When My Daughter Was In Fifth Grade.......

I just thought of this story and shared it with my daughter again..... Each Week At my daughter"s school we had a meeting called "Family Meeting". While my daughter was in the fifth grade at school.  We have positive remarks to others and personal statements as part as our meeting. "But" the most popular part of our Family Meeting" is our "Kindness" Award. Students share stories as they have witnessed around school and in our community during the week. We then vote on the most outstanding act(S) and award the student a trophy. "The Fifth Grade Random Award. The trophy stays with the student for one week and then returns it back to the fifth grade the following Friday. In this way we hope to recognise Kindness and focus on the positive, and sow seeds of Kindness around our School and Community. Hopefully they, sprout and grow! I know one thing, The children love to talk about the kindness they see in their world. Too often we center on the negative, so we practice on talking about the, good and positive parts!
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That's a nice heartfelt story Anto815. Keep it up !

Thanks like i said before there are no other words to express how you make me feel...Message me so i may thank you some more..

I'm a teenager.... Everyone is there with me to advice me... But none to ask what i love to do... I love to do social service.. But.. No one support me.. just they advice me.. :(<br />
<br />
I love doing medicine to serve my society... but unfortunately i havn't got addmision.. so now everyone suggest me to go for job ba<x>sed study... But i love serve to my people... :) <br />
<br />
Kindness always rocks... it always remove pains of others...

That's true. Advice can help, some, but how much more important is knowing that someone might help you pay for the class. Too many people offer advice with nothing concrete behind it. What can be done?

And also support you in your decision even when it's not their decision. Parents have trouble with that which is sad.

I think that only you can decide what you would like to do is you and..if i was your mother i would be so very proud of you. I think it is a shame that no one supports you well if ever you need someone i will always be here for you so...message me anytime day or night...I THINK WE ARE FRIENDS..IF BY ANY CHANCEE WE ARE NOT PLEASEE FRIEND ME AND PLEASE MESSAGE ME SO WE MAY TALK..

Thanks Evrything you said is 100% right and there is nothing ls nothing else to add so i just want to thank you with the bottom of my heart i only wish there were more people out there like yourself. I think the world would be a btter place..God Bless..

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