I Love Him More Than Anyone

My dad is a wonderful amazing person (I might be a little biased). He raised me by his self after my mom left me. He did while everyone told him he couldn't raise a girl. He never gave up, I think it takes a truly remarkable person to do that, he is now battling cancer and I couldn't imagine life without him. No one has as much faith in me then he does. He went. To all my volleyball games and watched me perform in various specking competitions, while working two jobs. In my eyes no one ever can compare
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whadmigonnado,<br />
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Thank you for asking..He is great..We spent the day together, yesterday..My Mom and Dad and my granddaughter, took a long bus ride..It's My Chips's birthday today, so we bought her some presents...He is also my tour guide, haha!<br />
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thats really great. how is he doin now?

I would like you father...<br />
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My father still helps me all the time, and he is 83 now, and i do so wish your father all the best!!<br />
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Kudos to your dad, mine did the same after my mom left he is my world and everyday hero!! i pray for yoyur father, and will continually. God bless