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Falling In Love With My First Cousin

My cousin and I met when I was 16 and he was 19. At the time I was vey shy and didn't speak a lot so we didn't get a chance to get to know each other -I just knew him as another relative.  All that changed when I graduated high school and started working in the family business. He would go every so often to see this girl he liked at the time and when she wasn't there, he and I would chat, uneasily at first but quickly gaining more confidence in each other. I got into my first serious relationship and when I broke up with my boyfriend, I turned to my cousin for advice and such and we started talking even more. He also got into a really serious relationship with a younger girl and they were going to elope but her personality and his started to clash and eventually they broke up. He was very upset and by this point I already had strong feelings toward him so I was there to help him like he helped me cope. In 2007, I went to his place for his birthday and brought him a gift. We were watching a movie and then all of a sudden he leaned in and gave me a kiss. I was confused for like two seconds but then I kissed him back. Since day one I knew our relationship was not meant to be and told him so, but he always replies the same thing -that he knows it but he can't help but love me. I've tried unsuccessfully to break up with him countless times but his patiences perseveres and I always end up with him again. In Christmas of 2008 ,we had intimate relations for the first time and two months ago ,we finally went all the way. Now I know I will love him forever and cannot get him out of my mind but I'm scared of my family. My dad has always suspected and he doesn't approve of him and me even hanging out together. I don't know what to do, he has asked me to marry him but I always dreamed of getting married in church and the catholic church doesn't allow marriage between first cousins. All I know for sure is that I love him deeply and he loves me deeply too. Why can't it be as easy and simple as that?

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Well my love story isn't the common love story mines not the happy ending mines more of an unusual love story not everyone would have it. Everyone in their lives have a miracle maybe it's that your rich maybe that you win lottery but I'm not that lucky my miracle is more epic more beast you know. Well my love story started with my cousin he was 3 years older than me. I am in love with him I mean it's wrong because he's my first cousin and we knew each other since I was born we grew up together and when I was like 7 that's when I found out that I liked him it wasn't that serious of a thing I mean I thought he was the hottest thing I had ever seen but I never took nothing serious.But as the years came by and time passed I could see that we were starting to have serious feeling about each other and then one day me and he's sister and cousin too had a sleep over he was there she fell asleep but he didn't so we were in he's room with the dog pelusa and our hands just got together it was as if something was making our hands get together well that was all we did then me and my cousin had another sleep over and I went to he's room and we cuddle that kept happening over the days and it just felt so right, it felt so good it didn't feel like he was my cousin we are so comfortable when we're together he's like my best friend and these days when we text we say I love you and I miss you and I wish I was with you and I wanna hold you and I mean when our parents aren't watching we cuddle and I knew it wasn't right but I was in love with him I loved him, days went by and that was all we did then he had to leave to Mexico for a few months I really didn't want him to go but he had to during those days we went to valley fair it was so much fun, me and him went on all the rides and we had so much fun we were on our way back and we were holding hands then he turned around we looked at eachother then he hugged me and then our faces touched and then I gave him a kiss on the cheek and slowly our lips touched and we made out for like 30 minutes and we kept doing it every time we could the last day he was here was amazing we went upstairs we started kissing and then he was sitting down then he moved and pushed me towards the couch we started kissing with a lot of passion and then we went down stairs and we were behind the van he lifted me up and kissed me the was the last time we saw each other October 31 2014, we started having a long distance relationship it was really hard it just didn't feel like we were dating he hugged a couple girls and did some stuff I kissed someone and hugged some guys and danced with some but then for some weeks I stopped loving him and I told him I didn't love him anymore and he started crying and saying he wanted me and that just idk I love him a little bit again but that wasn't for very long because then we started fighting and I knew he would hang out and be with other girls and I was right there was this one sluty *** ***** who I hate with all my passion named Vicky when he first got to Mexico he went to a quince a party in Mexico people do when girls turn 15 years old he went and he took a picture with her and he told she liked him but he didn't like her but that was all lies big dirty stupid nasty lies that wasn't true he never loved me and I loved him with everything that I had I would of given everything for him why would he do this to me why I don't understand he was my everything I loved him and he just played with me. Days went by fighting the perfect storms I knew and even thoe I wasn't with him I could feel how he was starting to loose any interest in me if he even had any it was horrible it hurt so much I was dying on the inside and like he said "nothing's forever not even ourselves"-the worst person alive but for a couple months I thought maybe he would actually love me forever and he was gonna be there for me till the day I died but nothing's forever right!?! He txt me he was going out I said Ya ok we hadn't said I love you for along time and that time we didn't either he went out came back and said he went with Daniela a pig=fat ugly disgusting and like everything I exploded I mean I couldn't take all his BS forever so I broke up with him it hurt so much I'm dying I swear I can't take it but I don't know wat hurt the most if it was he started dating Vicky by the 3rd day holy ******* **** why, why would he do that to me why I thought he didn't like her.

