Kissing Cousins :)

For as long as I can remember I have had some sort of crush on my cousin, we share the same great grandparents. Since the American culture is so taboo about "******," as some people call it, I never thought that more could come of anything. After 5 years of not seeing or speaking to my favorite cousins, my sister got in touch with my oldest cousin, Nathan, on a social networking site. I was ecstatic when i heard the news and later in the year they came to our Thanksgiving, the only time we would ever see them in the past. After the get together, Nathan's family left and we kept in touch through Instant Messenger every now and then, but shortly lost touch. After two years, I decided to message Nathan and see what he was up to. Apparently it was a rough time in his life, but he eventually got back to me. It started out as opening up with everything that was going on in our lives to flirting and then to a deep connection we both felt. We would talk every night and even started calling eachother, but we didn't know if our feelings could ever go further. Nathan started researching genetic studies and other facts about couples who are related. We found out that we are perfectly legal to get married and have a better chance of having kids than more distantly related people. Most everyone in our lives support our love, except for my sister. She seems to think that this is really ******, which it is not. It is very hurtful to hear her say such mean things about us, but I guess it is the price you pay when you go against to "norms" of a culture. Nathan and I plan on getting married next year and I am moving to North Carolina, where he lives, in less than 2 months. He is honestly the most sincere and giving man I have met and I would not change our love or relationship for the world. I believe that being somewhat related makes our bond even stronger. We often share old memories and tell eachother about parts of the family we are close to. I feel like I know the rest of my distant family so much better than I did and I am grateful to be a big part of his immediate family's life, something I have wanted for most of my life. My eyes have been opened up so much over the past six months and I have never been happier.


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I had an extremely heated relationship with my cousin a very long time ago. The only reason we didn't spend our lives together was the apparent taboo issue. Now, many years later, I am involved with the other cousin. Why does this keep happening??? It is the sweetest love I have ever known. And this time, we are going to get married (secretly of course) and in another state. Our family thinks nothing of us living together, so we will keep it that way where they are concerned.

Thanks for sharing,how do I forward this to someone I know?

You have a nice story. Best of luck to you.<br />
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I too am attracted to my cousin, and recently found out it was mutual when she was visiting me.<br />
I have never had a physical attraction this strong, and am really mixed up.<br />
I am in a relationship, and going through alot of family problems (which my cousin has helped me out with), and we are very different and would likely be very rocky togther. <br />
She has said we have no future together as our family would disown us, and that we will have to be content with a life long affair. I can only think of her and find this a hard choice.<br />
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Best of luck to you.<br />
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I would not only lose her but a lot of my cousins and aunts and uncles.

Thats so interesting, thats very similar to my story. My cousin and I have been building a relationship over the past few months also. We were always close but didn't realize years ago it was/is actually an attraction. I'm so glad to know that we aren't the only ones out there. Our family doesn't know, and at this time I am reluctant to tell anyone. So, kudos to people supporting you guys.