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My Everything

I cant imagine my life without her, she's made me a better person, she's my best friend, I put her before everything and always will She's so beautiful, every morning I take her to school she says I love you, I'll miss you and gives me a big hug. She's so sweet, I'm so proud of her.
Rachhapyville Rachhapyville 26-30, F 4 Responses Nov 5, 2012

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That is soooo sweet Rach, what a lovely bond you have with your daughter...

Thankyou darling, I hope u r ok, take care let's catch up soon. xxxx

what an inspiring story, i would love to be able to have such moments in my life later on when we decide to have children :) SO lovely and precious xx You sure have been blessed with a lovely daughter

Thankyou I'm a real lucky mum

I hope my daughter will love me too. I hope to teacher everything and show her that she can teach me as well.

bless xxx

Less or bless? hahaha

hahahahahaha oops BLESS xxxxxxx

Aww bless you too, u r so cute.

thankyou xx you are too

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