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I Love How Some Things Don't Change.

 Ever since my daughter was a baby, I have always rubbed her back to help her to fall asleep. 

This afternoon I was sitting on my bed talking on the phone with a friend.  My 12-year old daughter jumped on my bed to watch TV while she waited for me to get off the phone so we can go to the mall.  She's stretched out cuddling my pillow when I put my hand under her shirt and start rubbing her back.  She turns around and know I'm not going to sleep.  I nod my head yes and continue to rub her back as I am on the phone.  Within a few minutes, I look over and there she is.  Completely out cold.  I'm better than a sleeping pill!!!  She took a three hour power nap.
Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 5 Responses Jun 3, 2012

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that's what my 8 yr old loves... rub his back and he's asleep in 5 mins. i love my son very much and hope he'll understand me and how i am and still love me.

You're his mother. Just love him and be there for him. Naturally he'll love you back.

What a lovely story--thank you for sharing it!. In her comment, WIB mentioned having her feet held. That's what my mom used to do for me, either as a way to get me to sleep or, as a quick squeeze, a way to say hi when she walked through the room.

aw ... very cute Mahal. I always loved having my feet held when I was small ... still do ... find it very relaxing ... some of these things really do stay with us.

What a cute story. I used to rub my son's back all the time when he was little to get him relaxed so he could sleep. He absolutely adored it. :)

*laugh* I don't do it now! He's 26-years-old. I leave the backrubs to his girlfriend these days. :)

Aww, This is soooo sweet! You had a TOTAL, "MMT" moment there. Mom's Magical Touch!! I still remember my mom zonking me out with those too! Your daughter will remember these times throughout her whole life too .....and always smile and feel all warm and happy!!