I was going back to an old journal I typed up about my sophmore years in college (current Senior). In it I had met this classmate who is known to boast a lot. Her father is a brain specialist, one of the four doctors of that area in medicine in my region. She'd boast about paying over $2000 in speeding tickets and that her father gives her the money like it's pocket change. She boasts about her grades, how she's never gotten an F in her life. If she makes an A, she does not hesitate to announce it. She's just big in bragging, and I can't tell if she doesn't realizes it or if she does so to make herself feel better.

I remember one day I was very sad when I compared fathers. My dad has worked hard all his life. He's NEVER been able to give me money like her father has. I cannot recall at all receiving anything bigger than lunch money, or special occasion money from my dad.  My dad can't get me a car, or surprise me with an all-paid expensive vacation to some exotic location. What mainly made me sad was just watching the stressful, teeth-gritting work my father went through to make ends meet. And I asked myself, why can't my dad be bigger than who he's working for? Why couldn't be bigger? Literally living off of paycheck to paycheck, and you got some loud mouth bragging about speeding tickets with a wealthy father.

Later on, I told myself not to think like this. There are kids who have very rich fathers that can give them the world, but still feel like they don't have a father, becuase they're always away on some business situation, or are a father through superficial means. My dad gave me a wonderful childhood, was always worried about me and kept me informed of things, even when sometimes, it was annoying. He treats my mother very well as they are still married for 28 years. He was big on teaching me and my sister to be thoughtful of others. He's smart and funny.

I love my dad.
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The most precious thing a Dad can give is not money but time. The rich dad more often than not is too busy to give his time and yet all that kids want to do is spend time with their parents...