I Fell Inlove With My Cousin`

 hi...so... when i was10 years  old i hated this guy back when i was in my schoolll.... i mean he was popular and stuff and tht changed when he started  being nice to me and started to call me babe...i fell inlove with him...(he was my cousin....but it didn't mattter...) so yeah...we hanged out every nyt and he hated the ones tht i hate,,,, and i was closed with his family and he was close to my grandparents(sice i lived with my grandparents bck then..) we sorta  date but not officially but we liked eachother even the students and the teacher knew there was goin' on with me and him... we would stay all night just looking at the stars,,,, and telling eachother how much we would wanna stay up...  i have no curfew and so we would go home like 3 am.... his sister was my bestfriend , whenever i ignore him...he will do anything just to get my attention...and everytime i walk to his classs.... all his classmates would make those "wooooooo" sounds and he would just smile and wink at me... even the teachers would smile .. i never felt anything when i'm with him,,,,i LOVE HIM now and froever...sometimes he serenades me when i'm mad at him and we would made up and stay all night

until my grandparents said that i have to move in japan to spend time with my mom....i was sad for leaving him and i felt like my whole world came down and i spent almost everynyt with him.... spending everysecond with him as possible...we rode bikes.. he would be theone driving and i would be on the fron of his bike... when it's noon we would go to this hill and lay on the grass, he would wrap his arms arrround me and we would look in eachothers eyes.....

3 years later i went back to philippines ... i wasn't allowed to go back to where he lives cause my real parents know about him...i cried but then he texted and told me he missed me..."i miss your laugh, your sparkling eyes... it's like you have the most beautiful eyess...well tell you the truth you do have the gorgeouest eyesss"....i cried and cried even more when he said "will you be my girlfriend? i love you more thn ever, i'll wait for u even when it hrts to much not seeing u" i replied yes.... we texted hours and hourss....afraid tht tomorrow would come when it's time to say gudbye...then when it was time for us to say gudnyt...he couldn't help it but still text message saying how much he loves me and told me to text him when i leave but i  texted him and probably he was asleep... so now i'm turning fouteen and he's turning fiftteeen and i won't forget the tym where his sister asked me if his bro already had asked me to marry him and i was shockeeedd... i mean i'm readdyyy but idk if tht would happeeenn but then later on he asked me... are you comin' bck after hyskull and i said yes...why?? then he replied...."tell you when you come bck"....

give me advice....i'm n a long distance relationship and in a forbidden one too....

;( there's only one thing tht i know in my life....is tht he taught me how to laugh,breath, and love


he's my life

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Aww that was so cute i was literally crying