I Married My Beautiful Cousin

I was an from Asia and I fell in love with my cousin. Every single member of the family were against us. We've been separated for several times, but we managed to meet and go away from our families. Her father is my father's brother. It created a family feud among our parents.

After staying away for 5 years, we went back to our families, bringing with us our two children. We were not yet married then, but there's nothing to be done, we were in love and no one can stop us. Now we are married for 11 years.. None of our kids have abnormalities or deformities, in fact they are all healthy and good looking too. Our families have accepted us without conditions, both our parents are happy for their grandchildren too.

If you think that your love for your cousin is worth fighting for and is willing to do the sacrifices go for it, but it will take time before you will be accepted for what you have done.

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I really admire your courageous.I wish you and your wife a happy life. I have already decided. If she is not yet taken by someone after 3 years, I will go after her. Miss you C.


great Love from both the sides always work.

I lost my virginity to my cousin age 17 ill be 21 in October. I've already lost it all in 2010 and now i stop dealings with what people think I've been kicked out and a lot of bad has happened down the line i havnt seen him but we just start back talking and i know he was made for me, i love him and i want to stand on it but how do i know its the right thing will i burn in hell for this i pray i don't but it feels right i look up to people like you we all have secrets but we are so afraid of how people will treat us. Is it any different then being a woman and liking another woman why do we follow society by every move? I know I've tried to move on had boyfriends since but i never filled the gap with anyone else that could be the answer who lived life by standing on the truth and not what other people believe some people marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons don't we all deserve to be happy and judged by God and not a person who hides the truth about them because of what people might think of them too . The truth will set you free don't hide your so called imperfections from imperfect people be yourself and if they can't accept you for you God bless them and move on

I have a crush on my first cousin. Her father is my mother's brother. We're both 14 years old and we share the same characteristics in life. I don't want to date or marry her but I have wanted to kiss her since I found out what love was.

this is a beutiful story i wish i get married to my cousin too i am o=madly in love with her !! thanks cheers u can check out my stories too angel neema and our first date !! cheers

i understand it must have been quite the challenge,but don't get too carried away.I don't mind the epidemic,but i don't feel that too much inbreeding is right.And this may have been the reason your dad didn't like may be that his grandparents could've inbred and he just din't want serious problems occurring when you too got married.that or he just was insolent and frowned upon it.

..I am so curious about you and your love story.. You've been through I lot I'm sure.. And I really admire the both of you of having surpassed that challenges. I wonder what country in Asia you are and if you are still living there,, and where you got married.. I hope you can answer.. <br />
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@Annasgrandchild: You are right FIGHT FOR LOVE!.. If you know that the LOVE you both feel is TRUE and REAL .. FIGHT FOR IT.. it will be very hard but as long as you have each other nothing will fail.. Gosh! It is easy to say for me.. but really difficult to do.. I'm just too afraid get disowned by the family.. :(

My husband (and first cousin) have been married for 22 years! We have three healthy happy children. I don't know why we "cousin couples" always feel we have to say that our kids are 'normal'. <br />
when in fact, unless cousins have a dominant gene that carries a disease or deformity, we as 'cousin couples have basically the same percentage of having a child with an issue than the rest of the population. I have to ask, are the parents of any children that you know that have learning, emotional, physical challenges married to their cousin??? Probably not. It seems to me that marry your cousin is a 'safer genetic chance' than going out in the pool of 'un-related' persons. It is there that children are most likely to be born with a 'problem'. Whew, that was my personal soap box...sorry but it always bothers me that I too point out my kids are fine when people ask me if I have children after finding out I am married to my first cousin. Also, all three of my in-laws have step-kids, kid out of wedlock and love challenged marriages. My husband and I are the only ones in the bunch who are married for so long. <br />
While it is good for us, I think that everyone should just look to be with someone who is their best friend regardless of who their parents are....fight for LOVE and it will see you through the chellenges of being married.

Wow so wish i culd marry my darling cousin to.his giving up in figthin for us.im so broken hearted affta al weve been through.

I'm sorry you had to go through that. I went through the same thing. I worked for my dad's company for 9 years had a company truck work phone and made a great living. I got married when I was 18 because I got my girlfriend pregnant, and I tried to force my way through it for 8 years. I was never happy and struggled with depression off and on. My cousin moved in town and my dad had me helping her get her life back together so we spent a lot of time together. Needless to say we had an attraction I've never had before and we worked together so well and understood each other. We fell in love and we had never felt a love like this. So finally I told my parents that I planned on being with her. So my family reacted by disowning me , my dad fired me, took my truck and phone, hire my ex wife an attorney to take the kids and. House from me, and I lost everything I had ever worked for. My cousin begged me to take a stand with her and we both knew I would be ruining my life if I did, but I thought as long as we had our love we could make it.. Well long story short is after I lost everything and was struggling to get back on my feet she gave up on us.... She chose drugs and the party life over our family. It wasn't just me that got hurt it was the kids as well... My boys loved her so much And I k ow she loved them , but we weren't important enough apparently. So I'm divorce and just getting my life somewhat together and have no family or support from anyone:) so I understand about going through he'll for someone who didn't deseve it!

I admirer you and envy you, i was not able to do that and now well im not who i used o be. i swallowed my pain and tried to move on i wish you and your wife a beautiful and happy life :)