Even Got Me a 'daddy' Tattoo..

He had a bad seizure last year and after that I got a very adorable tatt that says Daddy on my left shoulder.. Every time he sees it, he will kiss it.

My dad and I have been through the ringer together. We gre up together and have had to work hard to have the relationship that we have today. Thank the Goddess that I have more of his personality than my mother's. He and I have had to have many long talks and work through all the bullshit of the early years. He has admitted to me that he is gay and he knows I am Bisexual.

I actually had to get stoned with my dad one day when I was probably 19 to get through to him that I was real and I was a good person. He has a lot of female issues and PTSD associated with women and it was hard for him to see me as a real woman, not just another ***** or a product of my mother. Since then we have worked hard on building the foundation of a very healthy relationship.

I love him dearly. He has made his mistakes and I have forgiven him for them, forgiveness is not for the person that has wronged you. It is for you and your heart so that you can rest easy. I encourage you all to work it out with your fathers. And even if you can't still forgive them for the things they have done wrong and honor the things they have doen right. Seek not to repeat the mistakes they made with your own children. Make it right for the next generation.

that's my story and I'm sticking to it

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I'm so moved by what you wrote. And I'm so happy for you.<br />
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I love my Daddy more than anything or anyone in the universe. He's gay, and for most of his life he didn't have the self-confidence to be out. He had a horrible experience with my mother, who was mentally ill and abusive (not to mention female.) I, too, thank the gods that I am like my father (even though I was born into a female body.)<br />
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My Dad is 87 now and has been sick with various things for 22 months. I'm living with him and doing my best to care for him. I'd do *anything* for my father! Yay for father-daughter love. :)<br />
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Thanks for sharing this. I am glad you and he are at a good place together.