Wow!!! Who Would Have Thought There Would Be Such A Twist In My Story!!!!

Ok so as you guys know from my previous story.... Me and my cousin are fighting to be together! At times its easy because we just reassure eachother that everything is going to be ok, but at other times its soooo hard!!! Slowly our family is finding out about us... My aunt (his mom) accepts us now! It took her a while, she even tried to comvince him that it was just an illusion, that eventually id forget about him... well when that never happened she finally accepted. She told him she could see how happy he gets when we talk. His whole attitude changes to this happy man, like a little boy jajajaja. Anywho she finally told him that she knew we would end up together and that she's happy for it because he's happy.... Yes!!! That's a super good thing!!! Now we have 2 people backing us up... My wonderful cousin(his sister) and my aunt(his mom).... but now, my other cousin found out as well.... this is where the twist to my story comes in. HE'S JEALOUS OF MY COUSIN(MY LOVE)!!!!!!!! He's trying to break us up and all me and my love can think of is that he likes me too and wants to break us up just so he wins. He has the mentality of being this irrisistable man that nobody turns down.... He is always right and never loses!... Well now he's telling my love all these lies about how I talk to him all the time and I tell him that I don't love him and how I don't even know what I want. He even told him to tell me that he still loves his ex wife so that I would leave him alone!!!!! He saw on my MSN how I call him my prince and my love and all that and told him im just a little brat with a crush!!!!  I have never talked to him about this at all!!! He's telling my love all these lies!!!! Ugh it's just stressful!!! but thank goodness we're getting through it... OMGOSH!!!! I'm super excited!!! I saw him on the web cam the other day and he showed me something that he said is waiting for me over there...... IT'S A RING!!!!! :P He told me he bought a pair, one for him and one for me as a promise that our love would never die!!!!! he bought a computer just so that he could talk to me more often cuz txting is getting quite expensive!!! lol my gosh to this day I still get butterflies by just hearing his voice!!! My heart starts beating super fast and I cant wait to talk to him everyday!!!! He even told me that at a point he thought he was hurting me by having me go thru all this with our family.... so he said he prayed for God to give him a sign that if he didn't agree to our relationship my love would leave me to not hurt me..... he made that promise to God and my love told me that later on that night God gave him a sign that he did approve of our relationship, he did't tell me how cuz he said he'd do that face to face because i wouldn't believe him over the phone......... ugh its just distance sux!!!! I miss him like crazy!!! I don't know what to do about my cousin though, the one that's jealous... who would have ever thought that! I never thought he'd try and break us up.... Idk I guess we're just gonna both have to avoid him as much as possible........ Anywho, Guys thanks for supporting me! If you need help in any way or anything let me know and i will try and help out! you guys have been so supportive and possitive and i highly appreciate that!!! thank you sooooooo much!!!!

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Thank you sooo much!!! I hope so too! We'll just have to see.... How are things in your situation going any better???

Jajaja thank you sooooooo much! Yes we're trying, it's hard but we're trying... Thanks for all the positive comments!!! Thank you!! It means a lot!!

i wish you the best, i really liked your story. its great that you have a few members of your family who accept you guys. don't let others affect you negatively. i hope you are with your man soon.