comes over to visit me. It is awesome and I love him so. He often says he wishes that we werent related so that we could have an open relationship.

As it is not accepted we have to keep our relationship in the closet


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2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

that is a HOT story! It makes me want to visit my cousin in PA. She's a hottie and is always flirting!

wow! thats soo hot! i too am in love wit my cousin lover. yeah, im in a secret romantic sexual relationship with a 1st cousin of mine and havent been happier and cant stop going on and on about how good the nookie is, isnt it?!? anyhoot, id like to hear more and/or get to know you better, feel free to check out some of my stories and comment maybe and ill do likewise. again, love the stories, keep em coming :)