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love is love it does not see any relation,person,religion it is meant to bring all peoples together for a time known as forever .keep on loving it is a great blessing of god ,in fact people who fall in love are the most lucky person in the universe but love truly, love from heart not from body love to make thing good then better and then best not to make them worse. love to know the meaning of life, not the body of your wife. love every thing and definitely one day you will be together for ever ,because god love those persons who had true love and respect towards love forever.really love is the great blessing of god in fact it is god on earth (BUT TRUE LOVE)

Firstly, go to wikipedia. You'll see that on a global scale, first cousin marriage is accepted by the *vast* majority of countries. Even the vast majority of western countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the entirety of South America and all but 3 countries in Europe.

You'll see as well that it's accepted in a bunch of states in the US.

That's the first thing to recognise because that's how you stop mistakenly thinking of yourself as someone doing a bad thing. That's how you stop accepting that it's ok for others to see you in that way. There are a few issues to go over on the topic, but that's the big one. It has to change in your mind from feeling like you're hiding a bad thing, to knowing that you're not. You're just doing something that people lose their minds over easily, without bothering with facts, because it became a social taboo. It's easier for the mob to agree with the mob.

The recent reply from anh1993 shows how the taboo factor is the worst part. She felt guilty for her *family's* pain. She lost a long term relationship, but it's their pain she has to feel guilt for. She's been made to believe that she was the one hurting people. It's ridiculous. She was the one in pain; no-one else had something to lose like she did. But people found it ok to tell her she was a bad person hurting others, because the taboo status makes people lose all ability to think about it properly.

As for the genetics, again, check the numbers and you'll see why it's legal in nearly every other western country.

But the recognition of yourself and your feelings as good things, to be embraced and welcomed, is the most important part. Then you can get on with experiencing the relationship in its own right, instead of as an ongoing inner battle you're both always fighting.

tbh youre sick, everyone on here is sick! theres no such thing as falling in love with your cousin! theyre FAMILY, yous need help asap!!

Well, ignorence is bliss isn't it?

My family recently found out, and we had to break up. I am 22 and he is 24. It would have been our 5 year anniversary. Even though it hurts me and I cry every night, I can't help but feel guilt because well, we both don't want to put our families through the pain. At the same time, it's not fair. I don't know how I'm ever going move on....

I truly understand, and if god put you two together then God Bless you both, No one is in the position to judge. You can't help how the heart feels.

you can help how the heart feels & not feel that ****, its damn twisted!

It's hard because, like gay relationship or transexual people, it's something rather new. It has been accepted recently (I mean less than one century). Since it is new, people need time to accept it ! Just like women's rights or other religions (by "other" I mean not catholic, I'm not saying catholicism is the best or main religion, I'm atheist). I understand you, I'm currently in a relationship with my first cousin. The main problem is the family. For the moment we didn't told them, we wanna wait my 18th birthday so I can legally leave my family if it turns bad, and um.. disappear for a little time, for them to accept us. Because they'll have to do it. For marriage at Church, it depends on your religion, some allow marriage between cousins, some don't, and it's always a bit complicated. Totally support you, love know absolutely no limits. AND to people saying "it's bad", "it's unnatural", "it's ******" (no it isn't), "but it's your cousin !!" well, who the hell are you to imagine you can tell people who to love ? xx

the censured word is the word for sexual relationship between people from the same family

Exactly.Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect


I face the same problem lets sya im thirteen i love my cousin and i mean love her but she is 23 and we are cousins we talk n all but cousin and 10 year difference what do i do. I want to marry her when im older i really do i love her so much i cant get her ioutta my head i love her more than myself

