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I'm In Love With My Cousin.

I really like my cousin. She is amazing. I want to tell her. I want to go out with her. I want to kiss her and love on her. Sometimes I see her looking at me, but I'm not sure wether I should tell her. I'm 15 and she is 16, so age isn't a problem or anything. I've become kinda of famous in my youth group for my good foot massages. And on mission trips, when I give her one all I can think about is doing more with her. I massaged more than her feet this time. I kept getting closer and closer towards her "area". I didn't go to close. I went to about halfway up her thigh and she didn't protest or anything. She let me. I rubbed her feet and legs for close to 2 and 1/2 hours. I couldn't help it. I was getting aroused. I wanted to know what was going through her head as I rubbed and rubbed. I also wanted for everyone else in the room to leave. I want to tell her and ask if she feels the same way. I'm just not sure if I should. Any ideas, maybe?
tazman1992 tazman1992 16-17, M 94 Responses Aug 19, 2007

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My cousin and I met when we he was 7 and I was 6 we fell instantly in love. We would always sneak away and tell each other things we would never tell anyone else. When he was 11 and I was 10 he kissed me on the lips and I enjoyed it for a while and then we just started kissing longer and then his mom called for him to go home. When he was 14 and I was 13 he came to me when everyone was asleep and sat next to me on the couch. He told me that he loved me and that he wanted me. I knew what that meant so I told him no. I was scared of all the things that could happen. Now I am 19 and everytime I see him he ignored me like nothing ever happened. But it was for the best

You guys are lucky. I'm 13 and live in new York and my cousin is 4 and lives in Puerto Rico

I am in the same situation right now. I am 15 and i just recently met my second cousin that i did not know about and he is 15 too. We met while camping i did not know who he was at first and then someone told me he was my older cousins son. i didn't pay much attention to him until we met face to face and we immediately Locked eyes and stared for about 3 seconds and then said hi and walked away. I felt something so strong that moment, the rest of the day we could not stop looking at each other. Later that night we finally got over the awkwardness and started talking and all of a sudden while we were talking something just clicked. We stayed up ALL night no sleep at all talking about everything and i just felt so close to him, next thing i know we are super tired cuddling with each other inside a van with all of our other cousins asleep. We were so nervous one of them would wake up and see but they didnt . right before we fell asleep he looked at me and kissed me, i got major butterflies . The next day it was not awkward. Now fast forward 3 weeks later we still talk all the time texting and calling non stop but we are trying to hide it from our family.. Am i wrong ? What should i do? Please help ?

I know you should tell her if she didn't stop you from rubbing her legs then maybe she does feel the same way I support you and please tell me how it go's

Well, I'm 12 and my cousin is 13. I felt in love with my cousin since when he came to US. I was at the airport waiting for him to come and when he appeared, he was ugly at first when he was far away and I couldn't see him. When he came closer, He was very cute! Then I became in love with him. He's in 8th Grade and I'm in 6th Grade. Since he started to go to a school named Bronx Green Middle School and a lot of girls liked him. I was very jealous. Then on his facebook page, he had a lot of Girls (Friends). Then I started try to find a remote control and when I got frustrated about not finding it, He was there. He was soo cute, I really wanna tell him that I like him, but then I got under my bunkbed and stood there. So he said what happen? and then I told him I like him, he was concern about it. So he didn't care about it.

From my view it's not a good idea,I could be old school..sounds like ****** to me. Really shouldn't be falling in love with a causes family to break up.some times it works but still yet the family will have a black cloud over them for practicing ******..what ever choice you make make it wisely.don't think with your ****..

wow this is a tuff situation. I can just advise you to tell her how you feel about her. The truth shall set you free. I can say when i was 11 years old i came to live with some of my relatives and i just had a strong attraction for my first cousin who is three years younger than me. I was 11 he was 8. What started as being playful it soon turned into flirting, and when I was 17 we has sex for the first time. I can say we have been together for 10 years and i still love him the same. He has become my best friend. However, the only problem is that now we are both of age to move out and our relative somewhat have an idea that we have a relationship and are supper upset that we are moving inn. My advise to you is if you love her tell her and fight for her.Confronting the relatives is not an easy thing, they can be judgmental but if you love her fight for her. Tell her that you need to tell her something important that you care about her. The worst thing she can say is no, but if she let you grab her legs for hours most likely she feels the same way about you. Dont give up and fight for what you want, dont ever let anyone tell you who you can love, its your choice.

