The Nose Gnawing Dachsund

I am the owner of a beautiful 12 year old red dachshund named Ginger. I am absolutely crazy about this breed and am a pround dachshund enthusiast. My mother is as well. Her dachshund loves to gnaw on your nose. She does it so gently and it is usually to show you how excited or happy she is. It's the funniest/ most unusual thing. Between my mother and I, this is our third dachshund and we were wondering if this her dog's unique trait or maybe a dachshund trait we'd never seen. I'd be interested to hear any stories or similar experiences. These dogs are hilarious and the most loving animals in the world. While I like most any kind of dog, I can't help but be partial to the dachshund and only owning a dachshund.

anntaylorqueen anntaylorqueen
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Hi yes we have had 2 and that seems to be what they do. They not actually biting sore but just to show you they luv u. So cute and funny enough they never do it with me just my husband as I move away too scared they might nip me.

Our little red-headed girl, Charlotte, also likes to nibble noses. When I come up the stairs after getting home from a long day at work, all three doggies are there to get their nightly kisses, and Char can't seem to resist putting a little teeth into those nose licks she does.