The more young you are, the more complicated it is ! My bf is also my cousin and he's 26. I'm 16. It depends on the person but I wanted to wait to tell him my feeling. I fell in love with him when I was 14,5 but I stopped myself to tell him, and I waited, and it worked ! Now he are very happy together (we didn't tell our families yet). But since you are younger, it's more complicated. If I can give you a piece of advice, I'd say speak to her (don't tell her you love her), get closer to her ! But I don't wanna be pessimistic, but I'd say wait. It could work, but it's harder for the older person to hang out with the younger. Really hope you'll end up happy together xx

I'm also in love with my cousin..nw i'm 20, he is 4yrs elder than me..nw he is 24..since 4 yrs we r in one knows about our these years we r involved a hundreds of time..we lived together about 2 yrs..i like to marry him, i can't live without i knw it's nt possible bcoz he is my cousin(brother)..dnt knw wt to do..a lot of confusion..

its all lust honey, the sooner you get over it, the better for you :-)

hi, I know my cousin since i was little. I mean we played together. When we were younger we kissed in the mouth, we were playing at mom and dad, he was the dad, and i was the mom, we were 5 years old, since then we were always kissing. In 2011 we kissed again, but the kiss was different from others, But h asked for the kiss, and i was like " okey, no problem" was like when we wre small, but different. Now in 2014 we kissed again, but he didnt ask for it. It started with small gestures, and i reciprocate the gestures. Every time we are together we end up kissing. it's like mutual love. We always know we want to kiss each other. And now i can't stop thinking abou him, and i don't know what to do.
Is that normal?

I have the same situation

really? and what did you do?

youre not normal, normal people dont kiss their cousin, its straight nasty!

I know I'm not normal. but that happened. I didn't want that but happened. I dont see him like my cousin but like a man.

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Me too this is getting harder to breath. I don't know what to. It's really not great keeping this secret. I thought I have psychological problems because of this. It really is hard for me to control my feelings. I'm human after all and not strong enough for this. There are so many things that going through my head right now.

I understand this. I've fallen hard for my cousin! He is 38, I'm 33. Both of us are going through divorces. We both have kids. My two love him to death.
I recently separated from my husband of 13 years, my cousin separated from his wife of 12. Be for all this happened, I was going through a tough time and out of no where, my cousin texted me.
He opened my eyes and he's helped me and my kids a lot in such a short amount of time.
In just a month we have shared so much with each other, we have so much in common!
My side of the family would probably not accept it, while his side might be more open. My mom( his dad's sister) is uber religious.
Him and I are on the same page religion wise. I wished so much we weren't related, I just want to be with him. But I have to hide how I feel , and with my kids as old as they are, the cat is gonna come out of the bag eventually. But, I can't help that I live him!

I hadn't seen him much over the years either, but he admitted to me that he's always had a thing for me. I already know that no matter what happens I will always love him because he is my cousin! I would do anything for him. Family is the most important thing in my life, which is why I'm so conflicted, because I don't know how my side would take it, and I live my mom so much