My cousin is 15 and I'm 14... The last time we saw each other was when I was 3.... And he lived Scotland and I live England 350miles away... And I went Scotland for 3 weeks when I was 13 and my mum dropped me off and I stayed there alone with them and we got closer when I was there and on the way back home we were in the car and I was getting tired so I layed down in the car an I put my pillow on the seat and he put it on his lap and I put my head on it and after a while he layed my head on my cheek and soon after he kiss me on the cheek I got butterflies and kissed I'm back on the forhead and then he kissed me to the lips and soon enough my mum went on my laptop and saw our chat and my mum sister brother nana and grandad know about me and lee going out and there okay with it but they said just keep it to ourselves just incase of people say it discussing but it ain't it was like meeting a new person cos last time I was him was when I was 3.... But I really do love him

When I first met my cousin, I was 13 and he was 9. I didn't feel anything for him. We were just kids, you know? But when I turned 15, everything changed.

He was sleeping over at my house, and a whole bunch of our cousins were staying in one room. At night, he came over to my bunk bed and laid down next to me. He said he had something to tell me, but that he was scared. He said that he had told one of our cousins, but that she had gotten mad and told him to stay away from me. This whole time I had no idea what he was talking about, but he was so scared. I said "If you can't say it, you can write it down." I got a notebook and gave him a pen. When I read his note, it said

He told me he had felt this way since the first time he saw me, when he was only 9! I didn't know what to think. We are cousins, how is it possible to feel that way about your cousin?

Fast forward 5 months, I fell for my cousin so hard. I loved his kisses, and his hugs. Even the way he smelled. One of our cousins caught us kissing... and then my mom started suspecting something between us. She told me that if she ever found out that I was with him, she would literally kill me.

Fast forward 5 years, I am now 20 and he is 16. I still feel the way I did so many years ago. Every time I think that I am moving on, I realize that I'm not. I love him so much... even after 5 years! Everything about him makes me smile. Every time I see him, I get butterflies.

I just told him yesterday that I still like him, and that it's not fair that I want him so badly but can't have him. And that I really missed his kisses.
You know what he said?
He said he knows it's been 5 years, but that time hasn't changed what he feels for me. He said "I want you too." He told me to kiss him. And I am going to! I want to be his... He makes me happy... I want him to make love to me.

Even though I know it's wrong, I know I will always love him. My family won't ever forgive us. I hate it. But I just don't care anymore.

And I still love the way he smells.

I met my 1st cousin when I was 18 when i went to Spain on vacation and went to meet my mothers brother and family, when i came to say hello to him I felt something on my cheek like magic, he would take me on his vespa all around seeing the sights just a beautiful time. He was around 22, & I fell in love with him and he did also. He came to the US 5 months after I returned, it was hard because I told my parents and they were so against it..he was in NJ at his brothers and I in NY..we started seeing each other without no one knowing and eventually they all found out. I was very distraught and wanted to end the relationship but after a while things settled down and we got engaged we did get married in the Catholic Church in Brooklyn NY and moved to NJ where he was working. We went on to have two beautiful children and had a life of ups and downs but we loved each other very much. After 44 years of marriage I lost him to Cancer. It has bee 4 years now since his death and he is the love of my life as I was his..and I still feel the magic on my cheek.

This is so beautiful. You followed your heart despite what other people may have thought <3

I met my 1st cousin when I was 18 when i went to Spain on vacation and went to meet my mothers brother and family, when i came to say hello to him I felt something on my cheek like magic, he would take me on his vespa all around seeing the sights just a beautiful time. He was around 22, & I fell in love with him and he did also. He came to the US 5 months after I returned, it was hard because I told my parents and they were so against it..he was in NJ at his brothers and I in NY..we started seeing each other without no one knowing and eventually they all found out. I was very distraught and wanted to end the relationship but after a while things settled down and we got engaged we did get married in the Catholic Church in Brooklyn NY and moved to NJ where he was working. We went on to have two beautiful children and had a life of ups and downs but we loved each other very much. After 44 years of marriage I lost him to Cancer. It has bee 4 years now since his death and he is the love of my life as I was his..and I still feel the magic on my cheek.

