I Almost Had Sex With My Cousin While Sleeping

Another experience i had with my cousin started one day when she came over my house to sleep again. We spend that night playing and talking.While we were sleeping i hugged her from the back. Then i started to message her on the stomach. After a while i reached under her shirt and started touching her ***. i rubbed it and she started to move a little and we felt the sexual attraction between each other. Later when we again pretended to wake up we acted like nothing happened.

shyguy128 shyguy128
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2009

I flirted with my little cousin last year. But we stopped when we finally realized we were getting carried away. What did it was when she wanted to stay over at my place for the weekend. I couldn't let that happen

This happen with my cusin but we did have sex

damn boy you go! lol