I've loved my cousin since we were kids. I would always deny my love for him because I always thought it wasn't right to love him. We are family, and society where I live clearly expresses that having a relationship with a family member is a big no. Even with my family, when ****** jokes come up like ****** isn't a big deal, they feel the need to say how much they actually disapprove of it afterwords. They don't know that I love my cousin, but I always feel so guilty about my feelings when they do that.
I am currently 20 while he is 18. The both of us get along so well, our personalities and sense of humor match so perfectly. We are always stuck to each others side whenever we have family parties or he comes down to stay the weekend. His life at home is very stressful, so he visits often. I feel like seeing him so often now doesn't help me at all. My feelings only get stronger and more painful every second we spend together.
I decided to start writing journals to get all of my feelings out and to help me get through this. I finally admitted how much I really love him in them and accepted my feelings. I've been telling myself that it really is okay to love him, but probably not okay to act it out.
Since the two of us are so close, I always tell him everything. All of my problems and opinions. I love talking to him, as he usually helps me sort things out that's going wrong in my life. It's the same for him, talking to me about his problems and pretty much everything else. Sometimes he tells me that I'm the only one he talks to about certain things. We also aren't shy to talk about sexual matters. I've actually been having dreams about him, most of them being sexual. I have told him about them and he tells me that they don't bother him. I felt awkward telling him about them, but every time I started to think that he wasn't okay with it, even when I didn't say anything about doubting him, he would reassure that it's okay. We literally share everything about ourselves with each other. But the only thing I hadn't told him was how much I love him.
About a week ago, I gathered the guts to mention my journals to him. I told him that it had to deal with my dreams about him and how I was having a hard time with them. He didn't know that they were bothering me so badly or the reason why. I wasn't lying when I said that, I just didn't tell him that my journals also included a confession of how much I love him, and the fact that I love him is the reason why these dreams bother me so badly. I was so nervous when I sent them to him. He gave me a few short replies that didn't say anything my confession at first, as if he wasn't acknowledging it. I was trembling by this point because I felt that maybe I must have pushed him away.
Then suddenly, after a bit of silence, he said to me that it was almost as if he was the one who wrote the journals, but for him it would say "her" instead. In my journals, I first started by saying that I love him, then explained how I feel every time I am around him. Anything he does when we're together sends me on a high, like everything in the world is so right. There's nothing he can do or say that will make me think he is strange, considering how offset he is compared to everyone else. I love and adore everything about him. The way he goofs around all the time, the way he laughs, smiles, and makes funny faces. I also love how he will do something random and unexpected that involves him making physical contact, such as touching my face in a manor that is neither normal or romantic in the eyes of other people.
He continued to explain how he felt for me, and being as silly as he is, even related our situation to a new episode of his favorite anime. He used it to explain how badly he really wants to have me, but can't. He also said to me that when we are having huge family parties, I'm the only one he really wants to see. And also when he comes to visit, he can't get over here fast enough because of how exited he is to see me.
After the week passed and have had several visits through out the days because of family events, we realize how painful it is to be so close yet can't really be together. We can't show our affection and can only act as we normally do. I always hope for some privacy where maybe we can hold hands or cuddle, but I don't think he would allow it anyway. We've both kind of been thinking that we're closely related because we aren't really meant to be with each other. This is mainly an idea stemming from our shared religion. I honestly wish it didn't have to be with way. Every moment I'm with him, I want to hold him in my arms. I want to brush my hands through his hair and kiss him so tenderly. But I have to hold myself back, just like he is, and it's so excruciating...
I went looking around for an answer online, that maybe we don't have to live the rest of our lives separated, and found this place. It really does help me, seeing that there are so many people that are in the same situation as I am.

Oops. Sorry about the censored words, I didn't know the word wasn't allowed. It's the word for sexual relationships between people who are related.

zzzzz nasty!!!

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My cousin was my first love and I figured that all other girls would be the same. I was wrong. There's an unique magnetism that exists between us. It's unavoidable. Yes, cousins are family, and that means there is trust. A cousin will always "know" you better than any stranger. There exists history and roots and bonds from the first instant.

Cousinly relationships are natural. Humans have lived for millenniums in small, tight knit clans, tribes, groups, etc. A vast majority of our ancestors are, therefore, cousins. Our animal instinct, and that is what we are, animals, encourages bonding between cousins.

My cousin is my best friend and partner. She's irreplaceable. We have each other's best interests at heart. And, in every way, she is beautiful. Because of the forgoing, the physical intimacy, even just a kiss, holding hands, looking into her eyes, is beyond description.

Life is long, go slow. Just stay prepared and committed. Do not let family get in the way ... if you have to move to Canada or Mexico to avoid the family's ignorance and poison, well ... life is an adventure and that's icing on the cake!

Like neighbors, we don't "choose" our family members. I will put distance between myself and anyone who tries to "guilt me." That includes parents and siblings, aunts and uncles, and religions.

Your life partnership is about you and your partner. In making your decision, ignore social and religious constraints, ignore family and even (especially) ignore the immediate hormonal lust. Just listen to your inner heart.

Life is about overcoming challenges, like climbing mountains; how high will you climb and who do you want tied onto the other end of your rope?

First, a great resource is Second, if only I knew 30 years ago that the concept of a soul mate truly existed, I wouldn't have let anything stand in the way of marrying my first cousin. Lastly, historically, 80 percent of ALL marriages have been between first cousins. Think about it,... it makes perfect sense. (And nobody ever said life or love was easy.)