Thanks everyone for sharing these stories cuz it helps me lot to know that i am not the only one in this situation. Well here is my story, 5 years ago my aunt and uncle were kinda big into inc3$t, but i though nothing of it and i had went to visit them one summer and my cousin was in the army at the time. I was 15 and he was 18. he was home on leave at that time and i had not seen him in a long time! he looked at me and it was like instantly that we just clicked. that night we sat and talked privately and just had an amazing time being in each other's company. He then left to go back to the ba<x>se he was at in colorado and i lived in SC. We stayed in touch over text messages and i started to fall more in love with him than i already was. We kinda parted for a while and he had gotten married while he was in CO and i was persuing a good relationship and was about to get married but i felt like i really wasn't happy with the man i was with. My cousin had been on my mind alot and i just felt the need to talk to him but he is in jail right now and it killed me when i found that out. My aunt and uncle which is who i live with and has pretty much raised me have no problem with me and my cousin being together and that put a relief on me This is his dad and stepmom. I am now 20 and he is 22 and we are in a relationship and re planning to get married even if it is looked down on cuz we are both in love with each other and i have approval from my aunt and uncle and my friends have no problem either so i kinda have a huge sense of relief in that department. :) but i just thought that i would share my story about the one true love of my life and i really could care less what anybody has to say about it but i really thank everyone for sharing their stories. :)

my family and i had a vacation last November ,we went to my grand mother's house and then i meet my cousin he is just thirteen years of age and i am nineteen....spending time with him , playing just we are the same age as well,i thought at first that I'm just attracted to him because of his nice smile and sharp nose and the voice but I do not imagine i turned it possible to fall in love with my cousin.

you better stop while you still can because if you continue that thing you will regret it for the rest of your life if you can't fight for her against your whole family. I've been in that situation 11 years ago. i had a romantic relationship with my first cousin and i admit, the feeling is second to none. we had the best and we shared sweet moments behind our family. i don't know is someone in the family found out because no one talked to us about it, but there are negative comments and warnings about falling in love with cousins heard. to cut my very long story short, we broke up 8 years ago because of our family. we never had the courage to face them all and tell the truth, we were afraid that they will judge us and get mad when they learned that we already had sex. months after that broke up, i got married because i thought its the best way to stop those craziness. right now i can say I'm happily married, that's what i want people to see me. I'm a great pretender, no one can tell what I'm feeling inside. its so empty and cold, i am so lonely i can hardly breath. no one knows that I've been missing him so much, he's always on my mind. every time i see him, my whole body is shaking and my heart is breaking. 8 years had past but i know i still love him and loving him more day after day. right now, i regret everything i did. there are so many what ifs on mind. what if i didn't let myself fall for him on the first place? what if i fought for him? what if we tried to talk to our family and tell them our secret? what if i go with him when he asked me to run away? what if he knows how i feel today? what if he still love me like the way i do? so many questions that left unanswered because we never tried to fight for our love. right now I'm living with all this regrets and loneliness without him knowing. maybe he thinks i am happy with my life right now. maybe he thinks i already forget the memories that we shared. maybe i won't have a chance to say i never stop loving him. and maybe i will live my life this way until i die.

:( this is sad. I know the feeling except I didnt got married.

I feel so sorry for you.
I think that if you truly want to be happy your should fight for your love, despite the consequences. I did, I've been with my second cousin since December 2012, but I've loved him for so long. It makes me so happy. It really is a dream come true for me &lt;3. We haven't let anyone find out yet but if it comes down to it, I would never let anyone take him from me. No matter what. I hate having to hide now...but I already know that when were found out it won't be pleasant. I expect to lose all my family, friends, I expect the worst. As long as I have him I feel I'll be okay.
What I'm saying is, forget everything else and go for it, get a divorce if you have to. I truly don't believe you should sacrifice your happiness for anything. Don't live with regrets.
Do you really want to die without being able to be with man you love ?

