My Cousin Got Me After 34 Years

He is my mother's brother's son. We interacted growing up even lived in the same town for some years but never really spent much time together, he is three years older then me. He was always attracted to me but I rejected his advances when we were 9, 13 always as he was my cousin. We lost touch once I moved from town to the US and fourteen years later I happen to come back home for business purposes and looked him up, just because he was the only relative left in town and wanted to see him and his family. I heard he married and was happy, I was not expecting what followed. I called and asked if he had time for a visit, he mentioned how he was so happy I called and he could not wait to see me, nothing out of the ordinary just a relative that was happy to hear from me. We agreed to met and he offered to take me out to town to visit lots of places I have not been in so many years and never with him. We agreed he would stay in the hotel with me as the ride was long and we would be out that night. When I when to pick him up I was shocked to see how much he had changed, he had become a HOT! built man!!!. I immediately thought to my self I was in trouble. Why, because I thought if he makes an advance this time I probably would not resist. I in the other hand had gained weight, my stomach scared from my only pregnancy, basically I was out of shape somewhat and he was totally in shape. He is separated from his wife and I am married, very bad situation adding to the fact that we are such close relatives. We met I visited with his mom and grandmother and we went off to bar hop on the cost of Puerto Rico, had lots of sea food beer and talked about our lives. We were fine talking about our childhood and nothing came up about his advances in the past. Then after three or four beers, he got the courage and started talking about it, we laughed and were having a great time. Then out of no were as we were arriving at another location he came on to kiss me( I let him) It was amazing!!!! we continued acting like nothing but I was fired up! and hoping he did it again, after seven hours on the road having a great time we arrived @ the hotel to shower and change to go back to a local club in town. As I placed my stuff on the floor he gently caressed my face and started kissing me, we got really hot and ended up having the BEST sex I ever had!. He was talking to me calling me cousin and telling me how much he wanted me all these years, that weekend we did it 11 times, he was amazing and just the thought of what we were doing was a turn on, thinking of all the years we missed. I fell in Love with him that weekend and I cant stop thinking about him. He was the perfect man, gentile , organized( he house was immaculate) fun, sexy, attentive and we have very similar sense of humor and personalities. He want me to be with him and offered for us to move to Tennessee together, he is an ex Special forces for the Army and can get a job in a base there. This would happen in three years as I still have my son in High school and would never jeopardize him for a man. The other problem is that I am wealthy and have a great job here, my husband has not been the best to me so I don't worry about him but do I want to change my life style to barely making it for him? i don't know, I have never been in love before until now but I don't know if I am confusing love with the excitement as my mind clearly tells me he is not the man for me. He has no job know 37 going to a community college, he really does not have anything going for him. he is also I think a player so i am  so conflicted!!! regardless of what happens I had the best time of my life and do not regret the experience.
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i love your story.. have you figured out what you're going to do?

I agree with Marji all the way. You have way too much to lose!<br />
<br />
I fell in love with my cousin and it caused a horrible family scandal from which it took years for me to recover. I blamed myself - I had to learn to forgive myself and to give him some of the blame - after all he was 7 years older than I and this started when I was 13. Scandal happened when I was 21.