True Love, Fairytale Love

My story is a bit long and strange, im not sure if it’s because i am religious but there is certainly some magic in it. since I was 7, every week be4 my birthday I would pray that my dream guy would walk into my birthday party with a rose, I kept on praying like that until I gave up at age 14. From all that praying I even developed an image and a name of what he should look like, tall, brown hair, brown eyes, Mexican and named Erik. At 16 I left my home in California to visit my family in Mexico, there...I saw him. My first cousin who I called Miguel. During that visit I noticed that, slowly but surely I was falling in love...I was so scared but, never ignored my feelings, instead I embraced them. During that trip I prayed once more that my true love would find me...and soon enough, jaja I found out that Miguel’s REAL first name is Erik!!! When I heard that I remembered the prayers I made as a child, it all came back to me, and I looked at Erik and tears came to my eyes as I saw his brown hair and brown eyes. the perfect man, he is 3 months younger than me...eventually I had to leave, I do confess that on the plane I cried because I was afraid of what was going to happen with my feelings. a couple of weeks later his family visited us in USA and 2 weeks passed, and he confessed his feelings to me, we went out for almost a month before our families found out and separated us, he went back to Mexico and I stayed here, my side of the family supported me, but his parents hated me. Erik and I kept communication over email and such, but time passed and we stopped talking, just like day I called him...making sure that he was alone (it was like 3am cuz his parents had to be asleep) I asked a very important question....if he still loves me, and he said yes. After that we never talked and his parents don’t accept calls from my house. Plus I heard a rumor that hes got a girlfriend here is the strange part...there were moments where I just wanted to forget about him and just give up but...some higher power, God, sent me messages. One night he sent me a song called "no me doy por vencido" by Luis fonsi,in English it means, don’t give up, what could be clearer than that. And then god constantly sends me messages in my dreams. Its strange but, I have faith that the love I feel will be strong 4ever. I know he loves me and I love him. as I was growing up I promised myself that I would always follow my heart, and even though it sounds childish, its the truth, I will keep my promise and I wont give up, Erik and I will be together and live happily ever after, I have faith.

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Awe! Dont Give Up ! Fight for him ! It's Worth it If You Truly love him & he loves you too!

Wow!!! Awesome story!!!! i was reading your other ones and when you said once you came back from mexico you'd dream about him and think of him as soon as you got up i thought wow!!! thats exactly how i have been and im 20 years old!!!! Go for it girl!! me and my cousin are now trying to be together forever and its the best feeling in the world!!! As you say follow your heart!!! Y esa cancion!!!! Fabulosa!!! Esa si es senal!!!! Follow your heart, SIgue a tu corazon

It's stories like this that remind me i'm not the only person going through this. Like you, I still have faith and we are working and struggling every moment to reunite and be together the way it should be. Both our families know and are doing everything they can to prevent it, but she just turned 18 and im turning 18 in may. We are well aware it will be a long hard way, but we've been rowing against the current for 513 days now (and counting) and are not about to give up. It's all in having the faith, and the will to keep that faith alive.

wow, i can totally relate to you. my story is kinda similar to yours and i am currently going out with my cousin. Listen to Luis Fonsi no se den por vencidos!! I know it's strange, but the world is huge and you can't give it up especially if you guys weremade for each other. Thanks, because your story helped to renewmy faith

wow amazing story, I think you used 'The secret'. if you dont know what that is, its a movie you should watch it and you will understand why the same exact guy u imagined turned out to be real. well anyway thats not the point, i say you should hang on to him, and as they said dont let his family get in the way. how old are you now?<br />
gd luck, keep us updated;]

I can relate to your story. I have incredibly strong feelings for my cousin. I know that he is my soulmate, don't ask me how, I just feel it deep in my heart. I want to get over him; no I NEED to get over for my own good, but I am always getting signs. I hear his name everywhere and sometimes I see his car. I dream about him and things all around me remind me of him. I know that other people would say that it is stupid to believe in those types of things, but I do. Go for it, don't let his family get in the way of your feelings for each other. True love is too precious a thing to lose.

I think that you should follow your heart. I think that his parents are just afraid to lose their son. Like the song says don't give up.