I think you should have fought for him. Its never to late. Your are supposed to live your life for you and no one else. the way you are describing you and your cousins relationship sounds like it was and still is worth fighting for. Dont let anyone come in the way of your happiness , Thats just my opinion..

I legit thought i was alone in this situation but i can see that im not. I'm in love with my 3rd cousin on my dad side. He's 11 years older than me ( im 19 hes 30). Well ive known him since i was little. We always used to see each other on vacation every other year. We would play together and we didnt really thing nothing off it, until 2 years ago. We hadn't seem each other in 7 years. I was at my aunts house and he was outside with my cousin. And i went outside and i was at the top of the stairs and him at the bottom. When i saw him i fell in love instantly. He wasnt the best looking person but he had the most amazing heart. We started talking and flirting and thats when he told me he had a girlfriend and that broke my heart. After that i came back to america cuz my vacation was over. We had each others email so we kept in touch once in a awhile. One day he emailed me and he said that he had broken up with his girlfriend, so i decided to tell him how i feel. When i told him he said he felt the same way and he felt that way since he last saw me. Since we live in different countries we keep in touch by webcam. All i no is that we madly in love but were so scared to tell our parents. If my dad finds out for sure he'll kill me. Please comment! What should i do?

I`ve been in a relationship with my first cousin for 5 months,, he was my 3rd boyfriend and it felt like he was my truelove,, i was just 15 years old back then, we were so close, we go out, he even thought me how to play basketball. and then one night he confess his feelings for me and he asked me if i wont get mad if he kiss me and i said ``no i wont``,, so we kiss, at that time i dont have any feelings toward him, but day by day i found myself falling in love with him,, i consider our relationship seriously but our parents and family get mad when they found we decided to broke up,, we have been apart for almost 2 years and it was hell, i really love him sop much,, after our broke up i never had a serious relationship, and i felt something is wrong and missing,, i really dont know what to do??<br />
pls help??:(

Im happy there is somewhere where i can admit my problems to, ive been best friends with my cousin since forever, but at the age of 10, i started having strong feelings for her, ive always tried to keep it cool and tell her that she is my best friend and that there's nothing that can break our bond. She's amazingly gorgeous, and every-time i see her, i just feel there's no one else in this world that can make me smile the way she does. At the age of 11 she moved to NC and we got separated, but i had just recently visited her and when i saw her, its as if nothing has change. She is Spontaneous and Wildly fun. Every time she laughs i feel happy. (by the way were both 15) i write poems that come from the inspiration of her. and every time i see her, i feel like my heart is about to burst. there are many things that are holding me back from telling her the truth, and every single time i hold back, i get this chills that run down my spine that reach all the way to my chest and give me these anguishing pains. If i could hug her forever, i would. there's no one else in this world i would rather be with right now. She is completely different from me, that is what makes her my other half. last time i visited her we stayed up all night long talking of our childhood and watching funny movies, there was a point were we got so bored that we just started holding ice cubes till each one of them melted.I love it how when there's a problem, i am one of the first one's to know, but i wish i could do more, i wish i could be there when she needs me. But i cant, cause if i see her again, everything would fall apart. My love for her is important to me, but her comfort of me and her as cousins means way more to me. I would rather be with her until i die, then say my feelings and never see her again. I may be crazy saying all this, but there's no where i can share my story. And it seem's that all my life accomplishment will happen except my confession of love. No matter what happen's i will keep that one regret with me forever even if it cause's me a heart attack. thanks for listening guys.

Reading this makes me happy and sad and I was thinking about my cousin the whole time because I feel the same way. I just can\'t get the courage to tell her.

