She's 4 Going On 14

I love my daughter more and more every day.  I had no idea it was possible to feel this way.  She is beautiful and smart and funny.  I don't want her to grow up - I just want her to stay 4 and keep on being her best friend!
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Some day I look at her while she is asleep and I morn the loss of the 2 years old she was not so long ago. She gave me so much joy and I love her more today than I thought I did then. She is my little baby, a 4 1/2 with a fierce sense of independence.

Oh my! I understand so much. My youngest is turning 6 years old. And the other day she spent with her cousin who just turned 2. And I got to thinking, she still loves to play pre-tend. She was doing this with her cousin. With her being the youngest in our family by 3 and 1/2 years, we kind of forget how little she is. She spends more time with older kids and trys to act like them. She needs to spend time with younger kids, and really act her age of 6 instead of 16. I understand why she gets so upset. It makes me sad and it makes me want to hold on to her forever and let her be 5 forever. I never want to see my kids leave the nest.

I remember my coworker went thru that - and i didn't have any kids at the time - i laughed and laughed at her. Now its my turn and it aint all that funny!

My daughter was like that at that age. Mostly from being around just females, or older people. Now it's just plain scary! She's 10 going on 30!