Dude. Omg, you serious about that? Awesome to hear... I freaking love my cousin soooo much it hurts that we have to be separated. She tells me that's she's scared but we tend to hold hands from time to time. I love her even if she's just in the same room. No lust at all. ughhhhh -__-

I'm new to this project website thingy, I just saw that this was the year 2009 when you posted and now I want to ask a question if it's fine with you, how are you guys NOW? It's 2013 and about to turn 2014... Are you guy's still closer then ever?

I think that society is messed up. Love is love. We cannot just turn an emotions as strong as this one off. It is alright for a 25 year old to marry a 35 year old but if a 15 year old dates a 25 year old society will just judge them and judge them. Weather it be between cousins or between a 10 year age gap, weather it be between a man and a man or a girl or a girl. Society will judge you no matter what you do, so I suggest going for whatever makes you happy in life. The people who truly care about you will stick by your side no matter what happens. Who cares what all the fake people think? I hope you have a goof and happy life.

Just stumbled upon this thread while trying to get some emotions off my chest. I have a very sad story to tell, and I'm thinking it might be therapeutic to share it here, especially since I just came back from a family reunion where she, my cousin and the love of my life, was also there.
I'm now 44, but back when I was 22 and my first cousin was 15 or so, I visited my uncle and aunt and their only child (in England; I live in the US). We fell in love with each other during that trip - truly, madly, deeply. It is indescribable the pull that you feel towards each other, as some of you have discovered. It is not lust, though that is also there, but some sort of 'genetic sexual attraction' as I've read elsewhere.

However, unlike the experiences of most of you who have posted here, my cousin and I were then handed our possible futures together on a gilded platter. Nothing could have been better. We're Muslims you see, and it is perfectly legal, normal and accepted to marry one's first cousin. My mother and my uncle (her brother) noticed we were falling for each other, so they sat us down, and said they would be delighted if we wanted to get married and have a golden future together. My grandmother apparently wished as much years earlier. I would have to wait, of course, until my cousin finished her university eduction and we both grew up some more.

The sad part begins here. She went off to uni, I was back in the US. These were the days with no Internet, Facebook, little e-mail, (and expensive transatlantic phone calls). I made the best I could with long letters, occasional (short) trips. But the distance was too much. She missed me to the point where she needed to counter her depressing yearning for me by hanging out with friends, parties, whatever else to keep herself occupied. She was really young and just beginning to explore herself. Long story short, a succession of boyfriends followed. I developed an unhealthy jealousy strain, followed by anger, hurt, etc. etc. After a couple of years of this torment, I made a fateful decision while she still was in university. I called her oneday to say I would walk away because I could not stand her being with someone else, so I would give her her 'space'. It was the right decision for the wrong reasons as it would turn out.

Seeing us drifting apart, the family thought it was perhaps then appropriate for me to move on with my life, find someone, get married, etc. And that's what I did ... got married, had two kids. I'm in my love with my wife too - no regrets there either. Once again, if connectivity (phone, digital, travel) were better things might have been different. My cousin moved on too. Got married. No kids yet. WE never really had a major discussion or fight or resolution of the issues - just a gradual bleeding away from one another, facilitated by the distance and lamentable lack of communication.

18 years have now passed by. But something strange has been happening to me all this time, despite my best efforts. She has come to me in my dreams all these years. Not lust, once again. But in my deepest dreams, she would be lying next to me. Or walking past me with the slightest touch of our arms. Or caressing back my hair. The sensations and feelings are absolutely electric.

I've seen her a few times at family parties over the years, and we've avoided each other and talk very formally, but I cannot think straight when I see her.

I saw her again last week. This time she was visiting without her husband and for whatever reason, when we had a moment alone, I spilled out my heart. Tears and regret oozed out of every cell in my body. Here I was, a grown man, normally known to be very confident and strong, dissolved into a puddle. Despite her best efforts to conceal her emotions, she was a mess of grief as well. The love and pull that I felt towards her all those years ago was now multipled by 10. I have never felt like this about any other person in my life. We spent the entire week, trying to steal moments with one another without anyone noticing. Two adults ridiculously recreating teenage games.

