I Love My Father

I think it something special to know your father. A father is a wonderful guy when the chips are down. To know your family is wonderful. A father love is wonderful to have. It the foundation of society. For a young man to know something of himself both positive and negative is to know your father. A father is a great guy. I love mine. I see so much of myself in him. So there is so much to love both posivite and negative. It not about money or anything else. Its about love. Having the person there in your corner. The support by love that endures through the memory of the child. Am an man now in my fifties and yet still know am the child. A child of a special important person to me forever and days after my father. Am happy through tough storms and rough terrain to had known him. He is a magnificent person.
freelsjr freelsjr
51-55, M
Feb 10, 2012