I am actually glad I'm not so alone with my feelings. Me and my cousin met at a vacation to Mexico when we were around 10. Her mom made us kiss when we first met and we did but we didn't think anything of it. She lived in Texas and would go every summer to Mexico to visit our grandparents just like me and my family did, only we lived in California. We had a bit of a bumpy relationship at first but after our grandparents came to the us, because they could no longer take care of themselves and lived with my uncle, she started coming to where I lived, by this time I was 14 and she was 13 and I started to have feelings for her. I am six months older than her. So we each had emails and would talk to each other occasionally. Eventually we got phones and would text each other onstantly. On one occasion I told her I loved her but she took it as a love between siblings. She is an only child so I guess I could see how she would feel that way. Well now were both 16 and I am incredibly in love with her and we say we love each other all the time but she still doesn't know in what way I love her . She is nice to me and always loves my company. She even gets mad if I don't keep IP with her texts , but the thing is I still haven't told her in what way I like her. And this summer she came again to California and came to my house for a weekend. We wanted to sleep In my room to catch up but my two sisters wouldn't allow it . We all watched a movie that night me her andmy two sisters and we we're laying next to each other on my bed with my sisters on either side . She started to poke me under the covers and I grabbed her hand to try and stop her. Eventually we were holding hands under the cover in what felt like a passionate way for atleast half of the movie. We never mentioned it to each other but she had only made me more mad for her. She has a boyfriend at her high school in Texas who I despise but u can't do anything about. I know this is all wrong and my family wouldn't approve and she likely doesn't have the feelings I have for her anyway, but the problem is that I love her so much and I can't stop thinking about her and I want to get over her. I almost want to tell her to stop talking to me because the more she tells me she loves me the more my heart breaks and I don't want that pain anymore. So what should I do ?

i was at my aunts house and out of know where my cousin kissed me is tarted to get big feelings for him then he started rubbing me and i got even bigger feelings for him then he said he wants to make love to me that's when i said to my self I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM after that night me and him started to talk his mom went on his facebook and saw our messages and my mom went on my facebook and saw the messages we got in trouble but now sence its been 4 months i want to tell him i'm in love with him should i tell him?

ive bin in love with my first cousin since i first seen her and that was 5 years ago im tim ive tried to tell her my feelings and to see if she feels the same but everytime i do her twin sister comes in the room and messes things up we hang out all the time but i dont have a sence of timing i dont know when and where to tell her i try to tell her after we have bin hanging all day but cant get the words to process its hard to love someone and keep it locked away like that

im inlove with my cousin a girl....i dont want him to be my boyfriend or something....i just wanna know if he likes me back... and then after that i'll forget that im inlove with him, because i know its bad to have a relationship with your cousin....btw im 13 yrs old and he is 18 yrs old, he is 5 yrs older than me....but you know he is a short guy thats why we almost have the same height...and he is quiet too like me.... lol im just saying :) What should I do to know If he likes me back?

hey :/ im a christian and i am in love with my first Cousin , ive never met a girl in my whole life that i feel so right around , so is everything ive ever wanted in a mate and idk what to do i find her looking at me alot and its like we act diffrent when its just me and her im 22 she's 19 and and ive been pretty depressed l8tly and the only time i feel right is wen im in prayer or around her :/ , it hurts so bad to love someone and try and hide it . : /

I just met my second cousin and thought he was really cute and everytime i looked up at him he was looking at me and ever since i got home i have thought about him but idk if he likes me to what should i do

