Eskimo Kisses

You can say that I'm a bad mother. I never took the time to properly teach my daughter how to fall asleep. As a baby, I would hold her in my arms and rock her. Big no no! As a toddler, I would lay next to her and hold her while I rub her back. Another big no no! Even now, I still lay next to her and rub her back. If she's really exhausted, she will fall asleep by herself. But usually everything stops at her bedtime so I can lay next to her for a few minutes. Many, many times I fall asleep with her but I will always wake up within the hour. What I have always done ever since she's a baby is nuzzle her a few times while she sleeps. I take the smell of her hair in and the softness of her cheek. Almost all of the time, I sneak in eskimo kisses while she sleeps. There has been times when she's only half asleep and she'll raise her hand up in the air and yell out, "Mommy, enough love already and let me sleep!!!" If she can only slow down and not grow up so fast!!! She's in middle school now. I don't know if she'll let me continue on when she gets to high school!! LOL!
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Jun 15, 2010