We had lost our virginities to each other way back then, but here there was no sex now. Strangely, we didn't need that - we seemed to be yearning to join one another at a higher level. We didn't even get clear opportunities to hold hands, let alone kiss or anything like that (it was a big family affair in a large vacation home). We just managed a few minutes at a time to be in our own bubble. But everytime we laid eyes upon one another, or our arms brushed against each other as we did the dishes in the kitchen, it felt as if I was transported to another realm. The woman in my dreams was right there and the romantic/lusty/sorrowful/flirty/pining/hopeless emotions were an incredibly powerful, twisted, confusing mess.

What do we do now? She loves her husband, and I'm in love with my wife too. These people are totally innocent, and we do not want to hurt them in any way. We're not talking of running away together and abandoning beautiful spouses and children. Not going to happen. What then? I mentioned to her that all I need would be to see her a few times a year and be lost in our emotions for short periods at a time. She thinks that would be what it obviously is: cheating on our spouses. Can I not have confess to have a deep love for my wife, and also feel a crazy kind of love and yearning for my cousin as well? Is the human heart only meant to choose either this or that?
The parting over this past weekend was incredibly painful; something some of you who have posted here know all too well. It is raw, hits you like a ton of bricks, and you don't actually recover from it. All we shared were a few touches, and mountain of emotions, but I am left in tears whenever I think of her - e.g. in the grocery aisle this morning, or at work now. She is on a plane, and texted me that her makeup is dissolving in a flood of tears. Don't know how this will play out.

Given all the complicated emotions, the moral of this story is surprisingly simple for me in hindsight: I should have been a bigger man back then, waited for her to finish her growing up, ignored all her sexual experimenations with other men, and reunited with her. This sacrifice seemed way too much back then which is why I didn't do it, but now feels like a pittance. So for all of you who are still young, without strings attached and lucky to be in love with your cousins, if your love is anything close to what ours has been like, my advice is simple: ignore everything else and get together and make it work together; you only get to live life once and you're not going to feel the way you do about your cousin with anybody else.

Try reading more about other religions, in Islam for example marrying your first cousin is normal and not forbidden because why would it be? He's not your sibling when it comes to genetics and DNA.


I tought i was the only one who likes my first cousin we are the same age 16 but he looks older i knew him since we were little kids but then i move to the U.S for 5 years when i came back we were both 15 and we dint talk at all i dont know how it happen but we became inseparable i would tell him anything we would chat very late At night and when my parents werent home he came over once he went on a trip and bought me a gift a beautifull owl earings and then i think he tried to tell me he liked me by saying tht my little sister told him tht we made a cute couple but i told him she was crazy and then he got mad and we stop talking then like 1 month he gave me a. Letter and it said tht he miss spending time with me and hes pride dint let him tell me but he couldt help himself so we started talking again then like 4 days after he got drunk and send me a long text saying tht he found out i did it with 3 guys and to tell him the thruth he said he was heartbroken and he like me i dint knew what to think i was mad because it wasnt true and i dint knew who told him tht and i was also confuse with my feelings so when he was sober i told him it wasnt true and he said he was going to beat up the guy who told him tht and i told him why he care and he told me he like me and only wanted me to be his but we talk it out and we knew it is wrong so we stop talking ever since but every time i see. Him i wish i could go back in time when we were just best friends

I didnt expect that there's a lot of people experienceditor the way I am in right now. Im 21 yrs old already & in love with my fathers cousin that is a year younger to me. He' s 20 ryt now and we just had our anniv last month. 

Our story started when he first visit our town and thats the first time I know and met him. He stayed to us for a month and unexpectedly we fell in love with each other it sounds CRAZY for me but we can't help the way we feel for each other. From the start we know that it shouldnt happend but we can't helped it. Ive been with a lot of relationship before him and same as him cause he has this image of being "playboy" but he changed because of me. I never felt this feeling before , the feeling that he is youre life that you can assure that hes the ryt man for you. We really love each other so much that eventhough we just been a month together and the rest 13 mos was a long distance relationship because I need to work and he went back to his home our feeling never changed. The same love we have from the start. 

Even I love him that much at the end of my day I still think the kind of relationship we had, a forbidden! I cried every night thinking of this situation.Our family is too close and we dont want to destroy it. I want him for the rest of my life but how? I plan to break up with him for our family not to have problems but I find it really really hard to do. I Dont want to loose a person that is my happiness, my life and my evrything. What will I do? I need help cause I know this relationship is wrong!

