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Saying "thank You"

My 2year old always says, "Thank You" when she is supposed to. The other day she was bawling her eyes out because she wanted a cookie, it was so close to dinner time and I didn't really want to give it to her, but I did. Through the tears and the sobbing she said, "Thank You" in the cutest way. This just cracked me up in such a touching way. XD
SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering 66-70, F 6 Responses Feb 20, 2012

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Cute...adorable girl :)

So super cute! My daughter says thank you when I wipe her eyes after a fit. lol

Awww too Thank you

sounds very cute.... i love when my kids done those kind of things......

Thank You...

Haha, sweet child, they're so spontaneous once you teach them a little good thing. You should have given her one more, atleast on that day. :)

Ahhhh she sounds so sweet and very polite :-)

Aww....she's adorable :)<br />
*love your new ava btw, and its purple yay, you know I'm biased to that particular color :D*