God Sent Us To Eachother!

Well it all started Nov. 14, 2009 at a car show. I was selling Raffle tickets and this handsome guy called me over to buy some...I was stuck on dumb so i stood there singing...Next you know it my Tio came up and said oh I see you met your cousins {3rd Cousins} I was like what he's my cousin? Disappointed I played it off and accepted the news, But it didn't stop me or him. I was getting ready to leave and I went to go say bye and He asked me for my number. So we switched numbers....the rest is history! We started texting eachother everyday then talking on the phone for hours and next you know it hanging out. Each time we were together there was just sparks you can feel the emotions we were having and finally we were able to confess them to one another. Our first kiss is unforgetable...it was magical! I was with my ex husband for 9 years (2 in marriage now divorce) and NEVER EVER did my ex husband gave me feelings the way he does! I'm proud to say I LOVE MY COUSIN!! And I do intend to spend the rest of my life with him!! He cares for me like no other! It's True love! I know God sent him to me! A couple a weeks before I met my Cousin I prayed asking God to send me a true real man in my life who will love me for the real me,  who will care for my son as if it his own, who will care and protect me....and thats exactly what he's doing! And I never shared this prayer with him until later. Well this is just the start of my story.....<3

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awwww, I loved your story <3 wish you guys the best!

Thank you...and trust me I know it's hard! But it's so worth it! Wish you guys the best just as much! <3

Wow that is awesome!!!!! I wish you the best.... my story is around the same, only i knew he was my cousin and went to visit my family in Guatemala.... And he's my first cousin........ thats what makes it SOOOOO hard......... But im glad to hear your sweet story!!! super sweet!!! i really do wish you the best!!!!

Now that is just too sweet!! She must be crazy about you just as much you are with her!!!

To funny because the same exact thing happened to me, i met a beautiful young woman at a car show and found out later that day she was my cousin (3rd cousin), but I had never ever seen her before. Before I knew it we were texting, talking on the phone, then we started hanging out. We went out one night and while walking back to the car she held my hand, then that lead to our first kiss and within a few months a fell madly in love with her. I feel so alone when we are not together, we are soul mates, no doubts about that, we have so much in common, and she makes me laugh all the time and she makes me feel like a man. I love her so much I want her to be my bride, I want to spend the rest of my life with her, never has any woman loved me the way she loves me.I HAVE FALLEN MADLY MADLY IN LOVE WITH MY COUSIN! MY FUTURE WIFE TO BE!