Hi my name is Karin and I'm in the same boat as u but still blood relatives is a since it will be difficult but both of u will find the right person mabe he could be ur red thread but u have to cut it sorry if I sound stupid thts just my opinion I'm still a kid sorta speak but it's the right thing to do

im 16 and i went on holiday with my dad and my cousin, i didnt really know him that well because of the age gap (he is 28) but after 4 days we ended up having sex and carried on doing this throughout the rest of the holiday. our feelings were growing and we could sense it. On the last day he text me in the car sitting next to me and told me he loved me and i replied the same. We just sat there looking at each other and holding hands. Its only been 3 days since and i miss him soo much. Be with him if its possible, you only get one chance with love.

Be careful baby girl, you are really young for him...if he is a first cousin...and if you were to ever to have a child together...Your children could have deformity\'s make sure this is what you want before letting your feeling grow to strong...he is way older than you and he is playing with your emotions! He could go to jail for this, just be careful.. When you are older and have children and you are still feeling these fillings then go back and take the world with him..Just my opinion, but think hard on what you are risking by being with him now. Believe me I know...I have had a crush on my first cousin my entire life...I am now 58 years old and still feel the need to have him hold me in his arms...but would never act on it in the past because I just knew it was wrong, he just told me recently that he was in love with me when we were kids but was too shy to ever tell me, if he only knew then that I felt the same way but I knew I wanted a normal family, which I have now..except for my husband, my husband has physically and mentally abused me for most of our marriage, we are now going through a divorce. And I will soon be single. My Cousin is also going through a divorce. Nothing to do with each others divorce , but it just so happened like that, he left his wife for a younger girl friend. By fate or call it what you want we just started talking on facebook one day and talked for about two weeks we have been talking on line, all these feelings that we both shared as young adults were starting to come back for me and him both, we started out talking and flirting...and the next thing I knew we were almost having sex on line with our conversations..I know it was just lust...but I think I really scared him off..because I have been so lonely for so long and I think he knew that...and I think he was thinking I just needed someone to grasp on to...which is not it at all. I have told him how lonely I have been in my marriage and he was so sweet to me and was making strong advances toward me and I was eating them up...that is until I started to make advances toward him back and then he pulled away. I still have very strong feelings for him...we are so much alike and we have talked about so much in a couple of weeks that we have been talking, and we both want the same thing out of life...everything that he wants in life I want as well..we are so much alike it is scary. We were connecting so well...and all of a sudden he pulled away from me and broke my heart...It wasn\'t bad enough that I was fixing to go through a bad divorce, which was happening way before we started talking. He knows he came in to my life at a very vulnerable time and he knows he really screwed up my head... And apologized to me for it,but anyway I asked him if he was in love with his younger girl friend and he said yes...I was so totally one could ever know...but I also know that he still has strong feelings for me..but want admit it...because he doesn\'t want to hurt the family, he is very mature in that manner. He will barley talk to me now..and it hurts so bad....I feel like I am dying inside...I just told him if ever things don\'t work out with them two...I would wait on him...I am so confused men they can play with your head so be careful baby are so young...and believe me you have many more times in your life for doesn\'t only come just feels like that because you are so over whelmed with him right now. Give this thing time...and you will see this too will pass <3 If My cousin would take me right now, I would jump so fast into his arms he wouldn\'t know what hit him, because we both have grown children and have no other obligations. But I think he is in love with this young girl right now or thinks he is??? I just don\'t know how he could be and be talking to me the way he was for a while...??? I am really confused also baby. So just because you get doesn\'t mean you can\'t still have those same feelings... getting old is only a matter of your body wearing out...not your mind or your please think long and hard before you let things happen too fast. There\'s plenty time later on in life...If my cousin marries this younger girl..I will be happy for him that he found exactly what I am looking for, due to the fact he is my cousin and I love his as a cousin...but at the same time I am in love with I know where you are with your feelings. I too will find love someone be it him or someone else..I have had many people in my life that I have fell in love believe me when you say love only comes are way off. Slow down and think about what you are doing...try not to move too fast with your decisions ...much love to you...<3