Well, here's the story to top them all....My first cousin and I met when we were children (6 and 7) We instantly liked each other and got along very well (I thought he was so cute, but nothing else) Then I moved away and came back when I was 14 and he was 15. That's when he noticed me for the first time and we fell in love. We had a wonderful summer relationship, but again I had to move away... I was devastated and he wasn't too happy about it either... Two years went by... He thought I'd never come back and he started dating a girl he met in H.S. <br />
<br />
I came back when I was 16 and he was 17. When I found out he was with this girl I got very angry at him. My heart was broken. I still loved him so...<br />
<br />
I had written him a letter telling him I loved him and that I would be back, but that letter somehow got intercepted (I guess his mother was against us too) and was given to my mother. My mother was upset and totally against us being together and spoke very sternly to him when he came around to see me... Even so, he tried talking to me but since I was so angry at him, I refused to talk to him and was very mean to him and scared him off. He was very angry at me too at that point and...There started 35 years of us not speaking to each other.<br />
<br />
He eventually got his girlfriend pregnant and he tried to do the right thing and married her (He was 18). Then he joined the Army and he left town leaving his wife behind whom I saw with their baby quite a lot and it killed me. She eventually left to join him where he was.<br />
<br />
I went on with my life and had 4 boyfriends, marrying the 4th when I was 22, but I married without being in love... I just had to "move on", I told myself...<br />
<br />
Years went on and we never saw each other again. Since my mother knew, she made sure that his name was never mentioned in my presence and I never did dare to ask about him. He never heard about me either and also never dared to ask about me...<br />
<br />
As expected, his first marriage ended in divorce after two kids. So he came back to our home town. By then I was married. He moved on... He met a girl that already had a child. He liked her enough to marry her. I think he even loved her, he stayed married to her for 21 yrs. But they had problems and it also ended in divorce... <br />
Meanwhile I had a daughter with my husband after 11 yrs of marriage. (I stayed married because he was a good man and I had no interest in anyone else anyway..) Now my daughter is 17 and has one more yr of High School to go.<br />
I have asked my husband for a divorce finally and we are divorcing in the best terms possible.<br />
<br />
Here's where this gets interesting. Through another cousin whom knew nothing about what happened between us when we were young, we met again, through Facebook. He was 50 and I was 49. He was then living with a girlfriend (whom he did not really love) it took us some time to start talking again through FB, but we eventually did. As we did, all of our old feelings started to come back. (We live very far apart. I live up in the northeast and he lives down in the far south.) We started a long distance relationship...<br />
<br />
We decided to meet in person after talking on our cell phones for over 6 months.<br />
We decided to meet in our old home town. We went there by ourselves, I had to go for my 30th H.S. reunion and he went with me. We fell in love very deeply all over again. After 35 yrs.<br />
<br />
We have now somehow managed to keep this relationship secretly going for one yr now and until my divorce is final and my daughter graduates and goes off on her own. We love each other more each day and nothing will stop us from being together this time. Come hell or high water!! We should have been together all of our lives... If it had not been for my mother's interference... She is now to old to do anything about it... <br />
But also we are to old for anyone to tell us how to live our lives. We plan to live happily ever after... (We will be 52 and 53 when we finally unite), We plan to marry... We are very Happy... Finally!

I am so glad I am not alone! I love my first cousin and he's admitted he's very attracted to me as well...And that he loves me He stayed the night with me twice and we... Yeah. But not only that we cuddled and talked and just.. Wow it was the most perfect moment in my life.. Hes 22 and I'm 20 he means the world to me I never felt a love so strong till him... He said last night it was wrong and our aunt who passed away would be horrified.. it hurt worse then anything I've ever felt before I hid the pain very well.. But the way he looks at me... I see the passion and the love... I want to be his so bad.. Even if we had to hide it I would do that more then willingly.. I have no idea how I can tell him we aren't the only ones... I just... Idk.. He's stolen my heart and doesn't even know he did.. Last night I was laying on his chest just talking and I said shh and just listened to his heart beat and all I kept thinking was "I hope your hearts mine because mine is your" I don't know what to do.. Advice??

It is nice to know that I am not the only one. I am dating my first cousin for a year now. We both accept that we will face a lot of problems and ignorance from our family when we spell out on them about us. We haven't told anyone yet. She had a boyfriend when I told her that I love her. She broke up with him for me. <br />
Everyone we know will point out every possible reasons and tell us that we should not be together. But we also know that no matter how things get harder, we will move forward whether they accept us or not. We decided that we are going to live our live with or without them. They will understand eventually. I know so and I will do so because from the moment she told me that she loves me too, I told myself that I will never go back. I have never been stronger mentally before her. I have had some girlfriends before her and she had boyfriends too. That made us to know ourselves that our love is real and strong. <br />
Dating a cousin has several good things too with all the security and comfort and no need to try hard at all. It is like we have been dating all of our lives. I know all about her and she knows mine too.<br />
But one day, it all will comes to us, being awkward and weird around the families. We have even decided the time when we are going to tell them. We just hope that things will not get out of our hand and get ugly. If there is anyone who have told to his or her whole family, please share your experiences. It will help a lot.<br />
All I can tell them is "falling in love with someone isn't something we can choose, it will just happen when things and timing are right with the right one".

