My Jazz

My daugther Jasmine is now 22 and her son is almost 2,I left her day when she was 2 her brotherwas 6. Jazz was with me until she was about 19 I miss her now I am in Ms and she is in Va  we are a lot a like I can be down and remember her long hair big eyes hugging my neck and giving her butterfly kisses and rubbing noses which she has passes on to her lil one .even when she was a teenager she talked to me about EVERTHING but i would not trADE THOSE MEMORIES  HER FRIENDS  SHE IS ALSO LIKE A BANTY ROOSTER LITTLE BUT HAS AN ATTUDITUE WHE SHE WAS YOUNGER I learned to pick my battles with her and reparented my self after  i got clean and when I got mad Talked softly and she knew she was out of line.As I am older  she tells me what to do and most of time I do it ,soon I will Have to listern to her in my golden years what ever that is so i started sooner than most .lol she is my love what keeps me going  I am so Proud of her  and her wisdom  MY baby Gurl jazz

rhorses rhorses
51-55, F
Feb 27, 2009