I'm 16 years old and I fell in Love with my 25 year old cousin. He had took me out to a party to have fun one night because we had not seen eachother for about 6 years. I grew kind of attached to him because in my mind he was perfect, he was sweet, hardworking, and we just clicked.. I had a huge crush on him. Well a week goes by and I'm always at his house hanging out. Almost everyday. Well, one night I was having a tough time and I was crying. I ran to his room and I guess he had noticed because he followed me in there. He held me in his arms as i cried and we had this long talk about life and about my ex's and his ex's. He comforted me and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.. I soon fell asleep in his arms while he played with my hair. The next day, he dropped me off at school and the whole time, I couldn't stop smiling about the night before. It felt so wrong at right at the right time.. The next night, we had watched a horror movie together and when it was time to sleep I pretended to be scared and I clinged onto him asking him to protect me. *eyeroll*.. He played along and kept trying to scare me to get me to hold on tighter and pull closer to him.. So I did. Night after night, we slept together, holding eachother. I fell in love with him after 2 months. And he fell in love with me. We spilled how we felt to eachother all the time and when we weren't together, we texted like crazy. I asked my mother to move in with him, using the excuse it would help me finish high school and that I earn money cleaning his house. She agreed and I moved in. When I turned 16 we would constantly talk about running away together because our love was forbidden.. He felt wrong because I was so young. But he said he couldn't imagine being without me. I couldn't lie, I could never be with out him. It would kill me. Our relationship lasted a year, the longest year ever. Our secret romance was hard to keep a sexret but ws managed. A week ago, he had told me we should stop being intimate and we should just act like normal cousins. I cried so much, it broke my heart to hear that. But I agreed because it's what he wanted. I still live with him and we are still close, but it's not ths same. My heart still aches. He still looks at me the same way, and I can't help but think he has the same feelings as I do. He's my everything. We can't seem to fall out of love with eachother. I need advice, what should I do? I can't take this pain anymore. We're not doing anything wrong, this is love. Society just can't handle it.

I'm sorry for your pain. I'm in love with my first cousin but I don't know if she has feelings for me. She currently has a boyfriend right now. My biggest fear is that she might get pregnant with her boyfriend and if she does, I'll have to walk away. I don't if I can bear the pain in my heart.

I think you should graduate High School first and then move out with your cousin. From reading this, it does seem like he still loves you and keep your head up! It takes a lot of courage to do stand up for what you believe. Don't let anyone else stand in the way of you and your cousin being in love. No one can help who they fall for. If he or you gets the chance to say what you each feel, by all means, go for it! and besides...You both aren't hurting anybody. :) If you need to talk I'm here.

I feel like I might like my step-cousin the way you love yours. I can't get him out of my head, and I know that my family will frown upon me if I tell anyone.

sorry i mean to say my mum's first cousin is the i'm madly in love with

I'm 23. myself and first cousin are deeply in love right now but we can't help but to go our separate ways. it hurt soooooooooo bad. the more i try to forget about him the intense the feelings. i feel as though the world is against me because i have never felt this way for any man. love is sweet like heaven but hurt like hell! i'm giving up my happiness to customs and traditions!!!

I'm sorry for your pain. I love my cousin so much but she has a boyfriend right now and I don't know if she has feelings for me or not. I'm in agony. I hurt so bad. Today I wrote a love letter to her. I don't know if I'll ever give it to her. I don't think I could bear the pain of her rejection.

I can relate because I and My First cousin is also in love to each other we have our secret relatioship it lasted three years, the saddest thing is he's my first love and I'm his first love too.. but because I know it's wrong i find ways to stay away from him, I resigned my current job that time and took a job where I can travel away from him.. I cried and cried a lot , and i know he was also crying hard because of me. I forced my self to married a guy whom I do not love like as I do love him, After two years of my marriage , I met again with my cousin ..But the feelings between us never change now it becomes complicated we started again I don't know what to do.. I do not avoid hum anymore but we set limits between us our love towards each other lead to us become best friends.. But the problem is He still owns my heart and he also confess me he still loves me.. Forbidden Love is really suck you know .. I hate the Roman Catholic now and the Law of Marriage .. because there's no law that forbids first cousins married I would really marry him and we can live a happy ever after life not like this..

I mean because if there's no Law that forbids the first cousins marriage We are now so happy , Maybe we are now married already

Falling in love can have no bounds.