I wish you the very best of luck Kingsuncountry.

I hope your family come to terms with your love for each other and in time be genuinely happy for you.

I first met my cousin when she was 19 and myself 29. There was a strong flirtatious connection from the start. Over the years, my feelings grew stronger and stronger. I remember many Family get together's where our banter, chemistry and flirting were obvious. My Mother and sister asked me if there were anything going on between us. There wasn't.<br />
<br />
Eventually, I had direct contact with her. We had been out a few times alone and cooked a meal for each other too. I respectively behaved myself as I feared rejection. The times she has a boyfriend in her life would make me feel sick and when she's been single and I've had a girlfriend, I've always wished it was her. <br />
<br />
My desire for her grew so strong I eventually told her how I felt. She had a boyfriend at the time and she resisted my desire to kiss her and hold her hand. I wasn't in control of my emotions and wish I took a lighthearted approach. I avoided the Family do's for 3 years until recently. I was with my last girlfriend when we met. It was magic.<br />
<br />
Over 20 years has past and we are currently both single. I keep thinking we are to be together. My cousin makes me feel like no girlfriend has. I have just sent her an email inviting her the keep in touch. I no longer care what the Family would think. I will try and gently woe her. If you're in a similar situation or if you both feel the same, go for it. Ignore people who say it's wrong. <br />
<br />
True love knows no boundaries and attraction isn't a choice.

Good for her ! I love my cousin I'm 14 and he's 25 and I don't know what to do :(

i am loving my cousine alot... i am now in age 18 and he is in age 26, i can do anything to make him happy, i want his happyness only, if he loves other girl i will help him to marrie her. but i can feel still he is mine ,i want to tell him about my feelings on him, he is really sweet and cute not looking attractive but awesome personality good hight, our age has so much diffrence but i dont mind that, i wish he also have the same feeling on me like i have on him .{i love you sweet heart....please be mine},i want to propose him like that, i wish he will agreed for my proposal but unfartunatly he is no more...i mean he is dead in one incident. but i still loving him and i will go closer to him ,now i am crying...

I'm turning 15 in a few months and I've been in love with my cousin for 3 years. When I was 4 I went and lived with my aunt and I didn't see my mom or my family. When I was 8 years old I moved to a different state, and my mom and me decided to go back to visit our family when I was 12. My cousin was there and all of my family members were. He hit it off, and we had really cool conversations, and we had a lot in common. I started to get feelings for him, but I didn't say anything cause we were both in a serious relationship. His was more serious than mine. When I left my heart broke, I didn't want to leave him. A few day after I left, which was on Christmas his gf broke up with him. Then a whole bunch of stuff happened, but I went out to vist my family again. While I was out there, he spend almost every second together, and I we weren't then we were texting. One night we were texting ( this was the only night he didn't stay with me) our feelings came out, he told me that he has loved me for 3 years and I told him I felt the same. The last night I was there, we made out and there was a lot if touching involved, but no sex because my grandma and my mom was in the living room, and we were in the bedroom. It was perfect, it felt so right. We are still together, we have been going out for about a month now. It sucks cause he lives 3,000 miles away from me. He make it work, and the day I turn 18 I'm moving out there to spend the rest of my life with him.

Wow I can't belv I am nt alone thnx 2 evry1 dat puts their stories out thr well I hv bn in love with my cousin for the past 6years but now problem is our love is uncontrolable I thnk abt hm evryday ,he is the love of my lyf, we have amazing sex he makes me feel like the only gal in the world problem is being a secret is startin to destroy me cos he has a galfrnd and she wil b givin birth in ledd thn 3months I thot I cud handle it bt I can I want out of the relationship but my heart does not agree pls guys wht shud I do I am goin crazy signed 4rm a 19 year old south african