I Love My Dad...

When my mom passed away I hardly even two years old, so I don't remember anything about her. At the same time my dad had just graduated with his law degree from Harvard. It has only been me and my dad for years, and I respect him greatly. He had to juggle being a young lawyer as well as being a new single parent/father all at once, but never once did he make it unbalanced. We always spent time together, and we still do. I'm sixteen now. I'll proudly claim I am a daddy's girl. People tend to think it is odd when I say it is just me and my dad, most people think you need a mother, but my dad always made sure my mom was well incorporated in my life. We always visit her grave on mother's day and bring lilies since they were her favorite flowers. My dad keeps pictures of the years passing as we visit her grave watching as we age, and her grave stone stay the same. My dad never or maybe rarely dates, sometimes casually. Sometimes it makes me feel bad to think about him and if he ever feels alone, but when ever I try to speak of it he always gives me the same joke answer ---"I don't think I could deal with another woman in my life. It is hard enough to deal with you already"--- he really has to be one of the greatest dads in the world. I don't think I could have had a more perfect life then.
Now my life; although, took a horrible turn a little more than a week ago when I was raped, I won't waste time telling you the whole story (If you want to hear it, I posted it in another group, you can read it). It has really changed both our lives as we are starting to deal with what is going to be a long trial. I can feel how much the whole situation pains him when he thinks about it, and I never want him to blame any of it on himself, I don't want him to think he wasn't there for me, because it is the complete opposite, he has always been there for me. I want him to think that I am doing okay, even if I am not.
He is truly a amazing dad, and I love him. We will work through this hard time together.
I'll always love my dad.

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This is way too late and in the wrong place, but I know some of what you went through. Where I used to live there was a Rape Crisis Center. They had beautiful art, carpeted floors, excellent staff, and volunteer advocates. Very professional, and free. The hospital was just the opposite and they charged a lot. I hope you and your dad got through this ok.

Awe. I know how you feel !! I lost my mom when I was 7. She died after having my little brother (who is now 4) but me and my family have helped make each other stronger through the years, between me my sister and two brothers it gets rough and even though we have some bad moments with each other we still all love and support each other no matter what (:

I think it's okay if you tell your dad that you love him as often as possible. Say him Thank you for being mom and dad at the same time. Tell him he's the best dad you've ever seen or something like this. He's not just your parent -- he's your best friend. And looks like you're his best friend too. And you can say it too :). <br />
Though the whole process is very painful, I am sure he feels all the pain of yours, this pain will be relieved through the healing of your body and soul, through successful reduction of post-traumatic disorders (including fears, nightmares etc.). <br />
I've lost my dad eight years ago, and even now I miss him and feel that I rarely said him how I loved him, rarely said that he was the best friend of mine, rarely said how I was proud of him and how I wanted him to be proud of me. Don't make my fault.

aww thats an amazing story! And that terrible ordeal uv been through will only make your relationship with your father stronger and its rather handy hes in law! he'l be able to get u everything u need. He sounds like a great farther to you. And its nice to hear he takes u to see ur mothers grave. Its abit like the relationship me and my dad have, but i think my dad found it too hard to take me to my mothers grave, which is fine really because when im ready il go and visit it myself (i haven't been to see it yet). <br />
<br />
I hope u the best in ur trail, il give u some advice which im sure ur dad will give u. take ur time answering the defences questions because they can trip u up even if ur telling the truth! A case i went to a long time ago for sexual abuse turned out for the crapest after they didnt believe me in court. So please think about what u say. Dont let another ***** get away with it.